Thursday, September 10, 2009

So you want to be a Lawyer??ARE YOU SERIOUS?

It's not easy to become a lawyer.

First you go to university thinking I can do law because I like to read. Hahahaha I hear this sooo often.'s not enough that you like to read, you must like to read TOTALLY BORING STUFF over and over again for at least 1000 times until you are ready to vomit blood , for you to be able to THINK about being a lawyer. ha ha

Then you go to college ...loads of old fogeys will be teaching you and sending you to snoozeland...If they are NOT old fogeys they'd be the types that are firebrands, out to change the legal landscape and ranting about injustice (this would be about, oh, a year before they become old fogeys haha) ...

If you go overseas and your classmates are MATSALLEHS you'd better be prepared to MOVE OUT OF YOUR SHELL and speak because they SPEAK UP in class. They may sprout total rubbish but they speak and unlike Malaysians (generally) they don't have to have the entire sentence of what they want to say drafted in their heads before they actually spill it out. AND DON'T be fooled if they appear dumb or lazy or even DEAD because those are the ones that will get a FIRST CLASS. OK??? My classmate for Private International Law was asleep half the time tup tup he got FIRST CLASS hummppppphhh.

We Malaysians will always do well..generally, and will be remembered by our teachers at the very least for our ability to TAKE NOTES with MANY COLORED PENS hahahaha.. the Mat Sallehs will always want to borrow your notes because we are so DAMN NEAT!!!It goes straight from the teacher to the paper!! No need to stop at the BRAIN! Hahaha!

My mistake was I did not try harder...I was guided by the principle of PGLMP- "Please-God-Let-Me-Pass". Hahahahahha..Pass I did, somehow , miraculously. You can never find me in the library and if you do it'd only to disturb my other hardworking friends but day before the exams you will find me hard at work with a box of KELLOGSCRUNCHYNUTCEREAL and a CAN OF COKE next to me. I guess I thought if I studied and I STILL Get a crap result it'd be worse, so might as well get a crap result for NOT studying hahahaha..(Ok I wasn't that bad a student actually hehehehe) you have graduated...and you'd be faced with three choices- WHAT NEXT. To take CLP? To take the Bar? To take the Solicitors' Exams?? To go home and KAWEN?? (I would totally have opted for the last part but the BF at that time forced me to do Option 2 - I guess he did not want to have to support me 10000% hahaha)

THEN!! You do the Bar - since that's what I took. You somehow survived the
MANY MANY MORE DEATHLY BORING AND DRY SUBJECTS and you pass. to the amazement of your friends.

You then start work....either you are a LEGAL ADVISOR at a bank or a corporation or you are a LECTURER or you opt for PRACTICE.

I did the legal advisor part then I thought heck it I'd practise.

Then you practise . Newsflash. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE "PRACTISING" . Why? cause you never get good hahahahahahaa

Then you discovered...ALL THE BRAINS that you had would not make you a good lawyer if you don't have PEOPLE SKILLS.

It's the sad truth have to know how to talk to people, how to deal with difficult clients, how to worm out a difficult situation, how to SERVICE basically.

Unless of course you go to court then of course you have to THINK a bit. Litigators are the real lawyers in my opinion...Us solicitors are just ..uhmmm PRACTISING.

But but but! It's been a fun journey and I do love being a tv actress -erm I mean lawyer.



ms hart said...

My God SW...I was so stressed with a certain 'unclever' reports and stats just now that i thought, for once, "Woa-aaa-aaaa....WHAT am I doing here doing this sill* thing?? I wanna go back to practice!!!" Then the image of the young me then having to heh-heh-heh at people to do the so called PR thing just flashed in my mind and I thought back..err...tak pe lah. Buat lah aje report gil* tu sampai pencen! Hai lah Labu...hai lah Labi...!!!;-)

Superwomanwannabe said...

yelah Ms Hart.....but then its not as bad as all that...Just read the above post and I realised how disillusioned I sound eh? I tink will write apost about how much I love the law instead..hehehehe

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