Monday, November 30, 2009

the Khatam!

How was your hari raya korban? Or as they say, Eid ul Bakri?

I am so proud of my daughters, they had a khatam ceremony on Sunday. Which is basically them reciting the last verses of the quran in front of others, who would read the last verses together. The girls, together with their cousins, Camelia and Camarina, all sat in a row with NO practice ok and takda cikgu training pun! hee hee.

The Pictures are HERE

[Warning! Proud mom about to gloat now!]TURN AWAY NOW :-)

My daughters did so well! They read very well and the seasoned ladies had their socks knocked off! They had been to so many kids' khatam and normally the children would just read normally and my girls were a refreshing change! Apparently they hit all the right notes and knew all the right rules and pronounced them perfectly.! Hee what do you expect from cucu Cikgu Rodiah, I think the grandmother was also gloating.

I have not been raised the Johorean way. Marhaban , berzanji, tahlils etc were not part of my childhood and as a result, I always feel a bit out of place . So when fate decided that I shd marry into a Johorean family part of me just went -waaaaaa!! It was like dumping me onto the land of a lot of traditions - but now I feel comfortable (ish! I still prefer to hide in the kitchen) and I wanted the kids to be familiar with the customs as well. And alhamdullillah they take it in their stride. That same day that mak did the khatam for her grandchildren, she invited ladies to recite "asmaul husna" . Problem was although I know of the asmaul husna (recitation of 99 name of Allah SWT) I have never heard this particular brand of asmaul husna, It must be quite common as there is a BOOK that they read from! ( I saw from my position in the kitchen) . I had nooo idea what they were going to recite - and I strongly recommend that for every recital we have an english translation. Barulah OneMalaysia babe! When the ustazah started reading this unfamiliar chant I thought "Just when I thought I had nailed it, they came up with a new one! " ..he he he.

Zu and I stayed in the kitchen , cutting up fruits and attending to my mother in law's last minute instructions (of which they were suddenly many!!! I think I lost 10 kg malam tu but then she is a lovely woman and that is all I am going to say here) he he. Takpa, kitchen belakang je, so dekat.

It was very long, the asmaul husna, and by the time they finished it was past 9. Kudos to the kids who managed to stay awake ! Dadinlaw chastised mom in law later for having such a long procedure before the khatam and in the end mak confessed that she had to invite them because they had the microphone! hahhahahaha! Kelakar nye mak mertua I nih. We could have rented one had she only said.

Anyway I also am grateful to the neighbour who responded to my mother in law's SOS calls to attend to the telur etc - just felt bad because we had been asking her if we can go and get the eggs and she said No, and we had asked her whether we can put up a stage and she said No need, and we had asked her what needs to be done and she said she had catered so no problem. She had everything under control. Heheh so we went out to shop for the girls' jubah for the night lah!

Imagine our shock when we came home, to be greeted by the sight of my neighbours, who were pulled away from their lepak moments to help, hanging curtains, lending cushions etc and basically decorating a stage-Sorry lah Lin and Jun!

Ahh it's so funny how different my mominlaw is from my mom. It's like me and my work partner. very last minute and one very organised!

I just KNOW that our reputation is now shot to pieces he he ...I'm sure Zu and I now qualify for the worst menantu in the region he he he...but we bought my neigbour a cake anyway .

Anyway I am glad that we did it, and next year, Johan will go through the same thing (he has 200 pages to go) and no sweat Johan you are only 7 woit!

Although next time maybe I'll bring over the stage from home..hehehe

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

me in primary

Random memories of school (BOSS- this was done earlier ok)

Standard 1

best friend - Norliza Ghazali. Held hands all the time, hide under the table when called by teacher (macam dia tak nampak!). Had to go buy teacher kuehs all the time at recess. Also had 2 admirers, Fauzi and Adnan (see, THEIR names I remember. Selective memory or what!) Went to school with landrover. This is all in the island of Labuan btw. Was very clever. I can remember my dad pleading to put me in school at the age of 5 plus plus - boy I must have been a real handful huh. Always got No 1 (alah what's so hard abt Standard 1) . Had forty sen for spending money. Want to buy asam laksa for 20 sen but can't take hot food. Upset because Saiful got more money than me when he went to school. Mom said it was inflation. I insist it's favouritism.

Standard 3

left Labuan for KL- had to go to Padang Tembak 2. memory of school but remember I stayed in this house in Jalan Kent kejap. I remember having friends next door and they threw me a birthday party on my birthday- alah abt 4 girls giving me pressies of kacang cap tangan or something.

