Monday, November 09, 2009

CBN reunion- part 1

So , last night Zu and I went to the 110th Anniversary of our old school- CBN! I always felt that compared to Zu, I know the school less, having only started there from Secondary Year 1 instead of from primary school like her. But then when I think of how whole groups of grown up men worship a particular school in Perak , having been there for only five years, five years does seem to be sufficient time to develop loyalty to a building.

Of course to me CBN meant more than a building- even though it's a posh old colonial building set in a prime virgin rainforest, at the end of the road and perenially tied to St John the boys' school, having pet sisters, going to the Talentime , discovering that you have NO talent for sports, and also the canteen food.

I came to CBN fresh from a 6 month break in Monterey, Calif. I was there with the entire family while dad had his course. So there I was, in my first year, with this American slang and weird habit of using a pencil when everyone had graduated to pens.

Background sekejap- before this I used to be in the same van as a few CBN girls. I went to a normal national school -Sek Padang Tembak and could not speak English as well as them. I was soo intimidated by their fluency and was so impressed by how sophisticated they seemed. and so glamorous!

So when I came back from the states and got straight into CBN , waaah achievement lah. My first single sex school experience. My class was 1A. Mom insisted. I don't think she would have had she known that A meant the last class because of the way the school labelled the class- best class to last class- B-U-K-T-N-A. Hha ha!

Anyway I met R*izaF*ara there and on my first week she introduced me to her best friend, Zu*riati. We started hanging out as a threesome. (that didn't last too long though, because then RF went with another girl and Zu and I became closer. And of course she had to marry my husband's brother so that we can have more hours to chat together hee hee). I remember being told off because I asked the teacher if I could see her in the middle of class to give her something. What on earth was I thinking???

So anyway my class had a good mixture of kids. Of course, the POPULAR girls. We are not that different from the Hollywood style high school - there were the glamour gals, the tomboys, the nerds etc, I'm sure I was the nerd. Who wanted to be the glamour girl. But was too tomboy to be one. I.e, not really belonging anywhere!The popular girls went to the UK for their hols and also watch TOPOFTHEPOPS.

I was in Aidan house- red. Not that fantastic a sportsperson although I'm sure I could have been good at something if I had bothered. Ha ha. That sounds like story of my life.

Made good friends there- of all race! We were there living 1Malaysia and did not know how unusual this was going to be. That's the good thing abt CBN- it's a mixture. In fact when I was in Year 4, with Zu having gone to MR*SM, i became good friends with Tam*ilSe*lvi. Whatever happened to her. Also my friends were G*ur*ma*il, and Ch*ery*l.

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MHB said...

Me CBNer too!! from Std 1 to Form 5 yet I did not manage to attend last night as I was out of town. Yeah, we were living 1Malaysia kan... still have mini gatherings with closest few muhibbah gang at least once a year... too bad I don't have the old Marguerite yearbooks if not I could look you up :-)

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