Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bear with me- The TokyoDiaries (Day 1)

First Day Monday 21st September @ Raya Kedua

1. KLIA- We got to the airport early. But saying bye bye to all our little tots almost made us miss the flight ha ha. Korean Air was respectably ok lah except husband minded that there was no personal telly. Never mind he zonked out instantly anyway. Dalam kapalterbang macam tengok Kdrama- semua cakap korean BESTNYEEE. I was Kamsahamnida and anyeong haseyo with the best of them ...hee hee..tapi stewardess sah tak lawa ..yang lawa dah jadi actress drama kot...and what the heck is that thing stuck at the back of their hair nih????

2. SEOUL- Arrived at Incheon and was blown away by how big and spacious it was. Baeyongjoon's face was there ha ha Ijust realised that I was finally finally in his country! Yay! Lounged about went to the loo and then lost my husband. Paged him - he came JUST before time to board. Suspense gak lah....Bergemalah nama husband I di airport Incheon, Seoul that morning...:)

3. NARITA- Arrived at Narita- awat kecik naa (deceiving because its actually HUGE and that was just the arrival ie one eighth of the size) -bought coffee from the english speaking lady and then spent RM20 on the internet while waiting for brother to come fetch us.

4.Brother asked if want to take the slow train (cheaper) or the faster one. Took the cheaper train but ended up changing trains like 3 times. Which was ok because we saw the landscape changed from flatlands and rumah kotak kotak, to buildings upon buildings... Our apartment was in this district called HigashiKawagushi . When we arrived at this small town we had to go pass this pastry shop and I went a bit mad with their little cute pastries- Japan is a very cute-centric place...!

5.We continued, ,me with sticky hands, to our apartment, passing a convenience store- LAWSON. Awat nama omputeh wahai??? Our apartment was above a yakitori shop and seriously reminding me of our student accommodation 20 years back.. Tapi inside was quite ok .. there were 2 rooms as were my strict orders to him (although it had mightily thin walls ). TV, Fridge, Microwave, Ricecooker, the modcons. He had , the sweetheart , brought a box full of food stuff and his pan, knife etc.

6.After the scare where my husband went missing (see previous post) we went out to Shinjuku. At the tube station you head towards the wall and insert the appropriate amount of money in a system so complicated I doubt I can do it if Brother was not around. In fact, I didn't , husband and Brother figured the fares while I gawked at the vending machines which can dispense instant cafe latte and expresso in starbuck cups!

7. We got to Shinjuku- it's one of the happening suburbs/area in Tokyo, along with Shibuya and Roppongi and like visiting er..Bangsar I guess.. The girls are certainly very trendy and immaculately dressed...there were A LOT OF PEOPLE. We had the good (?) luck to arrive during a public holiday in Japan so apparently the number of ppl were a lot LESS than normal.

7. We gawked and walked around with the entire throng. We walked around , went into a shop or two. Konon i nak carik hat lar...except things are expensive. Walked a bit to find out that Shinjuku ada Takashimaya and Krispy Kreme and Starbucks. Very the Japanese eh he he.

8. Dinner was most on my mind and Brother took us to eat Okonomiyaki, a Japanese fry up dish, a cross between omelette and murtabak containing okonomiyaki batter (cornstarch as binding agent), shredded cabbage, spring onion, ginger,onion as filler, raw egg and either meats or seafood. We chose two to be shared by the three of us; one with prawns and the other octopus. Mix 'em all up in a bowl, greased the pan (paused a blink, well, bismillah je lah + the oil dish had industrial ball bearings at the bottom, 'k, to avoid dipping in too much oil). Tuang this concoction to cook and brown. Then flip over (considerable skill required) to cook some more. Tabur chopped dried parsley over it, finely shredded dried squid, chili powder if u like and serve with mayo. Made a face with the mayo. Turned out more like eating mayo with the okonomiyaki. Hubby thought it was economicolempeng. serious mahal for practically simple ingredients. It was more of a social barbeque as we noticed the other Japs enjoyed themselves with their girlfriends and their Kirin (or was it Asahi or Sapporo) lagers. Ours went well with Coca-Cola. We were hungry and certainly had fun. Our waiter was Malaysian, heh. However, not a single Malay / English word was exchange as he chatted happily with my Brother.

9. Also went to look for Arashi CD. All sold out! Arashi is a Japanese Pop Group who is having their 10th Anniversary - aish forgeddit. You probably don't wanna know haha. Yeah of COURSE I was buying it for my daughter.

