Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maid Ran Away.

Sigh..ku belai belai, ku kelek kelek...last last kau lari jugak ye ...

I think and my friends would testify, that we are the world's most lenient employers of maid around. Only on our second real maid , (actually 4th, if you count the temporary ones) , the previous maid lasted for seven years, and the second maid lasted 2 .

Well, it would be 2 years this coming november.

She has run off.

Yesterday....I picked the kids up from school. Then on the way back mom told me, that they were in front of my house and have been calling for the last 15 mins, no one opened the door nor was the phone answered. Tak sedap dah. When I reached home 5 mins later, I got in, and found the key tied nicely to the grill. Hmmm..and the wooden door, open slightly.

I knew what had happened. Calmly i went in, confirmed that the bags are gone. Half of me thought she had gone out for a while but actually realised that this maid has gone away for good.

My first thought was -Phew! What a relief! I had been thinking of ways to send her home now now now now..she's done me a huge favour by going away before I had to be nasty.

Of course mom was upset, investigative work revealed totally dry sink which can only mean one thing- she had left in the morning.

Called the agent who told me she had no idea. But yeah, the girl had changed lately. She has a boyfriend, she knows how to go out and she has been paid. Nothing to do with her lack of supervision or training lah. this maid is young though .

Well. Now I need another maid immediately.

Kids are relishing the adventure. Nadine went to iron her uniform immediately (legitimately allowed since no maid- before, no way could she touch the iron- and risk getting my daughter's fingers burnt?? hehehe)

Anyway kids also helped to wash up. Ok, so now I need new bottle of washing up liquid as they used halfbottle up in one wash.

Have got a LOT of clothes to sort out- wash, iron, dry, fold. How about a dryer hon? Honey thinks its awaste of electricity and money. How about 5 laundry basket for our 5 kids to sort out ?

Hmmm this could be a blessing in disguise, you know. Hubbs will resume the buang sampah duty and I have asked him to get new mops. "whatever type you will feel comfortable using, hon" kuang kuang kuang..!!!

I could I suppose go and look for her. I know her friends etc. I'm sure they would deny it though.

But, I have had this conversation before with her. I told her, and she agreed, that she came to my house in a proper way, I would like her to leave in a proper way too, not running away like SOME maids. She said yahh aren't they awful. She has been moody though. I think because she has a bf and they have had fights etc. I have to report to the police, and go to the immigration etc. Malasnye. On the minus side, I have to pay a levy. On the plus side, the levy is cheaper than her flight home.


Ningseh, like I said in the facebook, I hope you are safe, and thanks for taking care of my kids, and feeding them etc . I am sorry for any kesalahan to you, I know though that we have been good to you. A weekend away every month. Money sent home as and when requested. Channel lipstick (ok that one she took) It would have been nice if you had the guts to tell me that you wanted out. Hmm wonder if it was planned?

We will let your parents know. I actually really hope you are safe. maid time. Anyone has one to lend?


anedra said...

Alamak!!! You too!?? Apa lah nak jadi with these maids kan. I have not managed to get a replacement..tgh sakit hati lagi. Haha. My maid actually called to say thasnk you for being nice emplyers, that she found a job and that she has a boyfriend (while she also has a husband in indon..I hope they're divorced already)..sighhh..that came after many other smses etc. And after many many lies! Oh well, life goes on. In the meantine, my baby has to go to nursery and life is a bit tunggang langgang. I hope u get a replacement soon. If only we didn't need them so, kan?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shila,

You were posting this at 4.30 am?! And after doing all the house work. Just where do you get the energy from?

Really, itulah we working mothers are so dependent on maids. Ada susah, tak de pun susah. Do let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Nak tinggalkan your kids to play with mine ke.


Madam Tai Tai No More said...


Tried to call you yesterday but you didn't pick up the hp. I passed your house around noon to tengok2 rumah kat Kemensah Heights. Saw a lady, pakai tudung, short, quite fair and not so slim, standing outside your gate bergayut on her hp. No bags were seen. Went I passed your hse again, she was still there standing, no longer on the hp tapi like waiting for someone. I thought she was waiting for the kids to return home from school. That's whe I tried calling you because I sort of became suspicious.