Wait a minute! I remember school! This girl was absolutely vicious to me- she made fun of my name . I was a prefect I think. And I could not play with them as I didn't know how to do galah panjang or rounders.

Standard 4

went to Malacca. My house was lovely, long and cool and behind it it had this huge shady tree under which I would lie and day dream everyday. Main tikam tikam with the things I beli while waiting at the landrover. I was a class monitor or is that my faulty memory??. Sold some gajus leaves to teachers. Who asked for half price discount. Ada ke?Budak 10 tahun nak buat business terus terencat semangat.

Standard 5 and 6

returned to KL. Stayed in Sg Besi camp and this time, Padang Tembak 1. Did I also stay in Bkt Ampang? Tak ingat. Was average student je lah...peaked too early . Menses came when I was 11. Kau! This was the time I remember going to school with the girls from CB*N. Terus trauma jadiknya. I remember sitting for MRSM exams. I think I actually failed. Although I did act in this drama as Kasim Baba's wife , jealous of the lovely maid, Marjina. AHAHHH!!! NOW I SEE THE PATTERN!! he he he..

towards the end of the year, went to the states for 6 months to follow dad. I shd have taken his offer of a piano. At least I would still have the piano now. he he.

so you can see...not much memory of me er..studying. I remember playing outside a lot, soccer with the boys, bijik saga with the girls, main masak masak and kawin kawin...

So, can I still nag my kids??? :-)

Cacar marba post.

I just got back from fetching my daughters from their sleepover with their cousins. They spent 2 days in Sepang. Thanks Sis in law and bro in law for putting them up.

Of course , we missed them and by the 2nd day the father dah chomping at the bits, wanting to get them.So just now after work we came home, ate dinner and drove to get them. The drive is far but not long- thanks to Mex Highway. I spent the entire trip sleeping with a duvet! So tired today.

On the way I heard Johan borak with the father. I love the way he speaks, you should talk to him. He has some interesting views and says some interesting things. He was saying to us that there was a girl in his class who had no parents and is an anak yatim piatu. She liked him so much she drew his picture and told her family (she's staying with her grandma) about him haha. The thing that caught my attention in my woozy state of mind was when he said he pities her. Because her parents have-gasped- died. Kids pun paham compassion. Apparently the girl also asked why , since she is also a nice person, didn't she get to be a prefect (he's been selected he said) . I asked him, do you want to be a prefect. And he said yes and he hopes he can one day be a headboy. Wahhh so ambitious. I asked my daughter daya- don't YOU want to be a headgirl Daya? The answer was -NO.

I was at their award ceremony /performance day last week ...held at the glorious Masjid Wilayah. Masjid Wilayah is very beautiful from the outside but I am very very DISAPPOINTED that the toilets and the ablution areas are SO POORLY MAINTAINED!! Let's not talk about achievements lah if simple stuff like DOORS ON TOILETS can't be mastered. I loath to be government bashing but seriously can't they put more effort on maintaining it???

Anyway the award ceremony went smoothly although a bit behind schedule- it ended way after lunch and since lunch was not provided kids were running around restless. On the whole the performances were very good and creative and impressive. We have some very talented kids at Adni. Sophia got best in English, Dahlia got best in english and no 3 (or , Outstanding achievement award. no 1 is most outstanding achievement) you gotta love the school for effort not to make kids feel the pressure . Nadine got best in class and also in 4 subjects. Go kids!

What the chairman of Adni said got to me- the basic message being- hey, we can only do so much at the school, we teach them certain values, you parents follow through lah! No point learning Islamic values at school only to abandon it outside right or not! Sending the kids to this school means that you want your kids to learn the beautiful way of life that is Islam right. No point treating it as a correctional school for kids and parents don't even try to change themselves. Macam hypocritical lak

Also he said. academic achievement is not their only aim. Appreciation of knowledge and learning for learning sake is, and academic excellence will follow suit. A 19 year old former Adni is now going to cambridge for his PHD (can I squeeze in that he did his Masters in Notts U (malaysia lah tapi) ) heheh..this boy is still very much a 19 year old boy but we are of course proud that he has achieved so much, He also credits God for being there in his moment of need- he did his Midnight prayers in times of stress and yeah lah- if you don't yoller for help, who's going to help you? Oh well...I hope kids will just turn out to be "orang".