10. Before we went back we queued up for KrispyKreme - one needs to eat right...and walked pass the peaceful area around the shop with the fake cricket sounds!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nak balik dah

Where did the time go? It's Saturday allready and in just 24 hours we'll be boarding our flight to Seoul- then KL!. Can' wait to see my children!!! As today is our last day we thought we'd go and see what we can get for them...problem is everything is so darn astronomical over here. A note book cost RM32 believe it or not. We'll find something ok !

We are now in my brother's very very small studio apartment. Seriously small, but ok lah for him. You go in, ada narrow passageway that reminds you of aisles on planes- on the left there is a bathroom, on the right a stove, and at the end of this er- 20 second walk, there is his room- which is about 20 feet by 20 feet I think - has a huge tv, fan, bed, study table - It's a really cosy bachelor pad.

Not that he is going to be a bachelor for long, from the looks of things. We met his "teman tapi mesra" last Tuesday. He was all shy and coy until I said hey apa lah nak malu you are 26 allready we were allready married by then ok! So just come clean and tell us what you want. Apparently he wants to get married in 2 years time (I can't see him waiting that long though).

The girl is nice sweet and friendly although thank god not one of those who can't stop talking (hey one is enough in ANY family). She came all the way from Nagaoka and we did plan to drive her back until we looked at the map and realised how far it actually IS. Maybe next time :-)

OK, we're going off now. Plan is to go see that Imperial Palace Park (macam Istana Negara lar) and also Takashimaya (just to gawk haha) and Tokyo Bay. We decided to extend the originally one day hire of the car to 4 days because really, it's much more convenient and going in and out of subway at rush hour and fighting everyone , can get reallly really tiring.

Food today had better be something cooked and hot. I love Japanese food , seriously but sometimes you want a nice hot goreng goreng something! My stomach dah gelebeh dah now with eating so much rice...

BTW BaeYongJoon is here tau. My girlfriends in the fanclub have arrived here. I am leaving just before his show is supposed to be on.

Ok gotto go. Byee.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wowed by Fuji

Today.. I got locked out of the room , dressed only in a Yukatta and trying to remember what "You are so DEAD" is in Japanese. Decided to try the Onsen, (hot bath) on Basement 1 of Fujiview Hotel, Lake Kawaguchiko, Fuji. Went down at 6 am. You are required to remove all your clothing. I however, managed to clutch a bath towel modestly , managing to get it thoroughly drenched towards the end. When you enter a bath area (and by the way the one with the blue curtains are for men in case you happen to wander there he he - the urinal is a dead giveaway) there were 3 small pools. Surrounding the pools by the side of the walls were taps and bottles of shampoo and bath gels . You are supposed to sit on the little chair and wash yourself. Towel-less. I thought I was the first one there but one ancient lady and her daughter beat me to it. They were happily washing themselves so I thought what the heck. I chose a hidden corner and then tried to figure out which one was shampoo and which one was bath gel. For all you know I have hair that smells of shower gel now. They are all KAO by the way. Loyalty or what. I then chose an outdoor bath pool (purely because it was empty and so much hot water in a closed room tend to induce headaches for me) - as soon as the 2 ladies decided to join me, I scooted out and went into the jacuzzi indoors. Where I met this Japanese lady who started to talk to me. It was an interesting experience since I could speak as much Japanese as she could speak English. Ie non existent. We both kept saying sorry, gomenasai, etc. She is here with her grandparents and husband, and she has been in KL, Melaka, Cameron Highlands. She stayed in Mandarin Oriental (HAMBEK KAU!!) and thought Malaysia is really pretty. I think lah thats what she said, ok , for all I know she kutuk habis I je yang tak paham.

After abt half an hour I left - I never did have the patience to sit in baths for too long..buat apa? Hurriedly jumped out and put on my cotton bathrobe called Yukatta . Went straight to the room and - GUESS WHAT ! It was locked!!! Rang the bell many times. Husband was out and did not leave me any idea where to go now. Bucknaked Yukata draped dripping wet ppl are not allowed to go to the robi where the phones are so I decided to go see my brother on the 3rd floor (he had another room) - he was not there either! However, my brother forgot to lock his room (thank you brother) and thankfully I could go in.,.....and nasib baik pun because they took another 40 more minutes to come back! They were at the onsen too!. Haiiii tinggal lah note wahai!

