Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am still maidless.

That 19 year old? Well, she came, and she went. She was obviously unsuitable but I did not expect her to be THAT unsuitable. She came, the next morning she got up, she did as she was told (I boiled water and made bfast) - she swept the floor at lightning speed. But poorly lah! She obviously had no mood or intention to work, and I stayed with her until 11 am

I called my mom to come over and she did by 12 . If I were to tell you what happened your blood will go upstairs so I'm summarising it ok:

1. She knocked over the kuali full of oil onto her foot > Thank goodness she was not hurt and she did say she was ok and refused to go to the clinic

2. But when my mom came, my mom insisted that she wiped the area where the oil had spilled PROPERLY instead of using her other foot to swipe the place, and then go and have a bath allready . Masamnye dia..she refused to do what mom said.

3. After that she started sulking and before I knew it she had started crying and telling my mom she had not wanted to work in the first place (I think because now she realise she cannot bully me because even though I am lembik, I have MOM)

4. Surpressing my desire to smack her silly, we then asked her nicely what she wanted to do

5. She then said she wanted to find a Malaysian husband

6. After laughing our heads off, we told her, even if you marry a Malaysian you still need to know how to do housework properly unless lah you yourself want to get a MAID??

7. At that point I called the agent and told him to get this girl NOW, barely 12 hours since she arrived

8. I had even cooked lunch just for her and she had eaten happily before my mom or I touched the food hahaha

9. Conclusion- she was just a young lazy girl who wants to have fun and the agent should actually be shot

10. So now the agent has promised me a new one. this week.

In the meantime, we are coping..The clothes are being dried. Ok, they are being dried all over the living room but they are being dried. This is dad ok who insisted on doing this, instead of just throwing them all straight from the wash to the dryer. He said he wanted to reduce moisture. He is such a darling. He said no, lantai tak berminyak pun! Takda berabuk pun??

But my kaki dah manja....I feel its soo dusty.. I called Maid on call. They mopped and cleaned , including toilets . After they left, I cleaned the toilet. Ada ke lumut kat dinding tak bersihkan??? Ada ke mop tak sapu dulu? Ada ke sweep tak tolak furniture? Like that I oso can do.....

Kids are proving their worth. Sara loves to iron. Habis lenjun baju dia dia spray with the water. Sophia is the designated boil water person (but she keeps throwing left over water in kettle away lar) and Dahlia? She's the ma'am who will ask me where her undies her socks etc are. To which I will answer- somewhere under those pile of clothes Daya...good luck! Nadine?? Everyday gets a lecture from me going- there is a reason you are called Nadine , (or HOPE) - cause we all hope you can help!!!

Food? So far, its been take out or dad will cook. I cooked on several occasions but my forte is kain and cleaning. Leave it to the expert lah kan ...mummy masak simple simple dish wonder like mee rebus, chicken rice, chicken stew, macaroni etc.

But kids are happier because? we pick them up everyday. except for semalam when they went to DadofFourplusOnePlusOne and KitchenGuardian- god help them. kejap je tunggu I balik....thanks guys!

Bye. Sekian saja update saya kali ini.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Maid-19

Ok you know that my maid lari right

We have been coping lah. Our style

My partner has seen me less at the office .

The clothes have grouped themselves into three - the washed. the to be ironed. the to be dried. the to be washed. (eh that's four). each of the group has 2 piles (at least)

Ok so anyway I was looking for a maid . Kosong (permitless) pun jadiklah

When all of a sudden a friend called and said "Eh do you want a maid? There's one who is available , with permit etc, right now."

Do I??? Yes lah jawapannye

Only snag- she is 19. You should have heard what my mom has to say about THAT. From not knowing how to do her work properly, to being my competitor for the hubbs to her going for the boys around here. (My house is very close to several ongoing development and lorries and construction workers do pass by every other second)

So anyway she came last night. Young girl. Enthusiastic but cannot be more than 16 . She looks soo young. One look and I told the agent, I don't think so lar. She's never worked before and also came in not to be a maid but to work with a chinese person cleaning birds' nest - which after 3 days she decided she did not like and that she wanted to be a maid instead. her demeanour is like my cousins kecik kecik.

I've spoken to the maid, and the agent and he said yeah he understands my situation. For my family with big kids, someone older and more motherly is more suitable. So he's letting me use this girl first, and then by end of the month (next week) he's going to give me another makcik of about 30 plus. Good tak? The maid is NOT AWARE of this. She thinks she is here for good.

