Wednesday, September 02, 2009


hiiii.. have eaten sahur. Yesterday morning we all didn't wake up . Maid pun tak bangun. So no sahur. However we (except for sara and jojo who were still unwell) went on with the fasting.

So yesterday we brought back the famous Persian restaurant's kebab back for iftar. Consistently yummy and soft and juicy. Hubb managed to get the rahsia from someone who worked there as to how they do it (email me if you want it). It's good to be home for break fast time. Kids are really really loud at the table when we buka puasa. It's the time for jokes, for reports of the day, all done at the top of their lungs as if if they speak softly, we might not hear them.

Johan was into patriotic songs for Merderka..But kelakar giler. His negaraku jadik "Negaraku...jangan tumpahya darahku". Another song was Tanggal31..he sang it tinggal 31..

This was in between him being hot and ill (he'd have spurts of being well). Today I am happy to report that he has come out of his fever. However Sara has a lot of mouth ulcers poor baby and still coughing. Hubby thinks she might be asthmatic. HEEEEEEEEH?? that would be my first baby with asthma. My brother's daughter is asthmatic like her mummy.

Passport still missing. Mana ah?????? All seven tau. Passport wa doko ni arimasuka???? Meanwhile brother is asking for confirmation on trip. I haven't confirmed because of the darn missing passport. I will have to confirm fast. I haven't told anyone yet.


Im sure I have an interesting post somewhere..the problem is...interesting post cannot be put up here!!! camana???!!!Nak tau kena call I hahahahaha!

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