Friday, October 16, 2009

New post- Head maid

Ning...I know I prayed for your safety...but now...

I hope you rot in haaayyyyyyyeelllllllllllllllllll... !!!

No lah, not that bad, I am still ok.

But...I wish the laundry would stop growing. I mean, you wash the clothes, and then you dry it, and then - you have to do it all over again!!

Hubby was finally convinced (one day sans maid) that a dryer could be a good idea, and went to get one and a new washing machine to replace the old one (the one that thought it was an airplane- I'm going to miss its jumbo jet sounds and its constant attempts to take off from the floor- haha)

So now we don't have to rush to get the clothes in when it rains. and clothes get dry very quickly.

The problem is although we now have a dryer, we still have to fold the clothes.

Much as the kids love to help they drew the line at folding clothes . So ...tonight I have to tackle the 4 baskets of clothes.

Apart from the laundry, I feel so much more in control. The stuff that I have been nagging her to do, I did it myself. I went out and collected all the dry and dead branches from the trees outside. The rabbits cages are a tip by the way . And the longkang/drain has to be swept. And the fancy pillars needed to be scrubbed as there are moss. I kinda miss the times when the maid was around and I didn't care. Now I am super sensitive and this morning they were all calling me Mrs Stroppy as I yelled at the kids for daring to leave their clothes here there everywhere . If you saw a woman in her sarong sweeping the floor and going on and on about how messy the house is to a harrassed looking man in a tie holding a rubbish bag, that would be us. For the 4 patients who had to wait for husband, my sincere apologies as he wanted to go iron his baju melayu for tonight.

Oh yeah, we are the MCs for tonight's wedding of Mrs N's brother in law. (Hope they don't regret asking us) Kids will go to mom (wanted to take them to the wedding but I have five so its quite a number to take to someone else's event) ha ha...and I managed to get a gorgeous dress from Carrefour just now... (one of the shop in there-) that matches (I think) with the colour scheme. Shopping in 1 hour. Ok tak .

Tomorrow there are 2 deepavali dos, then at night a friend is coming with his family (dah janji) and cousin Yasmin invited us all to open house/housewarming etc and the next day I have about oh, 40 ppl to the house (gathering of old officemates) which should be good. It's a pot luck thing although I am also doing some laksa and buying lemang.

About replacement maids- I have a few biodata to look at...mostly cambodians. One illegal one is being offered but gaji mak oi sama dengan yang ada permit. I think I might chance it.

I actually told my mom I can see us without a maid at all. After all, the kids are bigger now. So I pay a bit for cleaning services once a week. And get a laundry service if it gets too much (at the moment hubby is forbidding me from even thinking of sending the clothes off to be ironed)

But mom was freaking out! Totally against the idea- never having done without a maid, she told me I can't do it without a maid ..susah tau!!! (or words to that effect). I have done it beforelaar mom.... but then yah it is tiring lah. In Australia we took turns doing chores and lost 5 kg ..hahaha. But then the kids were smaller then and less clothes to wash...

Sigh..but I think I have no choice...otherwise , as hubby said- there would not be any social life! ha ha ha.

Ok lah let's not think about this maid thingy any more and let's concentrate on finding some pantuns for the merenjis for the wedding- er..tonight.

Like my partner asked me the other day-- why do we insist on doing this to ourselves??? Last minute galore???!!

because boss...Malaysia boleh....heheheheh (and Ive finished the agreements too so there)

Bye ..!


Anonymous said...

Sirih pinang di dalam puan,
Untuk hidangan para tetamu,
Selamat datang hadirin sekalian,
Bersama meraikan pengantin baru.
Daun selasih di tapak tangan,
Bunga cemara terbang di udara,
Terima kasih atas kedatangan,
Semoga bersabar menanti acara.

Tepak sirih besi tempawan,
Buat menyimpan cincin suasa,
Terima kasih di atas kehadiran,
Bersama-sama meriahkan suasana.

Bunga telur sebagai kenangan,
Pemberian ikhlas dari keluarga,
Andai ada sebarang kekurangan,
Ribuan maaf kami pinta.

Mempelai diarak, kompang dipalu,
Tanda majlis sudah bermula,
Sama-sama tertunduk malu,
Bagai pinang dibelah dua.

Bunga manggar berwarna-warni,
Mengiring merpati dua sejoli,
Walau diri terhias rapi,
Debaran hati tidak terperi.

Kupu-kupu selembut baldu,
Melayang-layang ke sini sana,
Dulu-dulu menanggung rindu,
Makan tak kenyang,tidur tak lena.

Air mawar renjis mewangi,
Bunga rampai ditabur bersama,
Kini rasmilah ikatan janji,
Berakad untuk hidup berdua.

Panas kering siapakan tahu
Hujan rintik di daun pandan
Berjalan seiring bersentuh bahu
Sama cantik sama padan

Ikan di laut asam di darat
Dalam kuali bertemu jua
Hati terpaut janji diikat
Atas pelamin bertemu jua

Semerbak haruman si bunga rampai,
Air mawar penambah wangi,
Tanda penghargaan keluarga mempelai,
Semoga silaturahim tersimpul rapi.

Pohon merimbun di laman tuan,
Rama-rama bingkas menari,
Mohon ampun segala kekurangan,
Janganlah pula berbekas di hati..

yani said...

Ok,ok...I am convinced!!! Yes, you have a busy life especially now without the maid..I baca pun dah penat :)

Speaking of laundry, mine pun macam magic, I would do the laudry in the morning, come evening, dah penuh balik the laundry basket, tak ke magic tu? Plus, I've finally realized why I tak habis habis do laundry. Masa I kecik kecik dulu, I would ulang pakai my PJ for 2-3 days in a row, lepas tu baru basuh, but my kids setiap malam tukar PJs...why? When I told this to a friend of mine, she said next time after julia goes to school, fold the PJ that she wore thhe night before and put it back in her PJ drawer..hmmmm..i should try it huh?

And kak Shila, yay for the dryer....I dont know what I would do without my dryer too :)

Anonymous said...

Ops, lupa tulis tadi...i hope the pantunS will be some help :)

Superwomanwannabe said...


thank you so much

WIsh I could have used them

But tak check blog ler! Hope I have another chance...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yani...I think you are right....

make them wear their clothes ..but then , its so hot here and they stink haha so takpa lah

sigh..i am still maidless

Kitchen Guardian said...


jom pindah balik rumah sebelah, smaller to manage, and we can share our food, i tlg masak!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

KG-tempting offer......i miss your kari ketam

But...I think the neighbourhood will kill me to bring back my rowdy kids hahahaha

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