Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bear with me- The TokyoDiaries (Day 1)

First Day Monday 21st September @ Raya Kedua

1. KLIA- We got to the airport early. But saying bye bye to all our little tots almost made us miss the flight ha ha. Korean Air was respectably ok lah except husband minded that there was no personal telly. Never mind he zonked out instantly anyway. Dalam kapalterbang macam tengok Kdrama- semua cakap korean BESTNYEEE. I was Kamsahamnida and anyeong haseyo with the best of them ...hee hee..tapi stewardess sah tak lawa ..yang lawa dah jadi actress drama kot...and what the heck is that thing stuck at the back of their hair nih????

2. SEOUL- Arrived at Incheon and was blown away by how big and spacious it was. Baeyongjoon's face was there ha ha Ijust realised that I was finally finally in his country! Yay! Lounged about went to the loo and then lost my husband. Paged him - he came JUST before time to board. Suspense gak lah....Bergemalah nama husband I di airport Incheon, Seoul that morning...:)

3. NARITA- Arrived at Narita- awat kecik naa (deceiving because its actually HUGE and that was just the arrival ie one eighth of the size) -bought coffee from the english speaking lady and then spent RM20 on the internet while waiting for brother to come fetch us.

4.Brother asked if want to take the slow train (cheaper) or the faster one. Took the cheaper train but ended up changing trains like 3 times. Which was ok because we saw the landscape changed from flatlands and rumah kotak kotak, to buildings upon buildings... Our apartment was in this district called HigashiKawagushi . When we arrived at this small town we had to go pass this pastry shop and I went a bit mad with their little cute pastries- Japan is a very cute-centric place...!

5.We continued, ,me with sticky hands, to our apartment, passing a convenience store- LAWSON. Awat nama omputeh wahai??? Our apartment was above a yakitori shop and seriously reminding me of our student accommodation 20 years back.. Tapi inside was quite ok .. there were 2 rooms as were my strict orders to him (although it had mightily thin walls ). TV, Fridge, Microwave, Ricecooker, the modcons. He had , the sweetheart , brought a box full of food stuff and his pan, knife etc.

6.After the scare where my husband went missing (see previous post) we went out to Shinjuku. At the tube station you head towards the wall and insert the appropriate amount of money in a system so complicated I doubt I can do it if Brother was not around. In fact, I didn't , husband and Brother figured the fares while I gawked at the vending machines which can dispense instant cafe latte and expresso in starbuck cups!

7. We got to Shinjuku- it's one of the happening suburbs/area in Tokyo, along with Shibuya and Roppongi and like visiting er..Bangsar I guess.. The girls are certainly very trendy and immaculately dressed...there were A LOT OF PEOPLE. We had the good (?) luck to arrive during a public holiday in Japan so apparently the number of ppl were a lot LESS than normal.

7. We gawked and walked around with the entire throng. We walked around , went into a shop or two. Konon i nak carik hat lar...except things are expensive. Walked a bit to find out that Shinjuku ada Takashimaya and Krispy Kreme and Starbucks. Very the Japanese eh he he.

8. Dinner was most on my mind and Brother took us to eat Okonomiyaki, a Japanese fry up dish, a cross between omelette and murtabak containing okonomiyaki batter (cornstarch as binding agent), shredded cabbage, spring onion, ginger,onion as filler, raw egg and either meats or seafood. We chose two to be shared by the three of us; one with prawns and the other octopus. Mix 'em all up in a bowl, greased the pan (paused a blink, well, bismillah je lah + the oil dish had industrial ball bearings at the bottom, 'k, to avoid dipping in too much oil). Tuang this concoction to cook and brown. Then flip over (considerable skill required) to cook some more. Tabur chopped dried parsley over it, finely shredded dried squid, chili powder if u like and serve with mayo. Made a face with the mayo. Turned out more like eating mayo with the okonomiyaki. Hubby thought it was economicolempeng. serious mahal for practically simple ingredients. It was more of a social barbeque as we noticed the other Japs enjoyed themselves with their girlfriends and their Kirin (or was it Asahi or Sapporo) lagers. Ours went well with Coca-Cola. We were hungry and certainly had fun. Our waiter was Malaysian, heh. However, not a single Malay / English word was exchange as he chatted happily with my Brother.

9. Also went to look for Arashi CD. All sold out! Arashi is a Japanese Pop Group who is having their 10th Anniversary - aish forgeddit. You probably don't wanna know haha. Yeah of COURSE I was buying it for my daughter.

10. Before we went back we queued up for KrispyKreme - one needs to eat right...and walked pass the peaceful area around the shop with the fake cricket sounds!


shah said...

higashi kawaguchi laa along.(without the laa hehehe)

Superwomanwannabe said...

ha ha ha nasib baik you correct..i told you you have to be here to edit he he

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Welcome back Shila!! Hope to see you soon so boleh dengar cerita2 holiday lagi.

JanuskieZ said...

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Aida said...


I could have sworn u had more pictures earlier... anyway, I wanted to comment earlier but had my hands full....

Firstly, Selamat Hari Raya and am so impressed that U managed to spend raya AWAY from the children. I would have been able to do it without the in laws but not the kids hahahahahhahaha

Looking forward to seeing more pictures.


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