Monday, November 30, 2009

the Khatam!

How was your hari raya korban? Or as they say, Eid ul Bakri?

I am so proud of my daughters, they had a khatam ceremony on Sunday. Which is basically them reciting the last verses of the quran in front of others, who would read the last verses together. The girls, together with their cousins, Camelia and Camarina, all sat in a row with NO practice ok and takda cikgu training pun! hee hee.

The Pictures are HERE

[Warning! Proud mom about to gloat now!]TURN AWAY NOW :-)

My daughters did so well! They read very well and the seasoned ladies had their socks knocked off! They had been to so many kids' khatam and normally the children would just read normally and my girls were a refreshing change! Apparently they hit all the right notes and knew all the right rules and pronounced them perfectly.! Hee what do you expect from cucu Cikgu Rodiah, I think the grandmother was also gloating.

I have not been raised the Johorean way. Marhaban , berzanji, tahlils etc were not part of my childhood and as a result, I always feel a bit out of place . So when fate decided that I shd marry into a Johorean family part of me just went -waaaaaa!! It was like dumping me onto the land of a lot of traditions - but now I feel comfortable (ish! I still prefer to hide in the kitchen) and I wanted the kids to be familiar with the customs as well. And alhamdullillah they take it in their stride. That same day that mak did the khatam for her grandchildren, she invited ladies to recite "asmaul husna" . Problem was although I know of the asmaul husna (recitation of 99 name of Allah SWT) I have never heard this particular brand of asmaul husna, It must be quite common as there is a BOOK that they read from! ( I saw from my position in the kitchen) . I had nooo idea what they were going to recite - and I strongly recommend that for every recital we have an english translation. Barulah OneMalaysia babe! When the ustazah started reading this unfamiliar chant I thought "Just when I thought I had nailed it, they came up with a new one! " ..he he he.

Zu and I stayed in the kitchen , cutting up fruits and attending to my mother in law's last minute instructions (of which they were suddenly many!!! I think I lost 10 kg malam tu but then she is a lovely woman and that is all I am going to say here) he he. Takpa, kitchen belakang je, so dekat.

It was very long, the asmaul husna, and by the time they finished it was past 9. Kudos to the kids who managed to stay awake ! Dadinlaw chastised mom in law later for having such a long procedure before the khatam and in the end mak confessed that she had to invite them because they had the microphone! hahhahahaha! Kelakar nye mak mertua I nih. We could have rented one had she only said.

Anyway I also am grateful to the neighbour who responded to my mother in law's SOS calls to attend to the telur etc - just felt bad because we had been asking her if we can go and get the eggs and she said No, and we had asked her whether we can put up a stage and she said No need, and we had asked her what needs to be done and she said she had catered so no problem. She had everything under control. Heheh so we went out to shop for the girls' jubah for the night lah!

Imagine our shock when we came home, to be greeted by the sight of my neighbours, who were pulled away from their lepak moments to help, hanging curtains, lending cushions etc and basically decorating a stage-Sorry lah Lin and Jun!

Ahh it's so funny how different my mominlaw is from my mom. It's like me and my work partner. very last minute and one very organised!

I just KNOW that our reputation is now shot to pieces he he ...I'm sure Zu and I now qualify for the worst menantu in the region he he he...but we bought my neigbour a cake anyway .

Anyway I am glad that we did it, and next year, Johan will go through the same thing (he has 200 pages to go) and no sweat Johan you are only 7 woit!

Although next time maybe I'll bring over the stage from home..hehehe


MrsNordin said...

You can ask Jab to make one for him!

Now that my kids have all gone through those ceremonies, I've got nothing to look forward to anymore except for Nizzar's berkhatan, and the girls weddings which probably won't happen for another 5-10 years. We had a "pelamin" last time, but dah buang sebab semua orang dah habis bersunat and khatam quran. Hmm... I miss all that.

mama cunn said...

hi sheila, suka baca yr blog. Congrats to all your daughters ya. Tak jemput pun....hehehe!! Take care!

Superwomanwannabe said...

on hindsight we should have made one kan...settle the problem.

Hmm Nizar khatan dulu ke...anak you kawin dulu..mana satu ye?

Superwomanwannabe said...

MamaCunn..thanks for your name. sure cun giler....

SOMEONE said... terlebih gloating, tau..heh heh... i bet i read muuuch better for my khattam! cheeeh... :P

Superwomanwannabe said...

SOMEONE..hehehehe...sekali dalam seumur hidup nak gloating, gloat je lah he he

tireless mom said...

Congrats Shila. Sejuk hati mak tengok anak anak dah kahatam kan.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this saw t pics on fb! From the anon

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