I got this book at the Awards day that is for once , very very easy to read. It's called "Let's be Muslim". I am a very very bad Muslimah I think.. and there is soooooo much I should repair but this book talks to you in a very funny, logical way and makes you face the extent of your faith. Is it just lip service? Kalau christians can love their religion so much why can't we? I mean where is the actual immersion in it? We could have been born into other religions, we were blessed to be given the gift of being born into this religion so why do we take it for granted. It also asks how do we say we are muslims when our actions don't differentiate us from the kafirs? Plus if a man flicks through a book of medicine expecting to be better we'd think he was mad, but we do the same with the Quran, ie we should practise it lah. Food for thought. I don't mean to preach, god no. .I am always full of good intentions which fall by the wayside as life happens, so books like this brings you back on the right path and shock you into thinking hey what heck are we doing and where the bejeebers are we going ni?? Dah 40 plus masih perangai cam tu lagi?? Something like that.

Ok then..catch up with you later.

Ps I am really really really missing Karaoke...!! Isabella is playing in my head now.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Academic Excellence?


A week since I last updated?? Ini tak boleh jadi..

What has happened...

Daughter no 2 got her UPSR result...she got 2As 2Bs and 1c..I asked her what results did she think she would get before this , and she did say she expected only 2As.

To me, it is important to have some sort of exam to measure where they are in respect of their colleagues. I mean, there's got to be SOME benchmark. And I don't think it's wrong to have them learn competitiveness at this tender age. And to learn that if you don't put the effort in , you won't get the results.

Having said that, I am not the parent who will push you JUST so you can get an A. BELIEVE you me, if you learn JUST for the sake of the exams, you will retain NOTHING . Better learn for the sake of actually wanting to learn. I know, schools make the subjects soo boring but thanks to TVIQ, science is actually fun now and the kids love that subject . Sara's As were in Science and English. I fully believe she could have scored an A in other subjects if she had known the subject better, or remembered the subject better on the day.

Sara of course, is dejected. I feel bad that my baby gets a taste of rejection at the age of 12, but at least I hope she now feels the drive to succeed all on her own, and in her life, in all aspects in the future, she will want to give it her best. In my ceramah to my children in the car I said, I want you to be able to tell me honestly, I gave it my best shot.

I was of course, the most lepak student of all. As long as I can pass , was, I think , my motto. Now, I wish I had tried that bit harder because, if I got where I am now by not really trying, what could I have achieved had I really tried? Maybe, nothing more because maybe, I'm really THAT average, but then, we will never know.

So, try , try your very best. And if A is a result, alhamdullillah. If A is not, then its ok, you have tried.

So many more bench marks to go , Goodness!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Trip Home

Am sitting at home watching The Biggest Loser. Am really amazed at how motivated these ppl are.

Sigh..maybe I should also go and lose weight. But unfortunately I seem to think I DON'T have a weight problem ! Hahahah! I'm quite happy with that buncitness and double chin- I actually think I don't look too bad! until I catch myself in the mirror or in the pictures and then I go- shait!! Time for Herbalife!

I did order a set- But I passed them to DadofFourplusTwoMore (plus anymore??) By the way, me eating is a reflex against his constant struggle NOT to eat. Apparently he thinks he is fat. (he's not) but then Kitchen guardian is his wife and that woman can really cook! I gain 5 kilo everytime I just think of her cupcakes (and her trifle- yummms). Hmm maybe I should really give serious consideration to moving back next to them ha ha ha. The more he says he's on diet the hungrier I get.

So ..what did you guys do over the weekend? The usual rounds of laundry/grocery shopping/tuition? I bet huh. We should lobby for 3 or 4 days weekend. Mine was a real jejak kasih weekend, though.

After 16 years of being together, I finally took my husband and kids to my maternal grandparents' home- Allaaaaah bukan jauh na, tapi entah kenapa tak pernah sampai. It's only in Tanjung Malim.

My opah's mom came from Penang, and she settled in Tanjung Malim where she met the tokey roti Lal Mohammad. He must have been one handsome Pakistani because they immediately got hitched and produced my opah, and her er- 6 sisters. He had another wife allready stashed in Pakistan/North India (I don't know where now. I used to think it was Kashmir until a friend said everyone claims they're from Kashmir) .

My grandfather came from Tg Malim too, and up till my late teens I used to visit the house they were brought up in. HIs brother , my Atok Sidek lived there with his family. The house faces a railtrack and I remember running to the front of the house whenever a train would pass by. Atok Sidek had 3 children around our age . Huge pulasan tree behind the house. I started adding pulasan to ciku on my favourite fruit list around then.

Atok Sidek left us a few years back,and we have lost touch with his family. His wife remarried I heard. And somehow we lost the heart to go there. Plans were made but always fell through. walhal tanjung malim tuu bukan nya jauh.

So this weekend we took my parents back. Mom was very nostalgic. Occassionally she'd point out to areas which used to be owned by my very rich great grandparents (now no more lah sebab dah jual) -Basically my great grandfather had a lot of land in Tg Malim.

