Saturday, October 03, 2009


Hi's everyone?

I'm home with the kids and we are lepakking. We just got back from an open house at Mak M's house and ate our fill of nasilemak and her delicious fat sotong ...and the durian upon durian upon durian that came frm Uncle's house in Cerakah

Anyways. Husband who came from the Hospital met us there, and we left earlier than him as he had fallen asleep and I was forbidden from waking him up.

Soo..Japanese trip will be updated but as and when the mood strikes ok. Check the post if you are still not bored out of your mind about what we did there. Suffice to say- I WANNA GO AGAINNNN

Now, news update:

1. Earthquake??? Spare a prayer or two for our poor victims in Indonesia..apparently KLPlaza was also swaying and felt the tremor. Apatah lagi KLCC..tak taulah how the scenario was.
the world is coming to an end...what to do ...more and more natural disasters.

2. Rotating CM in Penang?? Good idea on paper but can it actually work? Each CM will , as sure as night follows day, will squeeze the state dry in his term, benefitting his family and friends.

3. Flying sejadah- did you read this? This couple was discussing the Kiblat..then the sejadah decided - boring nye..let ME show you. And proceeded to float. Ye ke???

4. Kids' Hari Raya do- we really had an Amazing Race day yesterday. Hubby was asked to do 4 trays of lasagna...and then we sent them to school - er I was trying to rush from shah Alam in order to send them but as soon as I reached home I heard mak and abah had allready gone to send!

5. Mak and Abah going home today. We HAVE been pleading mak not to go back and make dad he is unwell..but our pleas are not working. This is Dahlia's grandmom and my husband's mom ok...once the mind has been made up, mintak MAAP lah nak tukar. Hope my dadinlaw will be ok driving back. He's 70.



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