Wah. I was visiting MrsN's site and she has 23 comments!

I want 23 comments waaaaaaa

No i dont, i dont want you to read my blog, malu

yes i do..please read my blog, what you think - i like talking to myself? (I do actually)

I want you to read but I get all shy to know you are reading.. I want to tell you what happens in the family but I dread what you think..heheheh

I am mad.

But I looooove MrsN's blog. Seriously. She writes so well. None of this incoherent rambling that happens here. Hmmmm- her posts are always insightful and candid and honest and -er - sane.

And sis in law was telling me to take up writing this morning.. where got talent. Got to go learn from MrsN.


Fadzila said…
Dont worry i am one of your fan..love to read ur blog but lazzy to comment... take care ...i also want to be superwoman like you...
ms hart said…
SW dear, weiii....you have so many fans, you know! Just look at your list of followers...tu tak termasuk 'ahli TAK berdaftar' lagi tuh!!!;-) Whatever it is, the number of comments doesn't matter lah. I know ramai yang baca blog you tapi segan laa tetiba nak nyampuk! Hei, your blog was the FIST mommy-blog yang I baca, tau!
Hi Fadzila....i only want to be ,.and fail miserably. For a true superwoman I would nominate my friends, first on the list would be kitchen guardian who works and have 6 kids,..2 under 2! But we try ek? Thanks for reading...
Hallo Tati apa lah kabar ....thanks for the kind words...shok sendiri kan ada blog ni....boleh membebel takda orang nak tahan ...hehehe

Bila lah nak lepak kat KLCC dengan I nihhhhhhh....
MrsNordin said…
Hey You! The number of comments doesn't really matter lah. I love reading your blog. Yours would be the first one I visit every day (after reading mine, of course). Each blog has different styles lah.. yours is funny and unique. Just like you.

So, stay the way you are.
Anonymous said…
apa daaaa... you know there are so many ppl out there reading your blog.... lol... miss you, must meet up, but then dah nak puasa dah, camna?

fulltime mom
Anony- hmmph you are so bz , how lah... looks like either a buka puasa, an after terawih mapleh session or a raya do!
mrs N- cepat cepat I put up there ini bukan menagih pujian tau...jealous je hahaha
Anonymous said…
Hi Shila, keep on blogging. You banyak silent peminat tau. We enjoy reading but too shy to comment :-)

wannor said…
Ha.ha..ha.. you're funny le SWW. Your writing is also candid & honest. Even tho, I don't often leave comment on your writing, I do really enjoy your writing. Keep on blogging..

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