I got the message that the properties was so mismanaged and the rightful owners never compensated and only because semua orang taknak gaduh and believed in the concept of rezeki that no one raised a ruckus. Many times I wonder what would happen to family if we we claim our rights. And thank God for the ability to turn the other cheek . And being Muslims. But then again- is that wrong? Should we fight for the land/money etc?

Back to the topic terkini...we visited the house. Boy it looks so tua. ye lah, 120 years old kan. Ada gambar of my atok and his family standing in front of that house. He must have been in his early 20s ! Wonder if that house is for sale.

My Atok's sister who is 84 now, stayed next door. Laaa dah tua dah dia. I'm so happy to be able to see her after so long. My OPah Andak looked sebijik like my Arwah Atok...sebak gak jumpa dia.

We didn't stay long -- we didn't call first kan, takkan nak stay for dinner. Although of course they invited us to stay. Makan telur goreng pun takpa. Time to balik .. We went around Tg Malim town - dah tukar banyak dah. It was raining cats and dogs and we couldn't stop for pau Yik Mun. was a good visit. I should go again and introduce my kids to their third cousins and aunties and uncles, kan.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's motto


Another Motto:


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Mad Sat

My dad is merajukking with me. Not only did we NOT go and visit them last weekend, we failed to run an errand for him which he asked us to do.

Alaaa babah.....kasi can laaaaaa...janganlah merajuk. Last Saturday was a madhouse. We went to the tahlil of Mak B, thank you Mak B for inviting us and my parents too. Of course the makan part was very lavish- there was lamb there was mertabak singapore there was kueyteow goreng, laksa johor etc. I only ate the lamb and Izan's delicious durian cake and itu pun dah rasa kenyang.

Then hubby dropped me off at KitchenGuardian's abode (he went off with the kids to a birthday party at GE Mall) - KG had this beeeyootiful spread out - 10 over 10 for presentation ! Actually I see her husband's stamp all over that and can imagine him ochestrating the thing he he ..Jangan marah boss....Anyway KG had made sup ekor (oxtail soup), Prawn briyani rice (YUMMS) , pavlova and also trifle . The trifle was actually choc cake, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, morello cherries all in this tall glass. Kak E*zza was there with her daughter Al*in and so was I*da (ScentofaWomanBLog) and it was nice to meet her for the first time. After yakking for 2 hours I had to go off as I had promised my Japanese teacher I'd help her shop. Maleh nye nak pergi tapi dah janji. I staggered out of there clutching my stomach. hehehehehe

So, after MrsN dropped me off , I took the Serena and went off to JJ Maluri to teman this Japanese teacher buy stuff. The Serena felt really really light after the Estima and I had to call the hubbs to ask if everything was supposed to be this rattly. Ha ha. Well my car tu dah tua...tu pasal rattle.

2 hours later I dropped the 2 Japanese ladies off - I speak English btw to my sense because she really is American. She has moved to America and I think she considers America as home now. I could I suppose try to speak Japanese with her but I tend to mangle it and also I end up yakking in English half the time. The other sense however, really made me practise because she knows NO english.

Got home at 6.45. Hubbs said he'd drop me to Sunway. What a relief as really exhausted after one day of eating and driving in the heat (yah stop moaning allready kan) . I was supposed to get Zu so I rushed but hubby told me that her hubby said he'd send her there. I called him to confirm he said yes. She called me later to say - er NO. So I went to fetch her - although abt 1 hour late! And hubby couldn't send me at the very last minute- he had to go into the hospital.

So...babah..., that was why I couldn't go visit you. the Sunday I have no idea what happened. It was all in a blur of exhaustion. KL is really tiring.

But let me take this opportunity to say THANK YOU TO KG for having me and it was really LOVELY to meet all the gals there! B*J, G*i*na, Y*att, M*imi, as well!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CBN reunion- part 3

So anyway...Shadi*da and Cher*yl totally blew us away by how gorgeous they were and they asked us to go and visit their table and then they rattled a lot of names of girls our year who were also with them. Then they went off.

Then sis in law Zu and I looked at each other..Hmm some of the names we were not that close too pun to start off with. Baju straight? Check. Lipstick on?Check Ada stain ke? Check. BUT I WANT TO CHANGE WAAAAAAA!!!!!

No avoiding it, we both left our food (prawns, zu, prawns!) and went over to the tables. Did I tell you that there were performances? Adibah Noor came on and sang, she was announced to be in 1987- Zu and I looked at each other and said- AdibahNoor is YOUNGER THAN US???!!!! Are you kidding me?? Way to make us feel depressed.

