Now at Narita

Arrived about 40 mins ago. Brother just arrived but I have just put in another 100 yen coin so that bought me 10 mins and brother told me to caarry on while he go to the loo. Husband has gone to the loo 20 mins ago and is now lost - I suspect probably got burned by the water that unexpectedly sprayed out of the toilet bowl without stopping unless you happen to notice the other buttn in japanese that maybe said "STOP". Hahah- or maybe husband is trapped in the toilet with its sliding door which if you want to open you have to push the HUGE GREEN TOMBOL that says "OPEN". Simple stuff. Heheheh

Narita airport is smaaaaaalllll. I bought coffee. Here's a tip. Do not attempt to speak japanese unless you are pretty sure you can understand what they say- at the immigration they asked us why we were there and husband said to meet my brother in law and the man looked lost a bit and I thought I would tell him "ototo ni aimasu" which means to meet my brother and he was so happy and grinned and then shot all sorts of questions etc to which I gave him the exact look he gave my husband earlier haha

The trip itself was ok- husband went into a coma straight away as soon as his head touched the headrest - boy Johan was right..Daddy really need this trip because he needs to sleep! Last night
they all came with us to the airport. Daddy was really tired and grumpy plus we both had aheadache after a whole day of eating and visiting - managed to visit 4 houses- my mom, my grandmom, his auntie Mas and then my Uncle (my mom, my mom's side, his side and then my dad's side) all along dragging these 2 japanese teachers with us...

Ok husband has come out of the toilet..he WAS there all this time (dia kata ada angin tiup !) and we should really go...

Mummy miss you kids and we should have taken you guys..there were so many free seats on the plane you would have had a BALL changing seats etc!

To johan and dahlia- hope you tak demam ok and to Sophia- share that book I bougt..BYEE


Sara Rhianna - Sweet 2nd said…
Hi mommy. This is Sara... just here to say, THERE WERE FREE SEATS?????
Did we need a ticket to go???? Could we have come all along???????? Bawl....
MRSHUSiN said…
hahaha! funny update kakLong!
hope u & epi will have loads of fun in tokyo! :)
kirim salam kat Shah ok?

sara, this is Aunty Izan :)
when ur mum says FREE, she means EMPTY seats!
mommy still needs to pay for ur ticket fares!
next time she will bring all of u with her ok?
Have a good raya kids! :D
Lan0stZz said…
hi kak shila, i kat kluang ni ngan anak u semua. they r having a blast nyanyi all those disney contest songs. your parents r here too but they're staying in a hotel nearby i think. so mlm ni penuh rumah ni. parents i pun dtg. makB pun kot. Selamat Hari Raya to u n che pi :) oh n syah gak :) Maaf Zahir Batin.
Ummi365 said…
Salam aidilfitri... wah raya sakan kat tokyo ek.. eh gi cari japanese cotton.. murah ke kat sana?
Hi sara---- frree seats tu bukan free of charge laarr

Lana & Izan yeah thanks for playing with my kids and meriahnye raya tahun ni ek
Ummi- ada banyak but i kira kira lagi mahal kat sini...because of our exchange rates- around 25 ringgit. tapi you boleh gila lah tengok kain dia!
Daya/Yaya said…
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