Ok so yeah, we are in Fuji. Now I am waiting for them to go get breakfast from the Famima (Family Mart) . The really nice thing here is that there are so many konbinian stowa here. convenience stores. 24 hours lak tu. We all ingat nak lah have breakfast in hotel but mak mahal nye RM80 per person. This hotel pun mahal - RM1000 for 2rooms ok. I was all for going back to Tokyo last night but dua dua husband and brother were tired and wanted to stay the night. Fuji is about 3 hours away from Tokyo. We ended in this hotel after trying 4 other smaller hotels. They thought we were weird trying to check in after 9 pm. Shah my brother said it was because being impromptu is not in the Japanese DNA so they view it v suspisciously. Finally got this hotel and whatever the rates were I was so thankful that someone was going to let us in I would have signed my life away. But then this is a really really nice place. John and Yoko stayed here in 1978.

After 3 days in hectic, this is soo welcome. You think KL is busy? Forget it. KL is just a tiny speck of Tokyo and Tokyo is 20 of KL and 10 of Singapore packed together. If the earthquake happens, I have no clue where all the 12 million residents are going to go.

I was planning to do the review of what we did till now but (1) i have forgotten half the names of the places and will need my brother here when I blog to remind me. and (2) I am too lazy at the moment.

The drive up was really out of a painting. First flat landscape then gradual change as the earth got scrunched up like paper and became mountaineous..wah very the pretty. We made a short stop before we reached the Kawaguchiko lake where the Mount Fuji faces..found this Udon place with very cheap udon- 300 yen for a huge bowl of tempura udon. Needless to say, as in everything we have eaten here, it was delicious. We were slurping with the best of them. Although I thought - tak senonoh betul orang Jepun ni lah. Did I tell you that I have gained 2 kilos allready?? Penatje puasa.

Anyway then we drove up to the lake...it was a really lovely sight, the lake is HUGE. Not your cute taman titiwangsa lake here. Then we drove up (after eating a really really delicious blueberry vanilla cone icecream) to the FIFTH STATION of MOUNT FUJI- To reach the top there are about 11 or 12 stations I think, each at 500 metres level. Fifth station is the last stop that they would allow a car to get to and the last one we could go since they only let you go up the mountain during summer.

There was this very interesting portion of the road on the way up..it sang! When we drove past it, the road must have been constructed in such a way that a song would come out. Seriously.

We hung around the fifth station, eating grilled squid and jagong- the person selling it knew the words "sotong" and "jagong"..and we were surrounded by this very sombong group of welldressed Indonesians ( for me sapa sapa yang taknak borak dengan I is sombong haha). Before going back my brother and husband sempatlah solat belakang toilet while I solat DALAM TOILET ok firsttime ever ....eee take our facilities in Malaysia so lah for granted kan. Ke negeri orang baru tau susah.

Dah gelap when we found the hotel,and staight after checking in, we went to look for dinner. There was this place called CafeGusto- ala alacoffee house lah. I ate rice, fried fish in breadcrumbs and agedofu (tahu sejuk). Husband had mayo and corn pizza with loTS OF TABASCO. Shah had Kinokonozui which is really what my cooking looks like- ie porridge with scrambled egg which I believed was nice.

Ok now breakfast is back..so I will be going. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Me and Shah at trainstation malam nak ke town balik .

I am here at EbisuGarden Place after a whole day of going round the hotspots of Tokyo. I can't believe the amount of ppl in Tokyo I tell you. macam ulat!!! My brother JUST got himself this mobile internet so we are going to upload loads of pictures very soon ok. Or maybe I should go to facebook.

Ok talk to you later. facbook it is.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Now at Narita

Arrived about 40 mins ago. Brother just arrived but I have just put in another 100 yen coin so that bought me 10 mins and brother told me to caarry on while he go to the loo. Husband has gone to the loo 20 mins ago and is now lost - I suspect probably got burned by the water that unexpectedly sprayed out of the toilet bowl without stopping unless you happen to notice the other buttn in japanese that maybe said "STOP". Hahah- or maybe husband is trapped in the toilet with its sliding door which if you want to open you have to push the HUGE GREEN TOMBOL that says "OPEN". Simple stuff. Heheheh

Narita airport is smaaaaaalllll. I bought coffee. Here's a tip. Do not attempt to speak japanese unless you are pretty sure you can understand what they say- at the immigration they asked us why we were there and husband said to meet my brother in law and the man looked lost a bit and I thought I would tell him "ototo ni aimasu" which means to meet my brother and he was so happy and grinned and then shot all sorts of questions etc to which I gave him the exact look he gave my husband earlier haha

The trip itself was ok- husband went into a coma straight away as soon as his head touched the headrest - boy Johan was right..Daddy really need this trip because he needs to sleep! Last night
they all came with us to the airport. Daddy was really tired and grumpy plus we both had aheadache after a whole day of eating and visiting - managed to visit 4 houses- my mom, my grandmom, his auntie Mas and then my Uncle (my mom, my mom's side, his side and then my dad's side) all along dragging these 2 japanese teachers with us...

