Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leaving the kids

Sara has gone to my mom's place. I dropped her off yesterday morning.

For the last three nights I have been meaning to go to mom's house , after tarawihlah. But selalunya tertidor lelap lah so tak sempat.

At the dining table Sara's absence was clearly felt by the kids. Johan said "It's funny when Sara is not here." and kept asking when Sara was coming home. Of course this COULD be because she had taken the PSP2 with her . hmmm.

I should write a book about my own five going on their various adventures "Five Gets Up to MIschief" .ala ala enid blytong. Led by the bossy Kaklong, who would be the "thinking-up"per of things to do, bake cakes lah, bake cookies lah, buat spa lah. Sara would also be thinking of things, dancing competition lah- the other day I came home to see them all sprawled writing something very seriously...they were writing to their future selves....and planning to plant all that at my mom's house!Time capsule lah katakan..

Sedih nyeee nak tinggalkan depa nih..Our flight leaves on Hari Raya day itself- although at 11.45 lah. I think I don't want them to come to the airport lah. Allready Dahlia is having teary episodes just talking about sending us off. I think I will buat normal je, call a cab and then say bye as if we were going to work.

We're going to see my brother in Tokyo. Due to husband's work schedule, and his extreme reluctance to get other ppl to cover him more than he should , we are going only during the officially approved hols, ie DURING HARIRAYA . Sigh...and I really really want to take the kids least the younger two but (a) plans are made seriously last minute (visa just submitted today and tickets just bought yesterday) and (b) Japan is very expensive for 2 what more for 7. Of course I have had to make several deals with them to be able to go. We'll do things that kids would just be too bored to do- like go see Fujiyama (Mt fuji). Brother asking me 'do you want to go to Disney?' - waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Wrong place. !

Of course kids would be staying with parents lah....Hubbs' brother has agreed to take kids to see their other set of grandparents but then my parents said they will take the kids as they would be heading that way too. Yah mom but I can't see you spending several nights there. Nanti lah kita discuss dengan lebih mendalam tonight.

I just hope that the webcam works. And also that they would be too occupied to miss us. time flies anyway week will go very fast I'm sure.



shah said...

jom aaaaa gi disney sea..other than dgar mickey ckp jpun...sronok ape.huhuhu

yani said...

Laaaa...kak shila nak ke Jepun ke? have fun ok?
U r right..buat macam biasa je walaupun dalam hati kita aje yang tahu, yelah nak tinggalkan anak for a week..sayu kan? Yani ni pun kalau nak tinggalkan my 2 babies walaupun for a few hours dah rasa sedih, can't imagine for a week.

Everytime I would leave the kids at my ILs house, Julia mesti nangis nak ikut and my MIL always cakap (she is a retired kindergarten teacher) "give her a big hug and tell her you love her and that you will be back soon and leave. Dont prolong the process, walaupun you kids meraung and you feel like you need to go back and console them, it is going to make it worse. If you feel like crying, wait until you get to the car" And sure enough, after we left and called them in about 10 minutes, MIL would always say, 'she is fine now and doing something" So..good luck ok.

Royalshoppingarcade said...

eh..susah tu..tinggalkan masa raya..but..u deserve time with Mr Surgeon ok.
bolehla 'jangankan gunung fujiyama, ke puncak himalaya ku ikut kamu...' you know that song?oh god..itu lagu indonesian lama..hehe..
anyway, selamat bercuti..nak gi Japang rupanya..

Daya/Yaya said...


Daya/Yaya said...

Oh, and the webcam ISN'T WORKING!!!!!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...