Merapu Pasal Raya

I went past Jalan TAR yesterday. OHMYGAWD RAMAINYE ORANGGGG!!!!! toksahlah pergi kalau tak suka crowds (me lah tu). On the other hand...I have yet to shop for my kids! Beli readymade je kot....We were thinking nak pergi SO*GO ke ..but we better go on a weekday, at 10 am. When I think takda ramai orang.

How's your Raya preparations? Is there any? Are you making new curtains? Baking cookies? Changing furniture? For me, ala kadar je....tak yah lah membazir...BUT I WANT NEW CURTAINS PLEASE CAN TAK. (Mana sempat dah ek??)

For me, every raya masa tu lah keluar Permaisuri Anne I....I was "forced" to buy a whole box of Queen A*nne when we were still there. They do look nice but then when they rust , what do you do with them? Remember Qu***n Anne was such the rage kan . That and Royal Do*lton.(My daughter broke my sister in law's RD plate the other day (EEEEEEEEKS) and I'm still trying to find a replacement but they don't make it anymore !)

Another thing that was the rage was LACE. I was sooo stupid though because I DIDN'T BUY ANY. I was smack in the Lace centre of UK, Nottingham. And semua orang yang datang will buy, but me-nooo. Ye lah tak appreciate kan. So now regret lah since I think lace would look so nice as new curtains..hahahah

I bet some superwomen out there amongst you are baking right..I have allready pesanned keuh tart and kek lapis Indonesia. From an Indonesian lady at the embassy. This year round I have been spared from having ppl come and show me their kueh (I always end up ordering LOTS) . Tengok lah apa yang ada karang..

Ok lah...whatever it is let's not go overboard....buat je sekadar mampu....tol tak...!I'm just glad if umur sampai to reach end of puasa...

(But can I still change the curtains hubbs??)


MrsNordin said…
Go and buy new curtains lah! I think sempat lagi kut. Not at Nagoya lah... try those small2 curtain shops at Melawati.
yani said…
Kak Shila...sob*,sob*...persiapan raya? This year I am not in the mood to buat besar besaran. Yelah masih lagi sedih sebab terpaksa postpone our Raya trip huhuhuhuhu...once the kids get the vaccine, we will be coming home for raya haji instead. Sedih tau. I am even banned from listening to raya songs..yealah my hubby tension (or shall I say rasa bersalah because he thinks it is his fault that I am now far away from my family)sebab asyik nangis jer :)

Apa-apapun, I wish u n your family a happy hari raya and makan makan tu ingat ingatlah yani yang jauh ni yea?
Thanks J- it might need sprucing up a bit
Yani..don't be sad....have gone through this before....ada tak malaysians over there for you to tumpang semangat raya...

And yah better lah stay away while the flu is going on..although they say have stabilise sikit...not worth risking it...

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