Wednesday, November 25, 2009

me in primary

Random memories of school (BOSS- this was done earlier ok)

Standard 1

best friend - Norliza Ghazali. Held hands all the time, hide under the table when called by teacher (macam dia tak nampak!). Had to go buy teacher kuehs all the time at recess. Also had 2 admirers, Fauzi and Adnan (see, THEIR names I remember. Selective memory or what!) Went to school with landrover. This is all in the island of Labuan btw. Was very clever. I can remember my dad pleading to put me in school at the age of 5 plus plus - boy I must have been a real handful huh. Always got No 1 (alah what's so hard abt Standard 1) . Had forty sen for spending money. Want to buy asam laksa for 20 sen but can't take hot food. Upset because Saiful got more money than me when he went to school. Mom said it was inflation. I insist it's favouritism.

Standard 3

left Labuan for KL- had to go to Padang Tembak 2. memory of school but remember I stayed in this house in Jalan Kent kejap. I remember having friends next door and they threw me a birthday party on my birthday- alah abt 4 girls giving me pressies of kacang cap tangan or something.

Wait a minute! I remember school! This girl was absolutely vicious to me- she made fun of my name . I was a prefect I think. And I could not play with them as I didn't know how to do galah panjang or rounders.

Standard 4

went to Malacca. My house was lovely, long and cool and behind it it had this huge shady tree under which I would lie and day dream everyday. Main tikam tikam with the things I beli while waiting at the landrover. I was a class monitor or is that my faulty memory??. Sold some gajus leaves to teachers. Who asked for half price discount. Ada ke?Budak 10 tahun nak buat business terus terencat semangat.

Standard 5 and 6

returned to KL. Stayed in Sg Besi camp and this time, Padang Tembak 1. Did I also stay in Bkt Ampang? Tak ingat. Was average student je lah...peaked too early . Menses came when I was 11. Kau! This was the time I remember going to school with the girls from CB*N. Terus trauma jadiknya. I remember sitting for MRSM exams. I think I actually failed. Although I did act in this drama as Kasim Baba's wife , jealous of the lovely maid, Marjina. AHAHHH!!! NOW I SEE THE PATTERN!! he he he..

towards the end of the year, went to the states for 6 months to follow dad. I shd have taken his offer of a piano. At least I would still have the piano now. he he.

so you can see...not much memory of me er..studying. I remember playing outside a lot, soccer with the boys, bijik saga with the girls, main masak masak and kawin kawin...

So, can I still nag my kids??? :-)

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Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Nag sikit2 lah. Don't pressure them too much. You turned out ok kan. So will your kids, insyaAllah.

I loved playing galah panjang/rounders during my primary years. I was extremely disappointed we weren't 'allowed' to continue to play that during our secondary years. Apasal tak boleh, ah??? My kids have not heard about galah panjang or rounders. Gosh..they are really losing out in life, huh?

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