Friday, September 25, 2009

Wowed by Fuji

Today.. I got locked out of the room , dressed only in a Yukatta and trying to remember what "You are so DEAD" is in Japanese. Decided to try the Onsen, (hot bath) on Basement 1 of Fujiview Hotel, Lake Kawaguchiko, Fuji. Went down at 6 am. You are required to remove all your clothing. I however, managed to clutch a bath towel modestly , managing to get it thoroughly drenched towards the end. When you enter a bath area (and by the way the one with the blue curtains are for men in case you happen to wander there he he - the urinal is a dead giveaway) there were 3 small pools. Surrounding the pools by the side of the walls were taps and bottles of shampoo and bath gels . You are supposed to sit on the little chair and wash yourself. Towel-less. I thought I was the first one there but one ancient lady and her daughter beat me to it. They were happily washing themselves so I thought what the heck. I chose a hidden corner and then tried to figure out which one was shampoo and which one was bath gel. For all you know I have hair that smells of shower gel now. They are all KAO by the way. Loyalty or what. I then chose an outdoor bath pool (purely because it was empty and so much hot water in a closed room tend to induce headaches for me) - as soon as the 2 ladies decided to join me, I scooted out and went into the jacuzzi indoors. Where I met this Japanese lady who started to talk to me. It was an interesting experience since I could speak as much Japanese as she could speak English. Ie non existent. We both kept saying sorry, gomenasai, etc. She is here with her grandparents and husband, and she has been in KL, Melaka, Cameron Highlands. She stayed in Mandarin Oriental (HAMBEK KAU!!) and thought Malaysia is really pretty. I think lah thats what she said, ok , for all I know she kutuk habis I je yang tak paham.

After abt half an hour I left - I never did have the patience to sit in baths for too long..buat apa? Hurriedly jumped out and put on my cotton bathrobe called Yukatta . Went straight to the room and - GUESS WHAT ! It was locked!!! Rang the bell many times. Husband was out and did not leave me any idea where to go now. Bucknaked Yukata draped dripping wet ppl are not allowed to go to the robi where the phones are so I decided to go see my brother on the 3rd floor (he had another room) - he was not there either! However, my brother forgot to lock his room (thank you brother) and thankfully I could go in.,.....and nasib baik pun because they took another 40 more minutes to come back! They were at the onsen too!. Haiiii tinggal lah note wahai!

Ok so yeah, we are in Fuji. Now I am waiting for them to go get breakfast from the Famima (Family Mart) . The really nice thing here is that there are so many konbinian stowa here. convenience stores. 24 hours lak tu. We all ingat nak lah have breakfast in hotel but mak mahal nye RM80 per person. This hotel pun mahal - RM1000 for 2rooms ok. I was all for going back to Tokyo last night but dua dua husband and brother were tired and wanted to stay the night. Fuji is about 3 hours away from Tokyo. We ended in this hotel after trying 4 other smaller hotels. They thought we were weird trying to check in after 9 pm. Shah my brother said it was because being impromptu is not in the Japanese DNA so they view it v suspisciously. Finally got this hotel and whatever the rates were I was so thankful that someone was going to let us in I would have signed my life away. But then this is a really really nice place. John and Yoko stayed here in 1978.

After 3 days in hectic, this is soo welcome. You think KL is busy? Forget it. KL is just a tiny speck of Tokyo and Tokyo is 20 of KL and 10 of Singapore packed together. If the earthquake happens, I have no clue where all the 12 million residents are going to go.

I was planning to do the review of what we did till now but (1) i have forgotten half the names of the places and will need my brother here when I blog to remind me. and (2) I am too lazy at the moment.

The drive up was really out of a painting. First flat landscape then gradual change as the earth got scrunched up like paper and became mountaineous..wah very the pretty. We made a short stop before we reached the Kawaguchiko lake where the Mount Fuji faces..found this Udon place with very cheap udon- 300 yen for a huge bowl of tempura udon. Needless to say, as in everything we have eaten here, it was delicious. We were slurping with the best of them. Although I thought - tak senonoh betul orang Jepun ni lah. Did I tell you that I have gained 2 kilos allready?? Penatje puasa.

Anyway then we drove up to the was a really lovely sight, the lake is HUGE. Not your cute taman titiwangsa lake here. Then we drove up (after eating a really really delicious blueberry vanilla cone icecream) to the FIFTH STATION of MOUNT FUJI- To reach the top there are about 11 or 12 stations I think, each at 500 metres level. Fifth station is the last stop that they would allow a car to get to and the last one we could go since they only let you go up the mountain during summer.

There was this very interesting portion of the road on the way sang! When we drove past it, the road must have been constructed in such a way that a song would come out. Seriously.

We hung around the fifth station, eating grilled squid and jagong- the person selling it knew the words "sotong" and "jagong"..and we were surrounded by this very sombong group of welldressed Indonesians ( for me sapa sapa yang taknak borak dengan I is sombong haha). Before going back my brother and husband sempatlah solat belakang toilet while I solat DALAM TOILET ok firsttime ever ....eee take our facilities in Malaysia so lah for granted kan. Ke negeri orang baru tau susah.

Dah gelap when we found the hotel,and staight after checking in, we went to look for dinner. There was this place called CafeGusto- ala alacoffee house lah. I ate rice, fried fish in breadcrumbs and agedofu (tahu sejuk). Husband had mayo and corn pizza with loTS OF TABASCO. Shah had Kinokonozui which is really what my cooking looks like- ie porridge with scrambled egg which I believed was nice.

Ok now breakfast is I will be going. Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

gambar so romantis

yani said...

ha'ah lah kak shila...,lomantik nyer :) Bila lah yani nak sampai ke Mount Fuji tu..dari abang yani belajar kat situ hingga lah dia berkerja kat Jepun, sampai sekarang masih lagi a dream. mak n abah yani pun dah sampai ke Mount Fuji..Hmmmm..bagi sikit idea macam mana nak convince my husband to take me there boleh?

tireless mom said...

Arigato gozaimas... I only know that word and of course Hait Hait. I am sure your Japanese is a lot better. Hehehe. Amboi, ber-silhoutte lagi gambar you and Jab kat Mount Fuji tu ye.

Funny baca your dripping bucknaked Yukata. Enjoy girl!

Sara Rhianna said...

Can you bring US there, mommy?

fifi said...

Shila... best nya... sighhhhh... err. Shah lama lagi ke kat situ?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...