Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This and That on Life

Blogspot wants me to do work instead of updating my blog. It keeps hanging. A quick one:

Just heard that kids' school is closing tomorrow due to viral infection. Actually yesterday I kept them all from school ...they were in various stages of sniffling, coughing, ulcers on tongue lah, etc. Although they don't look too bad. I feel a bit worried gak lah now that malaysia seems to be feeling the H1N1 bug

Secondly, got this quilt for baby Jood. Plus borrowed Sisinlaw's cot for him...Believe it or not I have not seen my brother and wife and Jood since they landed on Friday. to accept my baby brother has a family now and the other side has some claim over them too! Anyways at least his father in law uploaded gambar of them on FB (he's very techno aware) and of Jood in various poses in their house...geram nye nak cubit!

Thirdly...just a note to those who are experiencing will hurt less and there will be a happy ending and that S.O.B is so not worth it . Please change your routine and do other things to NOT remind you of him, and thank Allah SWT for the experience- for you at least got so many free meals out of him hahahaha. However I still think you should hire someone to scratch his car. Revenge is sweet. haha. Hubbs heard that and said for all our troubles (and we have some believe me) he is glad we don't have relationship trouble (yah, cause we practise the policy of "Malasnakgaduh"- works everytime) us Malays- let's rise up and say together - WE ARE NOT LAZY! We are a proud, hardworking race, with a beautiful culture and beautiful language and beautiful manners and we do not need to envy other races and want to be like them. DON'T SAY WE ARE LAZY think positive and we WILL be a success. Tak payah tengok orang lain, betulkan diri sendiri...And always remember...we are a humble, content, virtuous, ethical, honest, race.

fifthly- Mrs N hope Mr N is feeling better today..sorry about the overmushy message mah on his was supposed to be from his darlingk kan....hehehe hope you forgive me....:-)

Ok dah, byeee!


Anonymous said...


About the fourth item...Baik Puan Lawyer!!

aida yurani said...

Kaklong, with regard to item no. 3, THANKS A LOT for your help that day. And say thanks to abang Haq for allowing me to lepak on the couch with a fantastic sunny view!
I won't scratch the car, not my style, i would have done it long time ago if I want, hahahaha.
It will take time, I need space to think a lot of things now for future, I will need time to heal the hurt and misery, but in time indeed, I know I will rise again and let the whole world know about my future happiness. Although if I have to start from scratch, you know I will. Of course it is not easy to change the routine, although it means I won't blog, fb, socialise for a while, but I will find my way. Now, I need to search for peace for my very serabut mind. Muahs!

aida yurani said...

btw, not all were free meals, I did pay most of it, itu I kena kasi clarify, hehehehe. Now can save money and go Dublin/Cork depend which doctor yang free. Either I lepak with anny&herman or chalee&mas. Dah ramai sgt doctors in family, boleh pening mana satu nak refer. :)

And with regards to 5th item : Mrs. N.... hope Mr N dah sehat. kaklong told me about the flower buat I ketawa kuat.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi BZBODY- hehehehe yah i dah selalu sangat dengar dan I pun selalu kata melayu malas...then It hought..why shoot yourself?? Hee...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Aida...u ok ke...we are always were always too too kind....he is guilty of sending mixed messages..for someone who claims he was not that interested he was very attentive and its really sad how confused he was actually... anyway he has to go to make room for that gorgeous hunk i know you will meet.

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