Saturday, November 07, 2009


Have a big pounding headache. Best friend is here so feel like yelling at everyone. Except that I don't of course. But I do wish everyone would just shhhhhh keep quiet and leave me alone..

Anyway kids update:

Sara and Sophia missed their Malacca trip. By the time we sent in the forms the teachers told us that they were full and had 3 buses allready. (I was then told that only one bus went? Tak taulah) At first they were very disappointed but when they found out that some of their friends were also NOT going, they were ok. On my side, maybe it's not such a bad thing that my 2 girls could not go to a trip to Malacca where the teachers would need to supervise so many kids. Hey no offence to the teachers, but sometimes with just five kids pun I can overlook things.

Johan - is nagging me to play congkak with him. The kids are addicted to congkak and ever since we bought them a plastic set they have been at it NON STOP. Where do I get the wooden one? With marbles? I played THAT when I was 10. I loved Chongkak too!

Siannnn JOhan, your parents are old lah Jo, always exhausted.

Hubb's ok, getting busier. He's running around . He's learning that medicine in the private practice is more than just dispensing advice and surgery - when you pay that much you expect so much more , excuse me. You expect your doctor to be at your beck and call , and rightly so! And what do you mean it's SUPPOSED to hurt. I need pain medication 247 and you are to give them to me as and when I asked for it darn it! hehehehe..

I'm encouraging him to not throw in the towel purely because we do have those five kids to support and send to college. I think he would prefer being the good old university lecturer cum government doc that he really is,but hang in there honey! Still have so many years to go before all our hutangs are paid off! And there's the hajj we have to do!

I have asked him to write a book for his students.

I said, the reason why our students don't do well at university is because....we don't have "buku latihan" or work books , at that level! I mean, you grew up with them don't you- from Year 1 to SPM (1o years later) and 12 years of school have taught you to revise with the aid of practise or workbooks, then you go to university and they expect you to LEARN ON YOUR OWN??? What crazy concept is THIS? Of course you need your exercise books? Pshaw- learn on your own indeed.

So I think it's a fun project if he starts drafting some HOW TO books for medical students- what do you think? Heheh to me, that would achieve everything that he wants- legacy he can leave to his students, advancement of knowledge, and also, fame and fortune hahahahaha (that's me lah of course)

Let's see lah- penuh idea , me.

Yesterday he was talking to his nurse on speaker phone. I was shocked at how manja the nurse is. Are there nurses like that ? Like this- alaaa dokterrr , blabla bla bla, hee heee hee! Giggle some more. So mengada like that. I said- eh i bukan jeles lah (yeah right) but imagine your 60 year old head of matron ke apa ke, speaking to the doctor that way. Sure you geli geliman. This particular person yang nak mintak instruction from doctor ni, penuh dengan "ye ke doctor...???, alaaa doktor ni...., tapi kan doctor bla bla" and don't forget the "hi hi hi!"


I mean, professional lah sikit!! Do you see me talking to my partner that way?? Alaaaaa bolehh laaaaaaaaa ..ishhhhhh!!!!

Anyway I am NOT jealous.

Hmm apa lagi. Oh yeah, maid is ok. Have made her cook.

Only one thing je. She keeps cleaning my room! I told her 3 times allready don't come into my room! Yes I close the door! No I don't lock it cause i lost the lock allready. But I told her allready lah> Today she rearranged it somemore! I'm going to find some javanese words to tell her don't do it lah. And buy another lock.

Other than that. Ok. everything ok

Ok tata for now...


wanshana said...

Ya lah, Shila...We all have not had a proper family weekend for the last 3 weeks coz' Haizal has been so busy! But, being busy in a private practice is a good thing lah kot...But, still - I have not had a decent "me and you talk-talk" time with him for so long now lah... :(

Some days when he's free, teramatlah free sampai worry jugak. Tapi, bila dah sibuk, sibuk sangatlah pulak...

Yup, thinking about the kids' education, the hutangs and the 5th Tenet, kena bear with it ajer lah.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi shana

Hope you and kids are well.. Have not seen or chatted w u for ages..nasib baik lah ada blog kan. anyway yah kena lah tahan. sometimes i dont complain sebab masa gomen dok menggatai nak join prebet now dah prebet ha-rasa kan hahahhaa.,.whatever it is I do wish they can have a balance between work and home. I kesian kat depa sebab they dont seem to be able to SWITCH THE DARN PHONE OFF!!


zaitgha said...

the nice kayu congkak and the marbles ada kat R&R Sg Buloh...i got mine dia opposite site of Baskin Robins and one or 2 doors away from AlIkhsan .....

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks Zaitgha I will look for it. Cantik kan, sedap sikit main, ni plastik ni macam main dengan M&M je

Anonymous said...

hi there, to get your congkak and marbles just go to central market... macam macam ada

MrsNordin said...


Eventho my husband is not a doctor, he is still busy 24/7. Blackberry tu tak lekang2 di tangan. Like Shana said lah, sometimes the weekend just passed by without us noticing that he's around! Worse still, he is 3 days JB 4 days KL.

But kena sabarlah, find your own things to do. I'm sure Jab also wishes that he need not work so hard/late, that he could spend time with you all doing what he loves doing. It's just a matter of adjusting.

Btw, thanks for the Ultraman. Nizzar loves it so much! And like I said, I think your maid is doing a great job with your house. And yes, get a new lock if you still didn't want her to invade the privacy of your room!

(btw, i let my maid cleans up my room because if she didn't, sure bilik tak berkemas sampai I balik office. And I don't like that.)

Royalshoppingarcade said...

kak shila,

Yes, most nurses now are like that.I mean, my mum is a nurse tutor and she is really professional.Takde pun nak 'ala doctor ni.'hi hi sini hi hi sana.
Case in point, i had a bad case of angin.had been vomitting the whole day.I was given a drip and before that, this 'hi hi 'ala doctor ni-nurse was trying to poke my veins but couldn't do it and then mengada2 ask the doctor, 'doctor.takleh masuk la ni.bulan tak mengambang agaknya hari ni.doktor tolong buat boleh?'
ada ke? openly flirting with the doctor. apa la nak jadi dgn the medical fraternity ni. I was not myself then if not, I would have voice out my disapproval.taknak malukan my aunt who happens to be the head radiographer there.
Hi hi ala doctor indeed. I am fuming writing this.Sungguh tak professional.Gedik, maybe they came from your school=CBN.jgan marah..u said yourself budak CBN gedik.hehehe..gurau je.
and one more thing you should write 'made maid cook' instead of have made her cook.hahahah..funny tak? I go and hide.hehehe

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