She was funny though. before she sang she greeted the girls, noted the boys and said- haaa you must be St Johns hah. VI tak main lah...not up to standard.

Back to going to visit the tables. We got there, gave big smiles all around as obviously I can't remember their names. Obviously. There was this girl who hugged me really tightly and I hugged her back and I know we were close but what the heck was her name ye??? (Now i remember thanks to Facebook) And one girl who sat next to me from FORM 1 ok. She had to introduce herself to me before I remembered how close I was with her. Gosh. Everyone still looked their age then,..but then it could be my 40 year old eyes.

The Tatler girls looked GORGEOUS as well. My mouth went- oh you guys look so young and so pretty and not aged at all I hate you! And my head went- shut up allready way to go for the elegant image Shila. Don't know what to say and hated myself for being tongue tied. Just because they were blond and coiffed ! Tsk.

A very good friend then, (Dr) Gurm*ail, said to me, Shils you have not changed. I don't recognise a lot of ppl but you I recognise. Which could be good or bad. Then Sha*di*da reminded me of her memory of me, of when I apparently put on a white tudung for one day (just to gatal try) and then I fainted and vomited. And Cheryl's memory pulak is of me spraining my ankle , and crying (and i told her I still have that bad ankle). Sheesh I have absolutely NO IDEA what they were talking about. I am still amazed that I was actually remembered. Not too sure whether I like what they remember me for though he he. A thorough clutz who do crazy stuff.?? Uh-huh.

BUt then i thought- heck it!~ I am a lawyer and I married a doctor so nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeeh nyeah. Hahahahahahah! Plus I have 5 children there you go. Poor hubby, he was there even if he wasn't there. I jual dia cukup cukup. hehehehe.

Ok by now other ppl started to mingle as well although clearly the performances were not over yet. Johana Johari came on and sang she was SOO Good! She was the headprefect when I was there and boy she should have sung for a career. And then the two MC did an admirable job mcing (but im sure we could do better eh hubbs hehehe) . We were too bz camwhoring (I never did like that word) but occassionally we would look at the stage and go "eh! Mrs Manuel lah!". The CBNers continued with their various perfomances yang we could not hear lah..sorry girls. I know how much they put their heart into it (from the screen you can see their earnest expressions) but we were all more interested in catching up. And taking pics.

With all the photos taken, Zu and I turned to each other and said- time to go! Dah lah, penat lah sengeh satu malam . her hubbs kindly picked her up (while my hubbs, his brother, was supposedly at OT ) - I have gotten everyone's number so we should be able to er ignore each other for another 2o years ? No lah, so we can meet up.

The pic up there is courtesy of Zu's FB..thanks. Although very the kenit when I put it here.That's my year guys!

(And Ad*ie I saw you that night! Glamer nye!!! )

Monday, November 09, 2009

CBN reunion- part 2

So as I was saying, last night was the CBN's 110th anniversary and for me , 25 years since I left school. (or 24 years rather) . Wow.

Went to pick up sister in law at 7.45 and , after getting lost a bit, finally arrived. Half an hour late and no idea how to cross from C6 parking in the mall area, to the hotel.

I was dressed in a red bajukurung, with a simple tudung. By my own standards, I was simply dressed. And my standards are simple enough to start off with. I had a lot of other things to choose from but I thought I read somewhere that you should go with your house colours, so red it was. Zu of course was dressed in the new house colour - black. hahahaha. She didnt read the memo. I had no idea there WAS a dress code myself. I just read at the last minute that it was SmartCasual. So the only thing that was red in my closet was my bajukurung. And how can you go wrong with a baju kurung . It was smart, and since it was my work baju kurung , I guess you can say it was casual.

Except of course the definition of SmartCasual as far as CBN was concerned, meant decked to the nines. Smartcasual my ARse. People were so NOT casual and a lot of pink and other NON house colours! HOI You mean I could have worn my ball gown?? He he he.

Loads of beautiful glamourous girls hanging outside the Royal Ballroom. I wanted to go home immediately. Smart casual my pattoooty. I seriously thought of going back.

We couldn't go in yet as we had no tickets. Zu and I hung around looking for our tickets which we were told are kept by this girl we booked with. Whose number we forgot to bring. Whose face we forgot. And name too. (Hang on, she was Amy something)

Anyway she thankfully appeared and showed us to our table. Zu and I sat with a few gals who looked like they had left CBN way way way earlier than us. Correctomundo- they were Dr this and Dr that and Dr the other- they were 1978 graduates! They were very nice though and did not mind me and Zu ignoring the food totally in search of other 1985-ers.