So sorry to know that your maid ran away...

Kitchen Guardian said...


you have my house, you have my maid and you me if you need anything, ok!

aida yurani said...

Dia lari jugak kaklong? Aiyoh. Okaylah, nanti Aunty Aida will come around and help out apa patut no charge/foc k? (provided aunty aida ni tak busy with her social calendar, hehehehe) Take care kaklong.
Need anything, ie: babysit at nite should you need a break to have romantik dinner with epi after all the trauma (if epi is reading this, I kasi hint ni, kaklong needs a break, hahaha), you know how to find me.

Aida said...


Sorry to hear the maid ran away..... I have one, dunno if she's willing to be lent ehhehehe but I don't think u'd want her anyway, at times, I feel like i pun don;t want her hahahahaha she needs work on her soft skills.

I guess I have to just pray that she stays on, cos I heard its still hard getting new ones in now.

Good luck.


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...
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fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

salam shila.. sorry to hear about your maid.. welp.. that is Maid.. kita buat baik, di balas dgn tuba.. but think positively, without maid, this is the time our kids learn how to help you with the household chores..

I am maid less for more than a month.. memula tu susah skit.. very tunggang langgang.. 3 kids and tonnes of laundry and folding and cooking and house cleaning.. but after awhile.. things are getting better and we are used to the routine already..

my two big kids suddenly know how to fold their own clothes, help me sidai baju.. and the youngest loves masuk kan baju dlm washer.. hehehe..

surprisingly.. mmg bnyk house chores yg you never realise your kids can do.. like you.. I do pampered my kids a lot..

but now.. things change.. while waiting for the new maid.. hehehehe..

and talking about maid.. why lah fees nak ambil depa ni mahal sangat.. nak pinang anak orang pun tak mahal camni.. *sigh*

Royalshoppingarcade said...

I'm sorry tapi I drill my children.especially the older one, 7 yrs old to siapkan baju adik2 dia for nursery and siapkan buku2 sekolah dia sendiri and yell and yell like a drill sargeant if he slacks. Then after they eat in front of the tv and ada sepah2..i suruh my eldest son vacuum assisted by the second one who's 4 yrs old.
can't help it. I don't have maid.Hubby and I dah serik.we do chores together but most of them done by me la kan..but still okla..just that its tiring..but at least memang tka pening pk pasal maid.
Hope you get one soon kak shila.i heard from my neighbour hers cost 7k coz its a philippino maid.
Ambik illegal je la..ask around.or better still, u ask ur friend's maids if their relatives nak keje, then u sendiri buat the permit.or maybe u dah buat and still dpt maid teruk kan..who can tell right?
will let u know if I hear anything (eh..macam spyla pulak!0

IBU said...

Oh dear! The young ones memang easily susceptible to pujuk rayu by the bfs kan?

U r very kind hearted, hoping she'll be safe. Yes, let's hope she's safe.

Meanwhile .... perhaps a window of opportunity to influence hubby to buy that mini robot vacumm cleaner tuh!!! ehehehe....

Nur said...

kak shila..susah juga ada maid yer..

kan best kalu kita bley psg chip kt dioarg ekk..bley trace mana pegi.senang polis tangkap anta blk indon!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hee lambatnye I respond ye...


Dena- I am getting used to this pace lah. Macam lagi tenang fikiran

Zie- lama dah tak menggosok ! Apa nak buat .....Jab pun tolong masak. I like to clean more.

MTT- that sounds like the ungrateful wretch allright!

RSA- you know I think you are right. hidup tanpa maid ni aman dan damai except no one in the house if contractor datang or what...ada maid ni adalah orang kat rumah kan...illegal- i dont mind..if you have anyone

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ibu- dah beli dryer pun dia tak bagi pakai so now my living room macam laundry - bersidai sidai

i think it will be ok after a few weeks. But now haru sikit lah. Haru banyaaaakkk

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