Sunday, September 06, 2009

Soo..a round up. I am at my brother's house, having had our iftar and dinner here. It's 12.44 am . Mom called and said why don't we see what your brother is doing today, let's go and have dinner there. Called my brother and he said- er..ok ! And I told him we'd be bringing the food don't worry. It turned out that he was out of the house and ended up arriving to his own house later than my parents. We came about 20 mins after bukak puasa , having left the house late!

Sooo now everyone's sleeping in front of the telly, despite there being spare rooms available. Depan tv lah yang paling best kan, position tidor. Husband did not want to sleep over actually but he fell asleep and I did not have the heart to wake him up. He's been coming home late at 2 or 3 in the morning for the past few days so I guess he's catching up now. So now he doesn't know it but he's sleeping over at my brother's place. haha.

Sooo...the Japanese lesson is going well. Nadine is better at it of course, being younger and faster and er..younger. I talk to my brother and he talks to me . the only problem is when he talks to me in Japanese I can't talk back...wakarimasen!! I have no idea what he says..welll...boleh lah sikit sikit. I can ask the perennially important question- gohan o tabemashitaka? Have you eaten???
The ngaji lesson//well we have reached Iqra 3. Sigh so slow...the thing that makes it so slow is that in a class of 20, each of us would have to read the page one after the imagine lah you read the same page 2o times. I think at this rate, we'll khatam in oh- 3 years? hahah. Mom in law wants me to quit and so do my parents. Also it takes me abt 2 hours to go and come back every Monday and Tuesday even though the lesson is about 1 hour only.

Soooo I think ..I've spoken to hubby and since he wants to join me in learning tajwid...I will send my letter of withdrawal to the centre. I have spoken to the ustaz who teaches my children and he will start teaching us this October every weekend (or else someone else. Can I have someone else so he doesn't discover how many errors I'm going to be making??heheh)

By the way, does this count as being hangat hangat tahi ayam as I have been accused of being recently hehehe.

Soo Johan fasted today. Wah I'm so proud as he has not been able to complete one day. Each child is different kan, and I tend not to be too hard on them. In fact I told him he can break his fast at 4 and I would still be proud that he tried but hearing that, he laaagi got motivated to keep on fasting..How's that for reverse psychology.

The biggest news is..Dahlia is going to khatam in 2 more juzuks! WEeeeeyyy alhamdullillah as a Muslim parent I feel very relieved as I have discharged my duty to make sure they know how to pray, and how to recite the quran and more importantly , to love their faith. Tapi I need to know also how to expose them to other faiths without trying to convert them hahah! I was like that too when I was younger!

Ok selamat bersahur and selamat berpuasa all...


Lan0stZz said...

CONGRATS to johan and dahlia. bolehlah buat kenduri khatam skali arung open house raya nanti kan?.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks Lana......insyallah....that would be nice. Sara pun tak buat kenduri lagi

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