Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

Today is september 11.

Although we have had many many MANY other natural disasters and man made disasters. for example, the tsunami, the earthquakes in china, the palestinian massacre (anyone remember that one?) , it's September 11 that gets a mention every year by the press, media and tv.

If I did not know any better I would have thought that no other disaster was as bad as September 11.

It was bad. It was surreal, it was that bad. It was even more surreal that we could see it from perfect viewpoint. I still can't get the answer to how come the video shows the plane at the angle that they did. I mean, someone was there level viewing with the plane. It was as if it was planned. There, I said it.

It was sad that so many lives were lost and needlessly. But at least, no children were involved. Since its an office right. I just can't take it when I see kids hurt. If they die, at least they are no longer in pain. But when they are hurt and screaming...awwwwww *tears up*

How many times have I wished that someone would introduce "the parachutes for every staff working in tall towers" idea? No one has thought about what to do next time a plane decide to change course and plough into your work place . At the very least put a ladder on the side of the building larrr.. Come on -common sense ppl!! I always think when I fly (haha macam selalu) that if I crash no one is going to care whether I blow on the blardie whistle or not right...why don't they just give us all parachutes or at least a yasin each hahah so we can read it knowing our last moments are ahead. It would also be a good moment to get Non believers to believe in God and bargain their way into His favour.

As long as there are homo sapiens walking the earth...wars will happen. But God is also telling us, look mates, I'mma getting fedupwith you guys. here's an earthquake. and another. and a tsunami. and a plague why don't you. Are you still NOT GETTING the hint??

Don't you think?

So let us remember September 11. But let us remember it as a lesson to us, that man can be cruel and it is time to stop the needless killing (and it was NOT Os*ama) I dont have any proof. I just don't want him to be the scapegoat for everything. Towers falling down? Os*ama. Internet connection down? O*sama.

Ok tata....


Nur said...

yeap..i think the war in gaza is supposed to get the limelight..not the tower which has been burnt in history..when they will STOP killing???

Superwomanwannabe said...

never. I just feel angry that they kill children. And is American lives worth more??? No life should be extinguished in the name of what- PROPERTY rights??? what the heck. .I will never understand Gaza war.

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