Aiman Tak Kesah

This Aiman however, was an angel who suffered from cancer and passed away last night after 3 years of fighting for his life and going through chemo etc. The parents are left (and are facing) a hefty medical bill...and yang sedihnya, she works for a bank and apparently tak bagi that masuk Era semua I hope termalulah sikit .....fahamlah ada protocol but there is always a way...

Khairul Aiman nama dia..I don't know why but I couldn't help cry --keciannn dia..

Maybe my "best friend" nak datang...I was ready to scream at ppl yesterday .

My mom fell in the bathroom yesterday. We rushed to PCMC (hmm as rushed as we can lah)...
After extensive xrays we found out that it was not broken but soft tissue injury. She was given a sling, told to rest the arm and rest generally. They (my parents) refused to go back to our house, instead they came at dinner time and spent the night. Mom was telling me that she tried to "exercise the arm" but it hurt.

Mom..why lah you so stubborn....the doctor told you to rest the arm, there is no need for you to "exercise" it...At least give it a day lah before you go into Wonder Woman mode again.

My mom is getting older...Hard to believe. In my mind she is still my mummy..I am just 14. Mummy, you are totally to blame for my non domestic ness. I have no idea how to produce the food that you do , and no inclination because you are such a great cook! Everyyear you supply us with the famous rendang limpa and paru and we just receive with gratitude..hehehehe bila laaaahhhh nak belajar. She said masa kecik kecik she did not want to disturb me as I was bz studying (or so she thought ha ha) I drag my kidsto the kitchen to watch the maid cook (kuang kuang kuang)

Don't start with the maid. madam has 2 more months to go and I seriously feel like letting her go NOW. Please guys let me have your agent's number. Yang about RM4000 ada tak...taknak lah macam pinang anak orang kan..Semalam my brother was there as well, my parents, and we were sebok having dinner, princess maid stayed in her room . When I called her , come out lah she said- APA LAGI ? Ada keeee????? I told her, you linger around. and you never close the door. She said she has a lot of ironing to do. I told her give them to me, I will send hubby's stuff to the blardie laundry so what is now your excuse madam. Such cheek. She is going as soon as I get a replacement. Amazingly I yelled at her. (although I did sort of tell her later that I didnt mean to- ok I am wimp of the year)

Ok ta got to go ...

Spare a fatihah for Aiman...


harhtan said…
waduh kak..begitu sekali princess maid akak yer..kalau i, hari2 i mengamok kat dia.. tu pun ada hati kerajaan dia nak mintak gaji RM800 sebulan kan?..haih...kita yg membaca je pun terasa geremmmmmnyerrr... :D
kan??? Dok dalam...sebab pada dia dia dah masak apa lagi kerja dia nih?? Nak je aku lempang ..

selalunye ok...baik dan berbudi bahasa...tapi lately nih....tak leh di arah
Anonymous said…
ok, DO NOT give your maid a bonus!!

Nur said…
kak long, sorry to hear about ur mom..harap2 cepat sembuh ye..

aside for the maid, dia nk demand gaji rm800 kot?kalu da gitu perangai, gaji 200 pun x layak..
anedra said…
Tell me about it! My maid ran away yesterday and left my son at school! Boleh tak??? My blood is so upstairs at the moment!
salam shila.. not to late to wish you selamat hari raya.. my dotter adila sent her salam to your dotter Daya..

talking about maid.. welp.. cam tu lah gayanya bila org dah nak balik.. my maid pun camtu gak bila she knows shes going back.. minta tolong buat keje pun tak bleh.. asyik dok berkurung dlm bilik and gayut kat hp..

last2 kita jugak yg buat sume..

now rasa tenteram skit dlm rumah tu.. dia tak ada.. keje rumah I buat apa yg larat.. and kids chip in too.. at least bleh lah latih my kids buat keje rumah skit2.. hehehehe

and am sorry to hear about your mom.. hope she get well soon..

Your maid ran away??????!!!!!! lah I found out she took my channel lipstick
I am going to send her back as soon as I can...buat apa nak bayar ....
ms hart said…
SW, arwah Aiman's mom is my hubby's former staff. Punyalah baiknya manusia...Allah saja yg balas kebaikan dia kat ramai orang. Sejak arwah mula sakit, hubby and former colleague selalu keep in touch and bagi moral support to his mom. Bila arwah tenat last week, they all went to visit and tak dapat nak tahan tears. But the parents are super strong. Do you know that arwah's father has just been diagnosed with cancer too? Beratnya dugaan, kan? Let us all pray that arwah tenang bersama ahlil-Jannah dan semoga parents arwah tabah dan dilapangkan segala urusan. Amin. According to his mom's sms yesterday, muka arwah berseri-seri. MasyaAllah...
Mrs Kamil said…
Hello... been a silent reader for sometime. Nak maid ke ? I am not an agent tapi I can ask my mom's cook to find one for you.

E-mail me at

When she looked for mine, I had to pay the agent over there RM 3000.. Sekarang I tak tahulah berapa.

Take care.

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