Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am still maidless.

That 19 year old? Well, she came, and she went. She was obviously unsuitable but I did not expect her to be THAT unsuitable. She came, the next morning she got up, she did as she was told (I boiled water and made bfast) - she swept the floor at lightning speed. But poorly lah! She obviously had no mood or intention to work, and I stayed with her until 11 am

I called my mom to come over and she did by 12 . If I were to tell you what happened your blood will go upstairs so I'm summarising it ok:

1. She knocked over the kuali full of oil onto her foot > Thank goodness she was not hurt and she did say she was ok and refused to go to the clinic

2. But when my mom came, my mom insisted that she wiped the area where the oil had spilled PROPERLY instead of using her other foot to swipe the place, and then go and have a bath allready . Masamnye dia..she refused to do what mom said.

3. After that she started sulking and before I knew it she had started crying and telling my mom she had not wanted to work in the first place (I think because now she realise she cannot bully me because even though I am lembik, I have MOM)

4. Surpressing my desire to smack her silly, we then asked her nicely what she wanted to do

5. She then said she wanted to find a Malaysian husband

6. After laughing our heads off, we told her, even if you marry a Malaysian you still need to know how to do housework properly unless lah you yourself want to get a MAID??

7. At that point I called the agent and told him to get this girl NOW, barely 12 hours since she arrived

8. I had even cooked lunch just for her and she had eaten happily before my mom or I touched the food hahaha

9. Conclusion- she was just a young lazy girl who wants to have fun and the agent should actually be shot

10. So now the agent has promised me a new one. this week.

In the meantime, we are coping..The clothes are being dried. Ok, they are being dried all over the living room but they are being dried. This is dad ok who insisted on doing this, instead of just throwing them all straight from the wash to the dryer. He said he wanted to reduce moisture. He is such a darling. He said no, lantai tak berminyak pun! Takda berabuk pun??

But my kaki dah manja....I feel its soo dusty.. I called Maid on call. They mopped and cleaned , including toilets . After they left, I cleaned the toilet. Ada ke lumut kat dinding tak bersihkan??? Ada ke mop tak sapu dulu? Ada ke sweep tak tolak furniture? Like that I oso can do.....

Kids are proving their worth. Sara loves to iron. Habis lenjun baju dia dia spray with the water. Sophia is the designated boil water person (but she keeps throwing left over water in kettle away lar) and Dahlia? She's the ma'am who will ask me where her undies her socks etc are. To which I will answer- somewhere under those pile of clothes Daya...good luck! Nadine?? Everyday gets a lecture from me going- there is a reason you are called Nadine , (or HOPE) - cause we all hope you can help!!!

Food? So far, its been take out or dad will cook. I cooked on several occasions but my forte is kain and cleaning. Leave it to the expert lah kan ...mummy masak simple simple dish wonder like mee rebus, chicken rice, chicken stew, macaroni etc.

But kids are happier because? we pick them up everyday. except for semalam when they went to DadofFourplusOnePlusOne and KitchenGuardian- god help them. kejap je tunggu I balik....thanks guys!

Bye. Sekian saja update saya kali ini.


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...


Indon tu datang nak cari laki jer ker...suruh dia masuk URTV kembang setaman tu laa...geram pulak akak..

Kain tu ..awat tak hantaq kat dobi saja dik oiii..siap lipat dan iron sekali....akak ni pun stress tgk kain kain ni..rasa nak lelong jer baju baju ni....

Zihan said...

Glad to know you all are managing well. Itulah untung ada ramai girls, ada jugak yang boleh diharap :)


Aishah said...

Syila, u boleh tulis buku lah on all ur maid adventures/fiasco!

Lan0stZz said...

yeah lah kak shila try laundry yg service dia dtg to rumah pick up baju kotor u n later hantar back to your house. my friend ada amek if u want i can give u the contact no.

Also maid on call mana yg tak reti nak buat keje rumah tu? do share with us so nanti x de lah org lain terupah org sama. black list je terus bagus.

last question, your kids interested to go to HSM show in KL december ni tak?? hehehe

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