He's letting me choose between one Ambong person who has worked in Irian Jaya, one person who has worked in Malaysia with a chinese family, one person who has worked in Hongkong and one lady who has not worked before. Mana satu?? All above 30 and all have kids. One janda.

Anyway I just woke the girl up today. Ok laaa......

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Friday

We were MCs last Friday.

God Im sure my friend and her husband regret it like anything. hee hee...

My husband had initially refused as Friday was his OT day but this was our dear dear friend from yonks ago and who can refuse her anyway? Heheh. Plus we are secret exhibitionist at heart.

We were going to do a script but in the middle of it, the maid ran away and we were so harrassed adjusting to a life of housework that they did the script and gave it to us, thank you!

The morning itself there was a rehearsal, I was there with the family and waited for my other half however he had patients who were late so he could not turn up. (Patients- be early ok cause you never know when your doctor needs to run off to do his MC work .Ha ha)

I had to go home to wait for kids to arrive (since there is now no maid to wait for them-is it ok for them to come in by themselves? Is nadine old enough to be a latch key kid?)
Before I went home though I went to Carrefour to get a bajukurung - of Course I had to get a new dress kan, plus I had nothing blue to wear -thetheme colour. Ok I did, but it was an everyday bajukurung and biasa je.Ok excuse je, I know. I left the car to be washed under Carrefour , managing to get myself conned into waxing it for the very first (and last) time. Then I walked around carrefour trying about 4 or 5 bajus before thankgoodness, I found a really nice one. It was the last one and apparently the only one in that design and it fit me and it was ironed and I took it in a heartbeat.

Then I rushed home, and then waited for kids to come back. Sophia and daya ada kem prefect the next morning Kat ulu yam, With loads to pack. Hubby balik, mandi and then we rushed to send kids to mom's house . At 6. pm. Hubby gave me a heart attack cause he stopped by kedai nak beli track bottom etc stuff for the kids to wear at the camp (they have a loooong list) - dah 7. Did I mention that we were supposed to be at Dewan perdana by half past 6?

Sent kids, and left at 7.30. Freaking out. (Me lah, hubby cool je) - arrived at 8. Along with guests. hahahaha.

MCing- i said. I think they regret it

Hubby was ok. I was a mess I think. Overexaggerating maybe. But if there are complaints Im really sorry ok.

Plus I'm sure professional MCs don't fidget the way we do, nor do they munch on chips or keep loads of water and syrups under the rostrum ha ha. Or hold hands. Or gossip about the guests hee heeh (with mic turned away of course hahaha) Hubby threatened to use his girly voice - which was funny but then would have basically lost us a friend!

The timing ada sikit lari, when I said something 5 mins early and everyone had to adjust to the timing he he. (yikes sorry). SOOOO STRESSFUL - not so much me, but the organiser of the wedding. No wonder wedding planner charge a lot!

But.we totally had fun, I loved it.

Spent the night with mom and dad!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New post- Head maid

Ning...I know I prayed for your safety...but now...

I hope you rot in haaayyyyyyyeelllllllllllllllllll... !!!

No lah, not that bad, I am still ok.

But...I wish the laundry would stop growing. I mean, you wash the clothes, and then you dry it, and then - you have to do it all over again!!

Hubby was finally convinced (one day sans maid) that a dryer could be a good idea, and went to get one and a new washing machine to replace the old one (the one that thought it was an airplane- I'm going to miss its jumbo jet sounds and its constant attempts to take off from the floor- haha)

So now we don't have to rush to get the clothes in when it rains. and clothes get dry very quickly.

The problem is although we now have a dryer, we still have to fold the clothes.

Much as the kids love to help they drew the line at folding clothes . So ...tonight I have to tackle the 4 baskets of clothes.

Apart from the laundry, I feel so much more in control. The stuff that I have been nagging her to do, I did it myself. I went out and collected all the dry and dead branches from the trees outside. The rabbits cages are a tip by the way . And the longkang/drain has to be swept. And the fancy pillars needed to be scrubbed as there are moss. I kinda miss the times when the maid was around and I didn't care. Now I am super sensitive and this morning they were all calling me Mrs Stroppy as I yelled at the kids for daring to leave their clothes here there everywhere . If you saw a woman in her sarong sweeping the floor and going on and on about how messy the house is to a harrassed looking man in a tie holding a rubbish bag, that would be us. For the 4 patients who had to wait for husband, my sincere apologies as he wanted to go iron his baju melayu for tonight.

