Love Letters FOUND Part II


So anyway yeah most of the letters were from my husband. I found the VERY FIRST LETTER HE WROTE TO ME which was when he was over there and I was here and we were just friends and he suddenly shot me a letter telling me how boring life was when all his friends have gone home for summer and also asking me to buy him some tshirts. This has been a bone of contention between us, because he said he told me NOT to get him this specific designer and I insisted that he told me to specifically get this designer. So now I found the letter which started it all ,and he was right. He did tell me to NOT get this designer. Ok. Me shut up now. That letter was The Start of It All.

I saw some other letters and cards from my other good friends. So now I can confirm to you that yeah, one of them really liked me and was quite confident that I liked him too . So much so that I think he must think that to this day. I kind of let him believed that - erks. The other one was a genuine friend who I hurt and I really wish I could secretly send a "sorry i hurt you all those years back" card (so he can probably send me back a "who's this?" letter hahah)

Then there was a letter from a friend who told me to "put in an application " if I was interested in him. Despite that he was rather funny and nice.

Then there was this card from someone who saw me from afar and decided to take pictures and then send me back a card with all my pictures cut in an artistic way (YIKES) to say can he berkenalan?? (get to know me)..Okkk that was major flattering in a creepy way.

However, sadly, that was it. I do not have torrid affairs to report or soft toys to show. I have not had any soft toy. Except I bought Hubb a small penguin one time. I think he must have killed it in the washing machine.

But! its been SO MUCH FUN to look at yourself and your dreams and the things you worry about and think about 20 years ago...and realise that..sorry, you grew up...

Whatever it is, thank God I met my husband and thank God for the love letters !


Aaawww...Shila or these last two postings. So sweet...
DadaIQ said…
Interesting...I keep mine too in a box. maklumlah "long distance love affairs". My hubby wrote to me when I was in the UK almost everyday when he was in NZ, mainly aerogrammes. Each aerogramme was numbered and they were normally close to 400 towards year end! I only keep letters sent by my hubby for eight years before we finally got married. Lepas ni boleh simpan dalam Arkib Negara lah surat2 kita.
Madam tai tai you are back on the internet world!

yaaa tengah tunggu dia balik nih tengok surat je lah orang nye takda...what do you think..shall I get him to write to me again hahahaha. should totally write to your Mr S!
Anonymous said…
shila thanks for blogging abt this !!! i enjoyed reading while munching on a sun dried tomato panini + cheese ! - vinnie
Kka SHila
I always knew you are one romantic person.
i'd do the same too, i'd rummage thru the albums and show hubby and my children the pictures and reminisce. I have love letters but in emails. masa I cintan cintun 8 yrs ago mana guna surat siput (get it?snail mail?)ok ok..i tak kelakar.
anyway, you;'re one sweet person who just wish for her husband to have more time for you. Hello Mr Surgeon Husband, bawakla kak shila pegi do some romantic stuffs. the rest can wait. REALLY!!betulkan kak shila???????????????
write more ya abt love ni..i love things lovey dovey.kekekkeke
Dadal- I swear I have replied to your comment but when I checked its ggone!! I was going to say how nice to receive 400 aerogrammes he must have had a lot to say!! It is really nice to have them in person of course but sometimes miss tak masa romen romen dulu? hehehe
Ah Vinn, i think we should start writing to each other..i miss those aerogrammes hahaha
RSA- haaa surat siput....masa I lah surat siput..masa sekarang surat E je ....tu lah kan...bawak lah daaaku pergii///(nyanyi lah tu konon) hahaha

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