Ok husband has come out of the toilet..he WAS there all this time (dia kata ada angin tiup !) and we should really go...

Mummy miss you kids and we should have taken you guys..there were so many free seats on the plane you would have had a BALL changing seats etc!

To johan and dahlia- hope you tak demam ok and to Sophia- share that book I bougt..BYEE

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hari raya is tomorrow!

Yay! Yay!
Selamat Hari Raya....maaf zahir dan batin. KL is still penuh ok , and out there shopping. Believe you me, as I was out oso..

Selamat Hari Raya to all..kepada my makcik bloggers- MrsN,Madamtaitainomore,Shana, Kay, Yatt, Ibu, Dena, kak Ezza, Ms Hart, MammaMia, Aida, Bella, Jah, the Principal, the FulltimeMom, and to all family bloggers, Izan, Izreen, Lana, MinahSongeh, Noni, DAN KEPADA SEMUANYA YANG TERTINGGAL ATAU TAKDA SPACE NAMA

Selamat Hari Raya.... To all the readers silent or otherwise...this is an excellent op for me to mintak maaf and *sob* *sob* ampun as I am sure some of my posting have made you terasa etc- no? Its THAT boring huh. Hahahaha Anyways..kosong kosong orang kata ok

For me , Raya preparation is only starting. We had the honour of being the LAST One out of ISE*TAN yesterday. Hit the shops at 8.30, reached there at 9, and had the gall to be affronted when the stores close at 9.30. SHEEESHHH Come on Isetan, we only managed to buy for 3 kids! Nadine was with me shoe shopping and in all that time we tried like 6 pairs of shoes and finally chose a couple that we like.

The bill was a shocker. Maybe going to KLC*C was not that good an idea when you have a gerabak kertapi.

Today we are going again, as the other 4 nak gak kasut and they REALLY NEED shoes. And Nadine still takda baju casual lagi. *yang baru lah , I mean. Yang beli last month tak kira. Ish budak budak nih

The kueh part we are sorted. For the first time ever we got hampers. Tak tau nak buat apa dengan half the stuff. Sapa drinks filter coffee over here? Anyone want? I asked hubbs bagi lah nurses kat hospital tu he said- anak anak dia ramai. He should have said "ramai yang jakun" hahahaa

We have several types of keklapis, kek buah , several types of kueh biscuit, semuanya rezeki alhamdullillah.

Tonight going to mom's place. Am insisting on making ketupat for the first time....as there is NO Suasana raya at all in this house or in my mom's house. Dad is at the moment ,sleeping on the couch. I am trying to finish some WORK, thanks Boss hehehehehe

Ok Selamat Hari Raya again to All.....and enjoy this holidays...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick one

So..raya preparations how? I have to strip the chair today ...the cat hasforced me too. He has peed on it, just like he peed on the curtain. Dia pun nak raya gaknye.

Kids ...ok still nak kena shopping...have not bought Nadine anything yet because she is sooo fussy....! Maybe this Friday.

Kueh- got 2 macam and 2 macam kek. Got to buy some ingredients as having tasted MrsN's delicious rockbuns I am now inspired to gulp- bake. Look out kitchen!

Ok lah talk to you later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leaving the kids

Sara has gone to my mom's place. I dropped her off yesterday morning.

For the last three nights I have been meaning to go to mom's house , after tarawihlah. But selalunya tertidor lelap lah so tak sempat.

At the dining table Sara's absence was clearly felt by the kids. Johan said "It's funny when Sara is not here." and kept asking when Sara was coming home. Of course this COULD be because she had taken the PSP2 with her . hmmm.

I should write a book about my own five going on their various adventures "Five Gets Up to MIschief" .ala ala enid blytong. Led by the bossy Kaklong, who would be the "thinking-up"per of things to do, bake cakes lah, bake cookies lah, buat spa lah. Sara would also be thinking of things, dancing competition lah- the other day I came home to see them all sprawled writing something very seriously...they were writing to their future selves....and planning to plant all that at my mom's house!Time capsule lah katakan..