Suddenly we spotted AJ, sitting a table away! Gasp!! macam seing water in desert. I made it across to her and hugs and kisses and she said she almost wanted to go to the stage and grab the mic to call for anyone in her year, she was that desperate to see our year! Cian, 1985 tak kawan each other ke. We went back to our table again-Food was being served and we tucked in and chatted and tucked in again.

Of course throughout all this there were plenty of stuff going on on the stage- audio totally sucked though. Tak dengar sangat. The CBNers girls choir group sang several songs, then some butterflies did a routine on stage,then beautiful rhythmic gymnasts came on to dance on the stage. Sigh..good to know we CBNers are still as gedik as ever. Hahahahaha! Spoken like a true prude. Hey! I was that girl who twirled a baton at Talentime dancing to the beat of Elton John's "I'm Still Standing". (I was the bad dancer at the back)- so I was thoroughly gedik.

I turned to the lady (dr Je*li*na) and said this is what my girls are missing, going to an Islamic school- no chance of rhythmic gymnastic - unless the school doesn't mind. She said she didn't think it was all that important- ie not going to come in handy once you leave school. Hey! you never know when you might have to impress some clients with your cool rhytmic moves 20 years on! Wonder if I could have gotten more clients to park their cases with us had I only known how to twirl a ribbon. I did try you know. Ribbon went all over the place.

AJ came to OUR table then, to say hi to Zu. AJ said RizaF*ara was around. GASP!! Jejak kasih time!! Zu went to find her and came back to say that yeah, she was here. I concentrated on my ayam masak apa entah. Hey priority ok.

While we were chomping, 2 gals came on- SI and CW. CW used to have big cocacola glasses and biggish hair . Now she looked like NingBaizura ok. SI was this kurus girl. Now she is a lot more lovable. They asked us to join them- it turned out that girls from our year, and from my class 5Sc3- were sitting somewhere else. Adalah tatler girls in the group. You know the type...lawa, fohfular. But the rest of them were biasa biasa - my friends .

CBN reunion- part 1

So , last night Zu and I went to the 110th Anniversary of our old school- CBN! I always felt that compared to Zu, I know the school less, having only started there from Secondary Year 1 instead of from primary school like her. But then when I think of how whole groups of grown up men worship a particular school in Perak , having been there for only five years, five years does seem to be sufficient time to develop loyalty to a building.

Of course to me CBN meant more than a building- even though it's a posh old colonial building set in a prime virgin rainforest, at the end of the road and perenially tied to St John the boys' school, having pet sisters, going to the Talentime , discovering that you have NO talent for sports, and also the canteen food.

I came to CBN fresh from a 6 month break in Monterey, Calif. I was there with the entire family while dad had his course. So there I was, in my first year, with this American slang and weird habit of using a pencil when everyone had graduated to pens.

Background sekejap- before this I used to be in the same van as a few CBN girls. I went to a normal national school -Sek Padang Tembak and could not speak English as well as them. I was soo intimidated by their fluency and was so impressed by how sophisticated they seemed. and so glamorous!

So when I came back from the states and got straight into CBN , waaah achievement lah. My first single sex school experience. My class was 1A. Mom insisted. I don't think she would have had she known that A meant the last class because of the way the school labelled the class- best class to last class- B-U-K-T-N-A. Hha ha!

Anyway I met R*izaF*ara there and on my first week she introduced me to her best friend, Zu*riati. We started hanging out as a threesome. (that didn't last too long though, because then RF went with another girl and Zu and I became closer. And of course she had to marry my husband's brother so that we can have more hours to chat together hee hee). I remember being told off because I asked the teacher if I could see her in the middle of class to give her something. What on earth was I thinking???

So anyway my class had a good mixture of kids. Of course, the POPULAR girls. We are not that different from the Hollywood style high school - there were the glamour gals, the tomboys, the nerds etc, I'm sure I was the nerd. Who wanted to be the glamour girl. But was too tomboy to be one. I.e, not really belonging anywhere!The popular girls went to the UK for their hols and also watch TOPOFTHEPOPS.

I was in Aidan house- red. Not that fantastic a sportsperson although I'm sure I could have been good at something if I had bothered. Ha ha. That sounds like story of my life.

Made good friends there- of all race! We were there living 1Malaysia and did not know how unusual this was going to be. That's the good thing abt CBN- it's a mixture. In fact when I was in Year 4, with Zu having gone to MR*SM, i became good friends with Tam*ilSe*lvi. Whatever happened to her. Also my friends were G*ur*ma*il, and Ch*ery*l.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Have a big pounding headache. Best friend is here so feel like yelling at everyone. Except that I don't of course. But I do wish everyone would just shhhhhh keep quiet and leave me alone..

