Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nak balik dah

Where did the time go? It's Saturday allready and in just 24 hours we'll be boarding our flight to Seoul- then KL!. Can' wait to see my children!!! As today is our last day we thought we'd go and see what we can get for them...problem is everything is so darn astronomical over here. A note book cost RM32 believe it or not. We'll find something ok !

We are now in my brother's very very small studio apartment. Seriously small, but ok lah for him. You go in, ada narrow passageway that reminds you of aisles on planes- on the left there is a bathroom, on the right a stove, and at the end of this er- 20 second walk, there is his room- which is about 20 feet by 20 feet I think - has a huge tv, fan, bed, study table - It's a really cosy bachelor pad.

Not that he is going to be a bachelor for long, from the looks of things. We met his "teman tapi mesra" last Tuesday. He was all shy and coy until I said hey apa lah nak malu you are 26 allready we were allready married by then ok! So just come clean and tell us what you want. Apparently he wants to get married in 2 years time (I can't see him waiting that long though).

The girl is nice sweet and friendly although thank god not one of those who can't stop talking (hey one is enough in ANY family). She came all the way from Nagaoka and we did plan to drive her back until we looked at the map and realised how far it actually IS. Maybe next time :-)

OK, we're going off now. Plan is to go see that Imperial Palace Park (macam Istana Negara lar) and also Takashimaya (just to gawk haha) and Tokyo Bay. We decided to extend the originally one day hire of the car to 4 days because really, it's much more convenient and going in and out of subway at rush hour and fighting everyone , can get reallly really tiring.

Food today had better be something cooked and hot. I love Japanese food , seriously but sometimes you want a nice hot goreng goreng something! My stomach dah gelebeh dah now with eating so much rice...

BTW BaeYongJoon is here tau. My girlfriends in the fanclub have arrived here. I am leaving just before his show is supposed to be on.

Ok gotto go. Byee.

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IBU said...


Weiii... beraya sakan kat tempat lain yer? Cepatlah balik. buat open house. Make sure ada food yg orang berpantang (konon.....) can eat ar?


Anyway, selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin.

p/s Itu pic overlooking mount fuji gambar u all berdua ker? Whoaaa... Manyak lomantik ohhh...

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