Sedih nyeee nak tinggalkan depa nih..Our flight leaves on Hari Raya day itself- although at 11.45 lah. I think I don't want them to come to the airport lah. Allready Dahlia is having teary episodes just talking about sending us off. I think I will buat normal je, call a cab and then say bye as if we were going to work.

We're going to see my brother in Tokyo. Due to husband's work schedule, and his extreme reluctance to get other ppl to cover him more than he should , we are going only during the officially approved hols, ie DURING HARIRAYA . Sigh...and I really really want to take the kids along..at least the younger two but (a) plans are made seriously last minute (visa just submitted today and tickets just bought yesterday) and (b) Japan is very expensive for 2 what more for 7. Of course I have had to make several deals with them to be able to go. We'll do things that kids would just be too bored to do- like go see Fujiyama (Mt fuji). Brother asking me 'do you want to go to Disney?' - waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Wrong place. !

Of course kids would be staying with parents lah....Hubbs' brother has agreed to take kids to see their other set of grandparents but then my parents said they will take the kids as they would be heading that way too. Yah mom but I can't see you spending several nights there. Nanti lah kita discuss dengan lebih mendalam tonight.

I just hope that the webcam works. And also that they would be too occupied to miss us. time flies anyway right..one week will go very fast I'm sure.


Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

Today is september 11.

Although we have had many many MANY other natural disasters and man made disasters. for example, the tsunami, the earthquakes in china, the palestinian massacre (anyone remember that one?) , it's September 11 that gets a mention every year by the press, media and tv.

If I did not know any better I would have thought that no other disaster was as bad as September 11.

It was bad. It was surreal, it was that bad. It was even more surreal that we could see it from perfect viewpoint. I still can't get the answer to how come the video shows the plane at the angle that they did. I mean, someone was there level viewing with the plane. It was as if it was planned. There, I said it.

It was sad that so many lives were lost and needlessly. But at least, no children were involved. Since its an office right. I just can't take it when I see kids hurt. If they die, at least they are no longer in pain. But when they are hurt and screaming...awwwwww *tears up*

How many times have I wished that someone would introduce "the parachutes for every staff working in tall towers" idea? No one has thought about what to do next time a plane decide to change course and plough into your work place . At the very least put a ladder on the side of the building larrr.. Come on -common sense ppl!! I always think when I fly (haha macam selalu) that if I crash no one is going to care whether I blow on the blardie whistle or not right...why don't they just give us all parachutes or at least a yasin each hahah so we can read it knowing our last moments are ahead. It would also be a good moment to get Non believers to believe in God and bargain their way into His favour.

As long as there are homo sapiens walking the earth...wars will happen. But God is also telling us, look mates, I'mma getting fedupwith you guys. here's an earthquake. and another. and a tsunami. and a plague why don't you. Are you still NOT GETTING the hint??

Don't you think?

So let us remember September 11. But let us remember it as a lesson to us, that man can be cruel and it is time to stop the needless killing (and it was NOT Os*ama) I dont have any proof. I just don't want him to be the scapegoat for everything. Towers falling down? Os*ama. Internet connection down? O*sama.

Ok tata....

Cancel that, I do love lawyering!

Hiiii well right after I wrote the post , which, if you were to read it and you don't know me very well, would have made you think- boy is SHE disillusioned with the law or WHAT??? Well after I wrote that post..the day seemed to go on in a way that made me go _heeeeyyy not bad gak jadik loyer ni eh?

1. You get to advise your clients- I was happily dishing out advice to my clients on their agreement and telling them NO WAY they should accept that particular comment from the other side and I DON'T CARE if they don't like it , or your internal ppl don't like it TOO BAD! Hehehhe and then I get to charge for this . (and then haggle for discounts which is another topic altogether)

2. You get to go meet people - various types of people! Of course since you are in the service industry, your end user sometimes can be a bit kerek but hey it's their right

3. You get to exercise your brain. Really. My head hurts...

4. You get to exercise your typing skills. I'm really fast now. (and I'm not being entirely facetious)

5. You get to use big words like facetious.

OH DEAR this is fast becoming like the previous post...hahahah well I would still recommend my kids to be a lawyer ..it's fun,and empowering to know that you know stuff other ppl do not know! and you get to help other ppl (make money I mean)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So you want to be a Lawyer??ARE YOU SERIOUS?

It's not easy to become a lawyer.

First you go to university thinking I can do law because I like to read. Hahahaha I hear this sooo often. Kids..it's not enough that you like to read, you must like to read TOTALLY BORING STUFF over and over again for at least 1000 times until you are ready to vomit blood , for you to be able to THINK about being a lawyer. ha ha

Then you go to college ...loads of old fogeys will be teaching you and sending you to snoozeland...If they are NOT old fogeys they'd be the types that are firebrands, out to change the legal landscape and ranting about injustice (this would be about, oh, a year before they become old fogeys haha) ...