Anyway kids update:

Sara and Sophia missed their Malacca trip. By the time we sent in the forms the teachers told us that they were full and had 3 buses allready. (I was then told that only one bus went? Tak taulah) At first they were very disappointed but when they found out that some of their friends were also NOT going, they were ok. On my side, maybe it's not such a bad thing that my 2 girls could not go to a trip to Malacca where the teachers would need to supervise so many kids. Hey no offence to the teachers, but sometimes with just five kids pun I can overlook things.

Johan - is nagging me to play congkak with him. The kids are addicted to congkak and ever since we bought them a plastic set they have been at it NON STOP. Where do I get the wooden one? With marbles? I played THAT when I was 10. I loved Chongkak too!

Siannnn JOhan, your parents are old lah Jo, always exhausted.

Hubb's ok, getting busier. He's running around . He's learning that medicine in the private practice is more than just dispensing advice and surgery - when you pay that much you expect so much more , excuse me. You expect your doctor to be at your beck and call , and rightly so! And what do you mean it's SUPPOSED to hurt. I need pain medication 247 and you are to give them to me as and when I asked for it darn it! hehehehe..

I'm encouraging him to not throw in the towel purely because we do have those five kids to support and send to college. I think he would prefer being the good old university lecturer cum government doc that he really is,but hang in there honey! Still have so many years to go before all our hutangs are paid off! And there's the hajj we have to do!

I have asked him to write a book for his students.

I said, the reason why our students don't do well at university is because....we don't have "buku latihan" or work books , at that level! I mean, you grew up with them don't you- from Year 1 to SPM (1o years later) and 12 years of school have taught you to revise with the aid of practise or workbooks, then you go to university and they expect you to LEARN ON YOUR OWN??? What crazy concept is THIS? Of course you need your exercise books? Pshaw- learn on your own indeed.

So I think it's a fun project if he starts drafting some HOW TO books for medical students- what do you think? Heheh to me, that would achieve everything that he wants- legacy he can leave to his students, advancement of knowledge, and also, fame and fortune hahahahaha (that's me lah of course)

Let's see lah- penuh idea , me.

Yesterday he was talking to his nurse on speaker phone. I was shocked at how manja the nurse is. Are there nurses like that ? Like this- alaaa dokterrr , blabla bla bla, hee heee hee! Giggle some more. So mengada like that. I said- eh i bukan jeles lah (yeah right) but imagine your 60 year old head of matron ke apa ke, speaking to the doctor that way. Sure you geli geliman. This particular person yang nak mintak instruction from doctor ni, penuh dengan "ye ke doctor...???, alaaa doktor ni...., tapi kan doctor bla bla" and don't forget the "hi hi hi!"


I mean, professional lah sikit!! Do you see me talking to my partner that way?? Alaaaaa bolehh laaaaaaaaa ..ishhhhhh!!!!

Anyway I am NOT jealous.

Hmm apa lagi. Oh yeah, maid is ok. Have made her cook.

Only one thing je. She keeps cleaning my room! I told her 3 times allready don't come into my room! Yes I close the door! No I don't lock it cause i lost the lock allready. But I told her allready lah> Today she rearranged it somemore! I'm going to find some javanese words to tell her don't do it lah. And buy another lock.

Other than that. Ok. everything ok

Ok tata for now...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nanny Mc Phee is here!

Yay yay- first maid is my mother's secret clone!

She thinks my house is a total mess, will throw away half my tin biskut yang sebenarnya I tak tau pun I simpan, want to throw away my tupperwares yang takda tutup, want to reorganise my drawers and want to organise all my plants.

Mom does not want her to call her Ani as that's my MOM's name. So what to call her. I found myself accidentally calling her Ibu!! cause she looks older than me...
She's perfect!

(So far lah....give her a month to see true colours?)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

the Weekend At Andam*an

The G*ul*ai Hou*se between datai and Andaman.Mummy and daddy's room aka dapur aka laundry

(where we swim- sangkut tuala kat titi tu)
Bilik Air dia, nak mandi pun takut. Katil dalam bilik budak budak. 5 orang cukup..dengan mummy sekali.
It IS actually this pretty.

Right in the middle of dealing with the neverending laundry, hubby had a conference at Andaman Langkawi . We followed !Anything to escape! The school was none too happy with us taking the kids out for Friday but honestly it was the school's calendar which said that there were no more exams on Friday. I would never have bought the tickets otherwise. We managed to get the kids to do their exams on Monday instead and that settled, we got ready to go to Langkawi...!! WOoohoooT!!!

