Monday, November 23, 2009

Academic Excellence?


A week since I last updated?? Ini tak boleh jadi..

What has happened...

Daughter no 2 got her UPSR result...she got 2As 2Bs and 1c..I asked her what results did she think she would get before this , and she did say she expected only 2As.

To me, it is important to have some sort of exam to measure where they are in respect of their colleagues. I mean, there's got to be SOME benchmark. And I don't think it's wrong to have them learn competitiveness at this tender age. And to learn that if you don't put the effort in , you won't get the results.

Having said that, I am not the parent who will push you JUST so you can get an A. BELIEVE you me, if you learn JUST for the sake of the exams, you will retain NOTHING . Better learn for the sake of actually wanting to learn. I know, schools make the subjects soo boring but thanks to TVIQ, science is actually fun now and the kids love that subject . Sara's As were in Science and English. I fully believe she could have scored an A in other subjects if she had known the subject better, or remembered the subject better on the day.

Sara of course, is dejected. I feel bad that my baby gets a taste of rejection at the age of 12, but at least I hope she now feels the drive to succeed all on her own, and in her life, in all aspects in the future, she will want to give it her best. In my ceramah to my children in the car I said, I want you to be able to tell me honestly, I gave it my best shot.

I was of course, the most lepak student of all. As long as I can pass , was, I think , my motto. Now, I wish I had tried that bit harder because, if I got where I am now by not really trying, what could I have achieved had I really tried? Maybe, nothing more because maybe, I'm really THAT average, but then, we will never know.

So, try , try your very best. And if A is a result, alhamdullillah. If A is not, then its ok, you have tried.

So many more bench marks to go , Goodness!


MrsNordin said...

This is always the dilemma for parents like us. But bottomline is, they must want to do better. As much as we nag or push them, if they didn't want to do better for themselves, they won't.

Yes, you are right when you said, whatever effort you put in, that's your results. If only they had put in a little bit more effort, kan?

Tak apa lah... you have 3 more kids to worry about after Sara. Good luck! :)

TRM said...

Shila you are a fine one to talk and me with our "whoops what was that course about" on the day before the exam...(and this at Uni somemore!!!!) Howlah? The apple doesnt fall far from the tree you know, and they are our kids so will behave like us....cant pin all our hopes on them getting genetic makeup from their dads.
And at the end of the day - they have to want it for themselves, nagging will not achieve mum will attest to that am sure.
Dhilsh's teacher complaint is that D talks too much thus doesnt do her work and is distracted....when I was all upset about it, my dad looked at me and harumphhhed and said "what's the problem, your mother and I had to hear this your entire primary school life".....yikes! No wonder mum always looked pissed off....:(

Superwomanwannabe said...

Madam TRM

He he he..the ceramah was a total DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DID thing heh heh. I do wish I had been more serious abt the studies, now that I have kids of my own ! Talks too much and is distractedd huh....sign of a brilliant mind in her case!Totally malas in mine!

Question is , how to make them want it??

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsN- she has to learn lah that it is not very nice not to come out top. Cousin dia dapat 5A which is worse for her!

Ereen said...

Dear sis, sorry for interrupting.. I am your silent reader..
Knowing that your girl scored A in her Science and English shows that she's capable and as good as other students. Tell her not to be so sad and feel bad of her performance.
Each of us are different learners. She learned best when she understood the subjects matter the most and when her doubts about it being answered well by teachers or books that she read. She seeks solutions to problems.
Usually her "best performance" time will be in her late secondary to university days. InsyaAllah...things will be easier for her in the future..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Aww ereen..thanks for the words. you are right. I dont actually think she is not as clever as the rest ..she just takes a while to develop and she also needs to be more serious

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...