If you go overseas and your classmates are MATSALLEHS you'd better be prepared to MOVE OUT OF YOUR SHELL and speak because they SPEAK UP in class. They may sprout total rubbish but they speak and unlike Malaysians (generally) they don't have to have the entire sentence of what they want to say drafted in their heads before they actually spill it out. AND DON'T be fooled if they appear dumb or lazy or even DEAD because those are the ones that will get a FIRST CLASS. OK??? My classmate for Private International Law was asleep half the time tup tup he got FIRST CLASS hummppppphhh.

We Malaysians will always do well..generally, and will be remembered by our teachers at the very least for our ability to TAKE NOTES with MANY COLORED PENS hahahaha.. the Mat Sallehs will always want to borrow your notes because we are so DAMN NEAT!!!It goes straight from the teacher to the paper!! No need to stop at the BRAIN! Hahaha!

My mistake was I did not try harder...I was guided by the principle of PGLMP- "Please-God-Let-Me-Pass". Hahahahahha..Pass I did, somehow , miraculously. You can never find me in the library and if you do it'd only to disturb my other hardworking friends but day before the exams you will find me hard at work with a box of KELLOGSCRUNCHYNUTCEREAL and a CAN OF COKE next to me. I guess I thought if I studied and I STILL Get a crap result it'd be worse, so might as well get a crap result for NOT studying hahahaha..(Ok I wasn't that bad a student actually hehehehe)

Anywayss..so you have graduated...and you'd be faced with three choices- WHAT NEXT. To take CLP? To take the Bar? To take the Solicitors' Exams?? To go home and KAWEN?? (I would totally have opted for the last part but the BF at that time forced me to do Option 2 - I guess he did not want to have to support me 10000% hahaha)

THEN!! You do the Bar - since that's what I took. You somehow survived the
MANY MANY MORE DEATHLY BORING AND DRY SUBJECTS and you pass. to the amazement of your friends.

You then start work....either you are a LEGAL ADVISOR at a bank or a corporation or you are a LECTURER or you opt for PRACTICE.

I did the legal advisor part then I thought heck it I'd practise.

Then you practise . Newsflash. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE "PRACTISING" . Why? cause you never get good hahahahahahaa

Then you discovered...ALL THE BRAINS that you had would not make you a good lawyer if you don't have PEOPLE SKILLS.

It's the sad truth kids...you have to know how to talk to people, how to deal with difficult clients, how to worm out a difficult situation, how to SERVICE basically.

Unless of course you go to court then of course you have to THINK a bit. Litigators are the real lawyers in my opinion...Us solicitors are just ..uhmmm PRACTISING.

But but but! It's been a fun journey and I do love being a tv actress -erm I mean lawyer.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sapa clingy nih

Nak dengar cerita tak

Ada lah sepasang suami isteri ni...
The husband one day told the wife-

The husband:Eh you drive yourself today ok I have a lot of work to do and I have to go to so many places.
The wife: Ok
The husband: really, so many places.
The wife:ok. wait wait! My car has no petrol, can I go with you anyway?
the husband: No , it's really not convenient and anyway there are days when you have to be independent
The wife: Independent huh. Ok . (picks up car keys) I'm going then...bye see you later.
The husband: Eh ! Wait Wait!
The wife: ?? Why lah??
The husband: Wait for me, don't you want to leave the house together..??
The wife: ????

Sapa clingy nih...heheheheheh


Monday, September 07, 2009

Merapu Pasal Raya

I went past Jalan TAR yesterday. OHMYGAWD RAMAINYE ORANGGGG!!!!! toksahlah pergi kalau tak suka crowds (me lah tu). On the other hand...I have yet to shop for my kids! Beli readymade je kot....We were thinking nak pergi SO*GO ke ..but we better go on a weekday, at 10 am. When I think takda ramai orang.

How's your Raya preparations? Is there any? Are you making new curtains? Baking cookies? Changing furniture? For me, ala kadar je....tak yah lah membazir...BUT I WANT NEW CURTAINS PLEASE CAN TAK. (Mana sempat dah ek??)

For me, every raya masa tu lah keluar Permaisuri Anne I....I was "forced" to buy a whole box of Queen A*nne when we were still there. They do look nice but then when they rust , what do you do with them? Remember Qu***n Anne was such the rage kan . That and Royal Do*lton.(My daughter broke my sister in law's RD plate the other day (EEEEEEEEKS) and I'm still trying to find a replacement but they don't make it anymore !)

