Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CBN reunion- part 3

So anyway...Shadi*da and Cher*yl totally blew us away by how gorgeous they were and they asked us to go and visit their table and then they rattled a lot of names of girls our year who were also with them. Then they went off.

Then sis in law Zu and I looked at each other..Hmm some of the names we were not that close too pun to start off with. Baju straight? Check. Lipstick on?Check Ada stain ke? Check. BUT I WANT TO CHANGE WAAAAAAA!!!!!

No avoiding it, we both left our food (prawns, zu, prawns!) and went over to the tables. Did I tell you that there were performances? Adibah Noor came on and sang, she was announced to be in 1987- Zu and I looked at each other and said- AdibahNoor is YOUNGER THAN US???!!!! Are you kidding me?? Way to make us feel depressed.

She was funny though. before she sang she greeted the girls, noted the boys and said- haaa you must be St Johns hah. VI tak main lah...not up to standard.

Back to going to visit the tables. We got there, gave big smiles all around as obviously I can't remember their names. Obviously. There was this girl who hugged me really tightly and I hugged her back and I know we were close but what the heck was her name ye??? (Now i remember thanks to Facebook) And one girl who sat next to me from FORM 1 ok. She had to introduce herself to me before I remembered how close I was with her. Gosh. Everyone still looked their age then,..but then it could be my 40 year old eyes.

The Tatler girls looked GORGEOUS as well. My mouth went- oh you guys look so young and so pretty and not aged at all I hate you! And my head went- shut up allready way to go for the elegant image Shila. Don't know what to say and hated myself for being tongue tied. Just because they were blond and coiffed ! Tsk.

A very good friend then, (Dr) Gurm*ail, said to me, Shils you have not changed. I don't recognise a lot of ppl but you I recognise. Which could be good or bad. Then Sha*di*da reminded me of her memory of me, of when I apparently put on a white tudung for one day (just to gatal try) and then I fainted and vomited. And Cheryl's memory pulak is of me spraining my ankle , and crying (and i told her I still have that bad ankle). Sheesh I have absolutely NO IDEA what they were talking about. I am still amazed that I was actually remembered. Not too sure whether I like what they remember me for though he he. A thorough clutz who do crazy stuff.?? Uh-huh.

BUt then i thought- heck it!~ I am a lawyer and I married a doctor so nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeeh nyeah. Hahahahahahah! Plus I have 5 children there you go. Poor hubby, he was there even if he wasn't there. I jual dia cukup cukup. hehehehe.

Ok by now other ppl started to mingle as well although clearly the performances were not over yet. Johana Johari came on and sang she was SOO Good! She was the headprefect when I was there and boy she should have sung for a career. And then the two MC did an admirable job mcing (but im sure we could do better eh hubbs hehehe) . We were too bz camwhoring (I never did like that word) but occassionally we would look at the stage and go "eh! Mrs Manuel lah!". The CBNers continued with their various perfomances yang we could not hear lah..sorry girls. I know how much they put their heart into it (from the screen you can see their earnest expressions) but we were all more interested in catching up. And taking pics.

With all the photos taken, Zu and I turned to each other and said- time to go! Dah lah, penat lah sengeh satu malam . her hubbs kindly picked her up (while my hubbs, his brother, was supposedly at OT ) - I have gotten everyone's number so we should be able to er ignore each other for another 2o years ? No lah, so we can meet up.

The pic up there is courtesy of Zu's FB..thanks. Although very the kenit when I put it here.That's my year guys!

(And Ad*ie I saw you that night! Glamer nye!!! )


MrsNordin said...

I saw some pictures of the reunion in FB. Iyalah, CBNers are so glamour!! Very Tatler some of them, with well-coiffed hair and all.

But I'm sure you look gorgeous too... in whatever you wear, darling, tho' unfortunately, I can't see your picture coz it's too small.

Anyway, reunions are like that lah. They may look different, but deep down they are still the same old friend you once knew before. Hope I can catch up with you soon.

Take care!

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI BJ-- ye? ada gambar? Nak tengok? Yalah i didn't really care- uhuuuuuuuu wish i had dressed up uhuuuuuu..:-)

IBU said...

Salam Shila

Sounds like lots of fun ur reunion.

"BUt then i thought- heck it!~ I am a lawyer and I married a doctor so nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeeh nyeah. Hahahahahahah! Plus I have 5 children there you go. Poor hubby, he was there even if he wasn't there. I jual dia cukup cukup. hehehehe. "

HAHAHA.... I like this the best! Mmg best ni... So peduli kan all those glam & wonder-what-cream-they-use people... hehehe...

p/s My hubb went to Pdg Tembak too u know! 1 yr senior. The unnoticeable one ...(cruel nya I!!)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Eh ye ke?? Im sure he was very cool

yeah, somehow this reunion will make you feel 15 again ...and you have to remind yourself that you achieved a lot allready so no need to feel inferior.

eh the kids are my main achievement lor..

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...