Oh yeah, we are the MCs for tonight's wedding of Mrs N's brother in law. (Hope they don't regret asking us) Kids will go to mom (wanted to take them to the wedding but I have five so its quite a number to take to someone else's event) ha ha...and I managed to get a gorgeous dress from Carrefour just now... (one of the shop in there-) that matches (I think) with the colour scheme. Shopping in 1 hour. Ok tak .

Tomorrow there are 2 deepavali dos, then at night a friend is coming with his family (dah janji) and cousin Yasmin invited us all to open house/housewarming etc and the next day I have about oh, 40 ppl to the house (gathering of old officemates) which should be good. It's a pot luck thing although I am also doing some laksa and buying lemang.

About replacement maids- I have a few biodata to look at...mostly cambodians. One illegal one is being offered but gaji mak oi sama dengan yang ada permit. I think I might chance it.

I actually told my mom I can see us without a maid at all. After all, the kids are bigger now. So I pay a bit for cleaning services once a week. And get a laundry service if it gets too much (at the moment hubby is forbidding me from even thinking of sending the clothes off to be ironed)

But mom was freaking out! Totally against the idea- never having done without a maid, she told me I can't do it without a maid ..susah tau!!! (or words to that effect). I have done it beforelaar mom.... but then yah it is tiring lah. In Australia we took turns doing chores and lost 5 kg ..hahaha. But then the kids were smaller then and less clothes to wash...

Sigh..but I think I have no choice...otherwise , as hubby said- there would not be any social life! ha ha ha.

Ok lah let's not think about this maid thingy any more and let's concentrate on finding some pantuns for the merenjis for the wedding- er..tonight.

Like my partner asked me the other day-- why do we insist on doing this to ourselves??? Last minute galore???!!

because boss...Malaysia boleh....heheheheh (and Ive finished the agreements too so there)

Bye ..!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maid Ran Away.

Sigh..ku belai belai, ku kelek kelek...last last kau lari jugak ye ...

I think and my friends would testify, that we are the world's most lenient employers of maid around. Only on our second real maid , (actually 4th, if you count the temporary ones) , the previous maid lasted for seven years, and the second maid lasted 2 .

Well, it would be 2 years this coming november.

She has run off.

Yesterday....I picked the kids up from school. Then on the way back mom told me, that they were in front of my house and have been calling for the last 15 mins, no one opened the door nor was the phone answered. Tak sedap dah. When I reached home 5 mins later, I got in, and found the key tied nicely to the grill. Hmmm..and the wooden door, open slightly.

I knew what had happened. Calmly i went in, confirmed that the bags are gone. Half of me thought she had gone out for a while but actually realised that this maid has gone away for good.

My first thought was -Phew! What a relief! I had been thinking of ways to send her home now now now now..she's done me a huge favour by going away before I had to be nasty.

Of course mom was upset, investigative work revealed totally dry sink which can only mean one thing- she had left in the morning.

Called the agent who told me she had no idea. But yeah, the girl had changed lately. She has a boyfriend, she knows how to go out and she has been paid. Nothing to do with her lack of supervision or training lah. this maid is young though .

Well. Now I need another maid immediately.

Kids are relishing the adventure. Nadine went to iron her uniform immediately (legitimately allowed since no maid- before, no way could she touch the iron- and risk getting my daughter's fingers burnt?? hehehe)

Anyway kids also helped to wash up. Ok, so now I need new bottle of washing up liquid as they used halfbottle up in one wash.

Have got a LOT of clothes to sort out- wash, iron, dry, fold. How about a dryer hon? Honey thinks its awaste of electricity and money. How about 5 laundry basket for our 5 kids to sort out ?

Hmmm this could be a blessing in disguise, you know. Hubbs will resume the buang sampah duty and I have asked him to get new mops. "whatever type you will feel comfortable using, hon" kuang kuang kuang..!!!

I could I suppose go and look for her. I know her friends etc. I'm sure they would deny it though.

But, I have had this conversation before with her. I told her, and she agreed, that she came to my house in a proper way, I would like her to leave in a proper way too, not running away like SOME maids. She said yahh aren't they awful. She has been moody though. I think because she has a bf and they have had fights etc. I have to report to the police, and go to the immigration etc. Malasnye. On the minus side, I have to pay a levy. On the plus side, the levy is cheaper than her flight home.