Another thing that was the rage was LACE. I was sooo stupid though because I DIDN'T BUY ANY. I was smack in the Lace centre of UK, Nottingham. And semua orang yang datang will buy, but me-nooo. Ye lah tak appreciate kan. So now regret lah since I think lace would look so nice as new curtains..hahahah

I bet some superwomen out there amongst you are baking right..I have allready pesanned keuh tart and kek lapis Indonesia. From an Indonesian lady at the embassy. This year round I have been spared from having ppl come and show me their kueh (I always end up ordering LOTS) . Tengok lah apa yang ada karang..

Ok lah...whatever it is let's not go overboard....buat je sekadar mampu....tol tak...!I'm just glad if umur sampai to reach end of puasa...

(But can I still change the curtains hubbs??)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Soo..a round up.

Soo...here I am at my brother's house, having had our iftar and dinner here. It's 12.44 am . Mom called and said why don't we see what your brother is doing today, let's go and have dinner there. Called my brother and he said- er..ok ! And I told him we'd be bringing the food don't worry. It turned out that he was out of the house and ended up arriving to his own house later than my parents. We came about 20 mins after bukak puasa , having left the house late!

Sooo now everyone's sleeping in front of the telly, despite there being spare rooms available. Depan tv lah yang paling best kan, position tidor. Husband did not want to sleep over actually but he fell asleep and I did not have the heart to wake him up. He's been coming home late at 2 or 3 in the morning for the past few days so I guess he's catching up now. So now he doesn't know it but he's sleeping over at my brother's place. haha.

Sooo...the Japanese lesson is going well. Nadine is better at it of course, being younger and faster and er..younger. I talk to my brother and he talks to me . the only problem is when he talks to me in Japanese I can't talk back...wakarimasen!! I have no idea what he says..welll...boleh lah sikit sikit. I can ask the perennially important question- gohan o tabemashitaka? Have you eaten???
The ngaji lesson//well we have reached Iqra 3. Sigh so slow...the thing that makes it so slow is that in a class of 20, each of us would have to read the page one after the other...so imagine lah you read the same page 2o times. I think at this rate, we'll khatam in oh- 3 years? hahah. Mom in law wants me to quit and so do my parents. Also it takes me abt 2 hours to go and come back every Monday and Tuesday even though the lesson is about 1 hour only.

Soooo I think ..I've spoken to hubby and since he wants to join me in learning tajwid...I will send my letter of withdrawal to the centre. I have spoken to the ustaz who teaches my children and he will start teaching us this October every weekend (or else someone else. Can I have someone else so he doesn't discover how many errors I'm going to be making??heheh)

By the way, does this count as being hangat hangat tahi ayam as I have been accused of being recently hehehe.

Soo Johan fasted today. Wah I'm so proud as he has not been able to complete one day. Each child is different kan, and I tend not to be too hard on them. In fact I told him he can break his fast at 4 and I would still be proud that he tried but hearing that, he laaagi got motivated to keep on fasting..How's that for reverse psychology.

The biggest news is..Dahlia is going to khatam in 2 more juzuks! WEeeeeyyy alhamdullillah as a Muslim parent I feel very relieved as I have discharged my duty to make sure they know how to pray, and how to recite the quran and more importantly , to love their faith. Tapi I need to know also how to expose them to other faiths without trying to convert them hahah! I was like that too when I was younger!

Ok selamat bersahur and selamat berpuasa all...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Love Letters FOUND Part II


So anyway yeah most of the letters were from my husband. I found the VERY FIRST LETTER HE WROTE TO ME which was when he was over there and I was here and we were just friends and he suddenly shot me a letter telling me how boring life was when all his friends have gone home for summer and also asking me to buy him some tshirts. This has been a bone of contention between us, because he said he told me NOT to get him this specific designer and I insisted that he told me to specifically get this designer. So now I found the letter which started it all ,and he was right. He did tell me to NOT get this designer. Ok. Me shut up now. That letter was The Start of It All.

I saw some other letters and cards from my other good friends. So now I can confirm to you that yeah, one of them really liked me and was quite confident that I liked him too . So much so that I think he must think that to this day. I kind of let him believed that - erks. The other one was a genuine friend who I hurt and I really wish I could secretly send a "sorry i hurt you all those years back" card (so he can probably send me back a "who's this?" letter hahah)

Then there was a letter from a friend who told me to "put in an application " if I was interested in him. Despite that he was rather funny and nice.

