Monday, November 16, 2009

The Trip Home

Am sitting at home watching The Biggest Loser. Am really amazed at how motivated these ppl are.

Sigh..maybe I should also go and lose weight. But unfortunately I seem to think I DON'T have a weight problem ! Hahahah! I'm quite happy with that buncitness and double chin- I actually think I don't look too bad! until I catch myself in the mirror or in the pictures and then I go- shait!! Time for Herbalife!

I did order a set- But I passed them to DadofFourplusTwoMore (plus anymore??) By the way, me eating is a reflex against his constant struggle NOT to eat. Apparently he thinks he is fat. (he's not) but then Kitchen guardian is his wife and that woman can really cook! I gain 5 kilo everytime I just think of her cupcakes (and her trifle- yummms). Hmm maybe I should really give serious consideration to moving back next to them ha ha ha. The more he says he's on diet the hungrier I get.

So ..what did you guys do over the weekend? The usual rounds of laundry/grocery shopping/tuition? I bet huh. We should lobby for 3 or 4 days weekend. Mine was a real jejak kasih weekend, though.

After 16 years of being together, I finally took my husband and kids to my maternal grandparents' home- Allaaaaah bukan jauh na, tapi entah kenapa tak pernah sampai. It's only in Tanjung Malim.

My opah's mom came from Penang, and she settled in Tanjung Malim where she met the tokey roti Lal Mohammad. He must have been one handsome Pakistani because they immediately got hitched and produced my opah, and her er- 6 sisters. He had another wife allready stashed in Pakistan/North India (I don't know where now. I used to think it was Kashmir until a friend said everyone claims they're from Kashmir) .

My grandfather came from Tg Malim too, and up till my late teens I used to visit the house they were brought up in. HIs brother , my Atok Sidek lived there with his family. The house faces a railtrack and I remember running to the front of the house whenever a train would pass by. Atok Sidek had 3 children around our age . Huge pulasan tree behind the house. I started adding pulasan to ciku on my favourite fruit list around then.

Atok Sidek left us a few years back,and we have lost touch with his family. His wife remarried I heard. And somehow we lost the heart to go there. Plans were made but always fell through. walhal tanjung malim tuu bukan nya jauh.

So this weekend we took my parents back. Mom was very nostalgic. Occassionally she'd point out to areas which used to be owned by my very rich great grandparents (now no more lah sebab dah jual) -Basically my great grandfather had a lot of land in Tg Malim.

I got the message that the properties was so mismanaged and the rightful owners never compensated and only because semua orang taknak gaduh and believed in the concept of rezeki that no one raised a ruckus. Many times I wonder what would happen to family if we we claim our rights. And thank God for the ability to turn the other cheek . And being Muslims. But then again- is that wrong? Should we fight for the land/money etc?

Back to the topic terkini...we visited the house. Boy it looks so tua. ye lah, 120 years old kan. Ada gambar of my atok and his family standing in front of that house. He must have been in his early 20s ! Wonder if that house is for sale.

My Atok's sister who is 84 now, stayed next door. Laaa dah tua dah dia. I'm so happy to be able to see her after so long. My OPah Andak looked sebijik like my Arwah Atok...sebak gak jumpa dia.

We didn't stay long -- we didn't call first kan, takkan nak stay for dinner. Although of course they invited us to stay. Makan telur goreng pun takpa. Time to balik .. We went around Tg Malim town - dah tukar banyak dah. It was raining cats and dogs and we couldn't stop for pau Yik Mun. was a good visit. I should go again and introduce my kids to their third cousins and aunties and uncles, kan.


aida yurani said...

oh, you went to Tanjung Malim? Mesti best....
I got whole load of tanjung malim history while driving up north that weekend with the aunties

Superwomanwannabe said...

yup...walked around atok sidek's house...apparently orang bujang duduk but semua tutup je...macam dodgy je....

I really dont know why it took us that long to go. 16 years tak balik. can u imagine.

the cardiologist and the medical student... said...

waaaaa...i jeles...sebak and jeles...dah lama aa tak balik.and u didnt get the pau???haiya...i miss those paus tooo!

Superwomanwannabe said...


Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...