Ningseh, like I said in the facebook, I hope you are safe, and thanks for taking care of my kids, and feeding them etc . I am sorry for any kesalahan to you, I know though that we have been good to you. A weekend away every month. Money sent home as and when requested. Channel lipstick (ok that one she took) It would have been nice if you had the guts to tell me that you wanted out. Hmm wonder if it was planned?

We will let your parents know. I actually really hope you are safe. maid time. Anyone has one to lend?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Aiman Tak Kesah

This Aiman however, was an angel who suffered from cancer and passed away last night after 3 years of fighting for his life and going through chemo etc. The parents are left (and are facing) a hefty medical bill...and yang sedihnya, she works for a bank and apparently tak bagi that masuk Era semua I hope termalulah sikit .....fahamlah ada protocol but there is always a way...

Khairul Aiman nama dia..I don't know why but I couldn't help cry --keciannn dia..

Maybe my "best friend" nak datang...I was ready to scream at ppl yesterday .

My mom fell in the bathroom yesterday. We rushed to PCMC (hmm as rushed as we can lah)...
After extensive xrays we found out that it was not broken but soft tissue injury. She was given a sling, told to rest the arm and rest generally. They (my parents) refused to go back to our house, instead they came at dinner time and spent the night. Mom was telling me that she tried to "exercise the arm" but it hurt.

Mom..why lah you so stubborn....the doctor told you to rest the arm, there is no need for you to "exercise" it...At least give it a day lah before you go into Wonder Woman mode again.

My mom is getting older...Hard to believe. In my mind she is still my mummy..I am just 14. Mummy, you are totally to blame for my non domestic ness. I have no idea how to produce the food that you do , and no inclination because you are such a great cook! Everyyear you supply us with the famous rendang limpa and paru and we just receive with gratitude..hehehehe bila laaaahhhh nak belajar. She said masa kecik kecik she did not want to disturb me as I was bz studying (or so she thought ha ha) I drag my kidsto the kitchen to watch the maid cook (kuang kuang kuang)

Don't start with the maid. madam has 2 more months to go and I seriously feel like letting her go NOW. Please guys let me have your agent's number. Yang about RM4000 ada tak...taknak lah macam pinang anak orang kan..Semalam my brother was there as well, my parents, and we were sebok having dinner, princess maid stayed in her room . When I called her , come out lah she said- APA LAGI ? Ada keeee????? I told her, you linger around. and you never close the door. She said she has a lot of ironing to do. I told her give them to me, I will send hubby's stuff to the blardie laundry so what is now your excuse madam. Such cheek. She is going as soon as I get a replacement. Amazingly I yelled at her. (although I did sort of tell her later that I didnt mean to- ok I am wimp of the year)

Ok ta got to go ...

Spare a fatihah for Aiman...

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Hi's everyone?

I'm home with the kids and we are lepakking. We just got back from an open house at Mak M's house and ate our fill of nasilemak and her delicious fat sotong ...and the durian upon durian upon durian that came frm Uncle's house in Cerakah

Anyways. Husband who came from the Hospital met us there, and we left earlier than him as he had fallen asleep and I was forbidden from waking him up.

Soo..Japanese trip will be updated but as and when the mood strikes ok. Check the post if you are still not bored out of your mind about what we did there. Suffice to say- I WANNA GO AGAINNNN

Now, news update:

1. Earthquake??? Spare a prayer or two for our poor victims in Indonesia..apparently KLPlaza was also swaying and felt the tremor. Apatah lagi KLCC..tak taulah how the scenario was.
the world is coming to an end...what to do ...more and more natural disasters.

2. Rotating CM in Penang?? Good idea on paper but can it actually work? Each CM will , as sure as night follows day, will squeeze the state dry in his term, benefitting his family and friends.

3. Flying sejadah- did you read this? This couple was discussing the Kiblat..then the sejadah decided - boring nye..let ME show you. And proceeded to float. Ye ke???

4. Kids' Hari Raya do- we really had an Amazing Race day yesterday. Hubby was asked to do 4 trays of lasagna...and then we sent them to school - er I was trying to rush from shah Alam in order to send them but as soon as I reached home I heard mak and abah had allready gone to send!

5. Mak and Abah going home today. We HAVE been pleading mak not to go back and make dad he is unwell..but our pleas are not working. This is Dahlia's grandmom and my husband's mom ok...once the mind has been made up, mintak MAAP lah nak tukar. Hope my dadinlaw will be ok driving back. He's 70.



Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...