Then there was this card from someone who saw me from afar and decided to take pictures and then send me back a card with all my pictures cut in an artistic way (YIKES) to say can he berkenalan?? (get to know me)..Okkk that was major flattering in a creepy way.

However, sadly, that was it. I do not have torrid affairs to report or soft toys to show. I have not had any soft toy. Except I bought Hubb a small penguin one time. I think he must have killed it in the washing machine.

But! its been SO MUCH FUN to look at yourself and your dreams and the things you worry about and think about 20 years ago...and realise that..sorry, you grew up...

Whatever it is, thank God I met my husband and thank God for the love letters !

Love letters FOUND! Part 1

Soooooo... I found some love letters ..hehe..

Most were from the husband laaa. You would not think they were love letters , to look at them. They came in dull dry blue aerogrammes ..and I think he must have sent about hmm 20? This was when I was in Malaysia doing my chambering and he was there. I must have called him like every other day because his aerogrammes were full of "please don't call me so often, please save money bla bla" ....thus starting a pattern that can still be seen to this very day! Hahahahahaha!

The letters were basically reports of what he did, whom he saw, etc. I read them to him the other day and it reminded him of people and the life he had back then..when he was a simple houseman. Trying to kumpul duit to get married. It makes for very interesting reading because he put down what he felt about stuff, and I told him, HEY CAN YOU WRITE TO ME NOW?? ONE LETTER A WEEK MAYBE?? heheheh...now with our lives being so busy and him so distracted, maybe a letter is the only way ! hahahaha!

Of course, there were some "I miss you" "I Love you" etc. Not that many because by his own confession he was not a romantic guy (boy is he making up for lost time NOW !)

Also I must have been upset quite a lot those days..I see a few "why are you upset" " Im sorry you are down" blah blahhh blahhh oh so pathetic...I can't even remember what I was supposedly upset about ..apparently he went to a play. With some other woman?? Hmmph me?? UPSET?? Meh sini I piyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal telinga you hehehe

And funniest of all to me, he called me "Ila". Who calls me Ila these days?? That must be when we were in the angau stage..heee hee. Now, he calls me - mummy. or Kaklong. Or, when he is NOT inundated with patients and is not annoyed that I am, yet again, calling him,he'd call me "bushuk". Or is that his hint for me to freshen up?? Hmmmm...Laa selama ni i perasan je...

There were not all letters..some were comics where the character will say things I assume he wanted to tell me. Kelakargak, like one hagar the horrible character saying to his gf - yah Im ready to talk now, you know..and the gf went " talk?talk about what" and the bf went - you know..Mar- Mar- MMMarrr- "

My husband put a note there- "uhuh"

Hehehehehhe..I should not be sharing this with you really heheh but yeah I guess its nice to read all this now--- makes it harder to believe that we are now two potbellied, grey haired ppl ...hehehe...And I can feel the lurve as if it was just yesterday.

I said..MOST were from my husband ..Ahaaakss!!


hiiii.. have eaten sahur. Yesterday morning we all didn't wake up . Maid pun tak bangun. So no sahur. However we (except for sara and jojo who were still unwell) went on with the fasting.

So yesterday we brought back the famous Persian restaurant's kebab back for iftar. Consistently yummy and soft and juicy. Hubb managed to get the rahsia from someone who worked there as to how they do it (email me if you want it). It's good to be home for break fast time. Kids are really really loud at the table when we buka puasa. It's the time for jokes, for reports of the day, all done at the top of their lungs as if if they speak softly, we might not hear them.

Johan was into patriotic songs for Merderka..But kelakar giler. His negaraku jadik "Negaraku...jangan tumpahya darahku". Another song was Tanggal31..he sang it tinggal 31..

This was in between him being hot and ill (he'd have spurts of being well). Today I am happy to report that he has come out of his fever. However Sara has a lot of mouth ulcers poor baby and still coughing. Hubby thinks she might be asthmatic. HEEEEEEEEH?? that would be my first baby with asthma. My brother's daughter is asthmatic like her mummy.

Passport still missing. Mana ah?????? All seven tau. Passport wa doko ni arimasuka???? Meanwhile brother is asking for confirmation on trip. I haven't confirmed because of the darn missing passport. I will have to confirm fast. I haven't told anyone yet.


Im sure I have an interesting post somewhere..the problem is...interesting post cannot be put up here!!! camana???!!!Nak tau kena call I hahahahaha!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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