Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Friday

We were MCs last Friday.

God Im sure my friend and her husband regret it like anything. hee hee...

My husband had initially refused as Friday was his OT day but this was our dear dear friend from yonks ago and who can refuse her anyway? Heheh. Plus we are secret exhibitionist at heart.

We were going to do a script but in the middle of it, the maid ran away and we were so harrassed adjusting to a life of housework that they did the script and gave it to us, thank you!

The morning itself there was a rehearsal, I was there with the family and waited for my other half however he had patients who were late so he could not turn up. (Patients- be early ok cause you never know when your doctor needs to run off to do his MC work .Ha ha)

I had to go home to wait for kids to arrive (since there is now no maid to wait for them-is it ok for them to come in by themselves? Is nadine old enough to be a latch key kid?)
Before I went home though I went to Carrefour to get a bajukurung - of Course I had to get a new dress kan, plus I had nothing blue to wear -thetheme colour. Ok I did, but it was an everyday bajukurung and biasa je.Ok excuse je, I know. I left the car to be washed under Carrefour , managing to get myself conned into waxing it for the very first (and last) time. Then I walked around carrefour trying about 4 or 5 bajus before thankgoodness, I found a really nice one. It was the last one and apparently the only one in that design and it fit me and it was ironed and I took it in a heartbeat.

Then I rushed home, and then waited for kids to come back. Sophia and daya ada kem prefect the next morning Kat ulu yam, With loads to pack. Hubby balik, mandi and then we rushed to send kids to mom's house . At 6. pm. Hubby gave me a heart attack cause he stopped by kedai nak beli track bottom etc stuff for the kids to wear at the camp (they have a loooong list) - dah 7. Did I mention that we were supposed to be at Dewan perdana by half past 6?

Sent kids, and left at 7.30. Freaking out. (Me lah, hubby cool je) - arrived at 8. Along with guests. hahahaha.

MCing- well...like i said. I think they regret it

Hubby was ok. I was a mess I think. Overexaggerating maybe. But if there are complaints Im really sorry ok.

Plus I'm sure professional MCs don't fidget the way we do, nor do they munch on chips or keep loads of water and syrups under the rostrum ha ha. Or hold hands. Or gossip about the guests hee heeh (with mic turned away of course hahaha) Hubby threatened to use his girly voice - which was funny but then would have basically lost us a friend!

The timing ada sikit lari, when I said something 5 mins early and everyone had to adjust to the timing he he. (yikes sorry). SOOOO STRESSFUL - not so much me, but the organiser of the wedding. No wonder wedding planner charge a lot!

But.we totally had fun, I loved it.

Spent the night with mom and dad!


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Shila, you and Jab were superb lah!!

aida yurani said...

I nak book korang jadi mc for my wedding boleh? Hehehehe :)

MrsNordin said...

Thanks, Shila! You both were great! Honestly!

carol said...

good luck with the housekeeper!

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