Friday, October 23, 2009

New Maid-19

Ok you know that my maid lari right

We have been coping lah. Our style

My partner has seen me less at the office .

The clothes have grouped themselves into three - the washed. the to be ironed. the to be dried. the to be washed. (eh that's four). each of the group has 2 piles (at least)

Ok so anyway I was looking for a maid . Kosong (permitless) pun jadiklah

When all of a sudden a friend called and said "Eh do you want a maid? There's one who is available , with permit etc, right now."

Do I??? Yes lah jawapannye

Only snag- she is 19. You should have heard what my mom has to say about THAT. From not knowing how to do her work properly, to being my competitor for the hubbs to her going for the boys around here. (My house is very close to several ongoing development and lorries and construction workers do pass by every other second)

So anyway she came last night. Young girl. Enthusiastic but cannot be more than 16 . She looks soo young. One look and I told the agent, I don't think so lar. She's never worked before and also came in not to be a maid but to work with a chinese person cleaning birds' nest - which after 3 days she decided she did not like and that she wanted to be a maid instead. her demeanour is like my cousins kecik kecik.

I've spoken to the maid, and the agent and he said yeah he understands my situation. For my family with big kids, someone older and more motherly is more suitable. So he's letting me use this girl first, and then by end of the month (next week) he's going to give me another makcik of about 30 plus. Good tak? The maid is NOT AWARE of this. She thinks she is here for good.

He's letting me choose between one Ambong person who has worked in Irian Jaya, one person who has worked in Malaysia with a chinese family, one person who has worked in Hongkong and one lady who has not worked before. Mana satu?? All above 30 and all have kids. One janda.

Anyway I just woke the girl up today. Ok laaa......


Nur said...

kak shila..bley x share brp u kena byr the agent?email me yah!

ME said...

my maid masa mula dtg 19 .. but now dah 3+ years okaylah .. jaga my youngest special son, laundry & kemas semua beres..alhamdulillah she trust me, 3 years kerja saving dia RM7k bank acct with me, dia tak nak ambik takut kwn2 dia nak pinjam. To me, budak muda ni kita senang nak dictate tapi byk la kena ajar.

Anonymous said...

I had a young one once. Permitless tapi. Belasah je lah masa to in need sgt. They said 19, but muka and gaya mcm 15/16.

So the boys main bola sepak kat lawn tu, dia pun sama. Kejap jadik goalie kejap jadik striker. Kemain gelak ngekek2. I intai je dari tingkap atas.

Sweep tonggang langgang la. Jenis selit je celah carpet.
Masak? Duhh. What do you expect from a 15/16 yr old kan. Potong bawang pun kial2.
Kain? Kerja dia sidai ngan lipat je. Me mesin ke, menyimpan ke, sumer kita kena buat sendiri.
Iron pun elus2 kain je kot, bukan gosok kain. Hik.

So instead of I jaga 5 anak, now kena jaga 6 anak plak dah.. hehehe

But yg paling takleh nak tahan sekali, i think she thinks that the daddy tu handsome dan baikhati sgt. So depan daddy, jalan kepit2 sopan santun, muka ayu2, senyum2, panggil 'abang'. Wah!

After 1 month, I antar dia balik Kg Kayu Ara.


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