Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cacar marba post.

I just got back from fetching my daughters from their sleepover with their cousins. They spent 2 days in Sepang. Thanks Sis in law and bro in law for putting them up.

Of course , we missed them and by the 2nd day the father dah chomping at the bits, wanting to get them.So just now after work we came home, ate dinner and drove to get them. The drive is far but not long- thanks to Mex Highway. I spent the entire trip sleeping with a duvet! So tired today.

On the way I heard Johan borak with the father. I love the way he speaks, you should talk to him. He has some interesting views and says some interesting things. He was saying to us that there was a girl in his class who had no parents and is an anak yatim piatu. She liked him so much she drew his picture and told her family (she's staying with her grandma) about him haha. The thing that caught my attention in my woozy state of mind was when he said he pities her. Because her parents have-gasped- died. Kids pun paham compassion. Apparently the girl also asked why , since she is also a nice person, didn't she get to be a prefect (he's been selected he said) . I asked him, do you want to be a prefect. And he said yes and he hopes he can one day be a headboy. Wahhh so ambitious. I asked my daughter daya- don't YOU want to be a headgirl Daya? The answer was -NO.

I was at their award ceremony /performance day last week ...held at the glorious Masjid Wilayah. Masjid Wilayah is very beautiful from the outside but I am very very DISAPPOINTED that the toilets and the ablution areas are SO POORLY MAINTAINED!! Let's not talk about achievements lah if simple stuff like DOORS ON TOILETS can't be mastered. I loath to be government bashing but seriously can't they put more effort on maintaining it???

Anyway the award ceremony went smoothly although a bit behind schedule- it ended way after lunch and since lunch was not provided kids were running around restless. On the whole the performances were very good and creative and impressive. We have some very talented kids at Adni. Sophia got best in English, Dahlia got best in english and no 3 (or , Outstanding achievement award. no 1 is most outstanding achievement) you gotta love the school for effort not to make kids feel the pressure . Nadine got best in class and also in 4 subjects. Go kids!

What the chairman of Adni said got to me- the basic message being- hey, we can only do so much at the school, we teach them certain values, you parents follow through lah! No point learning Islamic values at school only to abandon it outside right or not! Sending the kids to this school means that you want your kids to learn the beautiful way of life that is Islam right. No point treating it as a correctional school for kids and parents don't even try to change themselves. Macam hypocritical lak

Also he said. academic achievement is not their only aim. Appreciation of knowledge and learning for learning sake is, and academic excellence will follow suit. A 19 year old former Adni is now going to cambridge for his PHD (can I squeeze in that he did his Masters in Notts U (malaysia lah tapi) ) heheh..this boy is still very much a 19 year old boy but we are of course proud that he has achieved so much, He also credits God for being there in his moment of need- he did his Midnight prayers in times of stress and yeah lah- if you don't yoller for help, who's going to help you? Oh well...I hope kids will just turn out to be "orang".

I got this book at the Awards day that is for once , very very easy to read. It's called "Let's be Muslim". I am a very very bad Muslimah I think.. and there is soooooo much I should repair but this book talks to you in a very funny, logical way and makes you face the extent of your faith. Is it just lip service? Kalau christians can love their religion so much why can't we? I mean where is the actual immersion in it? We could have been born into other religions, we were blessed to be given the gift of being born into this religion so why do we take it for granted. It also asks how do we say we are muslims when our actions don't differentiate us from the kafirs? Plus if a man flicks through a book of medicine expecting to be better we'd think he was mad, but we do the same with the Quran, ie we should practise it lah. Food for thought. I don't mean to preach, god no. .I am always full of good intentions which fall by the wayside as life happens, so books like this brings you back on the right path and shock you into thinking hey what heck are we doing and where the bejeebers are we going ni?? Dah 40 plus masih perangai cam tu lagi?? Something like that.

Ok then..catch up with you later.

Ps I am really really really missing Karaoke...!! Isabella is playing in my head now.

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