Never been there. Heard it was posh. Hubby was going as a speaker and also chair for several sessions. I think they were also going to pay for his flight but he converted it to another room for us.

Wah, kids were of course mega excited lah naik MAS. Hari tu pi GoldCoast naik AiraSIA je kan, which to me is good enough lah kan, but takda lah little niceties macam skybridge etc. And LCCT of course cannot compare to KLIA. And so cute that Johan brought RM2 to buy himself a drink on the flight. Hahaha..I told him on M*A*S everything is free lah (or rather, prepaid by mom). Dalam plane tak berenti bercakap. But after one hour got restless. Macamana nak longhaul flights ni??

We got there pretty early - Andaman is really really remote although has the most gorgeous stretch of beach seen so far on Langkawi. We were given 2 rooms, which they told us were on the same level, although 14 rooms apart! This was the only snag- and I thought bodoh jugak hotel 7 star ni ye. ada ke letak my children in a room so far away from the parents. We accepted the rooms though, being tired. and I thought , ok maybe they were full.

Dad took kids to the beach immediately while I - er - continued to work (it was a Friday after all) - but my view was the beautiful beach lah. At 6 i gave up and went to join them!

Dad had to join the conference ppl for dinner though so while he was having the poolside barbecue, we went off to the restaurant for dinner. he called and said Come lah join me. But then changed his mind when he found out that the bbq is RM185 per head. We had officially arrived at the LandofLudicrousFoodPrices or HotelForTheEuropeans hahaha. Our dinner , being pasta, lasagna, charkueyteow, fish and chips, chicken noodle, langkawi prawns and also 3 chocolate creme brulee , were okay, filing .Not cheap.

yeah yeah why not rent a car and go eat out. We figured we were going to stay in and enjoy Andaman and not bother with stuff like cars etc.

That night I slept with the kids and dad , coming back late from his bbq, went to our room alone. Cian dia.

Second day, went to the beach for about 4 hours, and finally dragged kids out of the sea with the promise of a visit to their games room. They have a Kids club with a movie room, games room etc. We did go for an hour, until I told them it was a pity to waste such a lovely day. So we went to get daddy instead who had finished for the day.

Balik solat, then Johan tertidor. Dad said the conference ppl had organised a trip out to Kuah town and free Chinese dinner, jom lah. But then, did we really want to go to Kuah? In the end dad decided to just enjoy the sea and pool instead. Kuah dah banyak kali dah pergi pun.

Dinner for 2nd night was at The Gula*iH*ous*e. Ambience was really really beautiful. ,restaurant set in the jungle. Macam tamarind springs kat KL nih. Alah, macam makan kat kampung lah, dalam gelapp gelap. Tinggal lagi kat sini, jadi posh lah, sebab matsalleh ramai. Hahahaha. Makan tandoori chicken, chicken makani (SEDAPPPPNYEE) and nan bread, kids had fish and chips, nasi ayam, mini steak, and coupe denmark icecream (which were served in a bowl made of ice) -by the time dinner habis and the shuttle bus took us back to Andaman (GulaiHou*se is between Andaman and Datai) they were all yawning.

I spent the 2nd night with the kids, and then in my room, and then because i could not sleep knowing my kids were far away, back with the kids. And I JUST perasan, that my children's room was an adjoining one. Adjoining to - a honeymooning couple. Bijak tak ?? I called the manager on duty at 2am and asked him the explanation for separating a family when there was an adjoining room there. Ngok ke apa. Anyway of course the manager said he did not know as he was not the one checking us in at the time. (btw the next day when I checked out I asked again and the lady in charge pun tak tau- habis sapa yang tau???)

The third and last day, got up , finished up all our cococrunch and milk and then went back to the beach. Really, the sea was wonderful. Warm, and calm, green and clear. No fish and no corals to bother your feet, and not crowded or dirty. As far as beaches and sea go, I would vote a 10 lah. If I come again I would probably smuggle myself to the beach even if I stayed elsewhere ha ha. Ramai matsalleh though who were probably puzzled at this family yang mana swim pakai tudung and also teeshirt and track bottoms! Sodding wet and with towels wrapped over heads, we must have looked funny next to the bikini ppl! Hehheeh

All too soon, it was time to go home. Nyaris tak miss the bus, the kids took so long to get ready. Once at the airport we rushed to get lunch (and breakfast) and then we rushed to check in (because took so long to eat haha) and this is the reason why we did not buy a single kain batik etc etc.

Oh well..back to reality where the s**t has hit the fan...hehehehe.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...