CBN reunion- part 2

So as I was saying, last night was the CBN's 110th anniversary and for me , 25 years since I left school. (or 24 years rather) . Wow.

Went to pick up sister in law at 7.45 and , after getting lost a bit, finally arrived. Half an hour late and no idea how to cross from C6 parking in the mall area, to the hotel.

I was dressed in a red bajukurung, with a simple tudung. By my own standards, I was simply dressed. And my standards are simple enough to start off with. I had a lot of other things to choose from but I thought I read somewhere that you should go with your house colours, so red it was. Zu of course was dressed in the new house colour - black. hahahaha. She didnt read the memo. I had no idea there WAS a dress code myself. I just read at the last minute that it was SmartCasual. So the only thing that was red in my closet was my bajukurung. And how can you go wrong with a baju kurung . It was smart, and since it was my work baju kurung , I guess you can say it was casual.

Except of course the definition of SmartCasual as far as CBN was concerned, meant decked to the nines. Smartcasual my ARse. People were so NOT casual and a lot of pink and other NON house colours! HOI You mean I could have worn my ball gown?? He he he.

Loads of beautiful glamourous girls hanging outside the Royal Ballroom. I wanted to go home immediately. Smart casual my pattoooty. I seriously thought of going back.

We couldn't go in yet as we had no tickets. Zu and I hung around looking for our tickets which we were told are kept by this girl we booked with. Whose number we forgot to bring. Whose face we forgot. And name too. (Hang on, she was Amy something)

Anyway she thankfully appeared and showed us to our table. Zu and I sat with a few gals who looked like they had left CBN way way way earlier than us. Correctomundo- they were Dr this and Dr that and Dr the other- they were 1978 graduates! They were very nice though and did not mind me and Zu ignoring the food totally in search of other 1985-ers.

Suddenly we spotted AJ, sitting a table away! Gasp!! macam seing water in desert. I made it across to her and hugs and kisses and she said she almost wanted to go to the stage and grab the mic to call for anyone in her year, she was that desperate to see our year! Cian, 1985 tak kawan each other ke. We went back to our table again-Food was being served and we tucked in and chatted and tucked in again.

Of course throughout all this there were plenty of stuff going on on the stage- audio totally sucked though. Tak dengar sangat. The CBNers girls choir group sang several songs, then some butterflies did a routine on stage,then beautiful rhythmic gymnasts came on to dance on the stage. Sigh..good to know we CBNers are still as gedik as ever. Hahahahaha! Spoken like a true prude. Hey! I was that girl who twirled a baton at Talentime dancing to the beat of Elton John's "I'm Still Standing". (I was the bad dancer at the back)- so I was thoroughly gedik.

I turned to the lady (dr Je*li*na) and said this is what my girls are missing, going to an Islamic school- no chance of rhythmic gymnastic - unless the school doesn't mind. She said she didn't think it was all that important- ie not going to come in handy once you leave school. Hey! you never know when you might have to impress some clients with your cool rhytmic moves 20 years on! Wonder if I could have gotten more clients to park their cases with us had I only known how to twirl a ribbon. I did try you know. Ribbon went all over the place.

AJ came to OUR table then, to say hi to Zu. AJ said RizaF*ara was around. GASP!! Jejak kasih time!! Zu went to find her and came back to say that yeah, she was here. I concentrated on my ayam masak apa entah. Hey priority ok.

While we were chomping, 2 gals came on- SI and CW. CW used to have big cocacola glasses and biggish hair . Now she looked like NingBaizura ok. SI was this kurus girl. Now she is a lot more lovable. They asked us to join them- it turned out that girls from our year, and from my class 5Sc3- were sitting somewhere else. Adalah tatler girls in the group. You know the type...lawa, fohfular. But the rest of them were biasa biasa - my friends .


ex-CBNer too said…
cannot tahan laa this funny one!!! hahahah...
write somemore please!
Hi you were not one of the tatlers kan...anyway were you there? Fun night kan.?

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