Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Love letters FOUND! Part 1

Soooooo... I found some love letters ..hehe..

Most were from the husband laaa. You would not think they were love letters , to look at them. They came in dull dry blue aerogrammes ..and I think he must have sent about hmm 20? This was when I was in Malaysia doing my chambering and he was there. I must have called him like every other day because his aerogrammes were full of "please don't call me so often, please save money bla bla" ....thus starting a pattern that can still be seen to this very day! Hahahahahaha!

The letters were basically reports of what he did, whom he saw, etc. I read them to him the other day and it reminded him of people and the life he had back then..when he was a simple houseman. Trying to kumpul duit to get married. It makes for very interesting reading because he put down what he felt about stuff, and I told him, HEY CAN YOU WRITE TO ME NOW?? ONE LETTER A WEEK MAYBE?? with our lives being so busy and him so distracted, maybe a letter is the only way ! hahahaha!

Of course, there were some "I miss you" "I Love you" etc. Not that many because by his own confession he was not a romantic guy (boy is he making up for lost time NOW !)

Also I must have been upset quite a lot those days..I see a few "why are you upset" " Im sorry you are down" blah blahhh blahhh oh so pathetic...I can't even remember what I was supposedly upset about ..apparently he went to a play. With some other woman?? Hmmph me?? UPSET?? Meh sini I piyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal telinga you hehehe

And funniest of all to me, he called me "Ila". Who calls me Ila these days?? That must be when we were in the angau stage..heee hee. Now, he calls me - mummy. or Kaklong. Or, when he is NOT inundated with patients and is not annoyed that I am, yet again, calling him,he'd call me "bushuk". Or is that his hint for me to freshen up?? Hmmmm...Laa selama ni i perasan je...

There were not all letters..some were comics where the character will say things I assume he wanted to tell me. Kelakargak, like one hagar the horrible character saying to his gf - yah Im ready to talk now, you know..and the gf went " talk?talk about what" and the bf went - you know..Mar- Mar- MMMarrr- "

My husband put a note there- "uhuh"

Hehehehehhe..I should not be sharing this with you really heheh but yeah I guess its nice to read all this now--- makes it harder to believe that we are now two potbellied, grey haired ppl ...hehehe...And I can feel the lurve as if it was just yesterday.

I said..MOST were from my husband ..Ahaaakss!!


MrsNordin said...

Sweet! Makes you think back of how you fell in love with him, huh?

Keep those letters. Have them binded in a book or something.

I have our e-mails bounded, ok? Just hope the kids won't read them! (banyak censored, hoo....)

See you tonight!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Censored is it.....


The ones I got were pretty tame I guess but ada gak yang mushy mushy and gambar orang peluk peluk apa tu lah..nasib baik lah my mom tak nampak

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