Sunday, November 01, 2009

the Weekend At Andam*an

The G*ul*ai Hou*se between datai and Andaman.Mummy and daddy's room aka dapur aka laundry

(where we swim- sangkut tuala kat titi tu)
Bilik Air dia, nak mandi pun takut. Katil dalam bilik budak budak. 5 orang cukup..dengan mummy sekali.
It IS actually this pretty.

Right in the middle of dealing with the neverending laundry, hubby had a conference at Andaman Langkawi . We followed !Anything to escape! The school was none too happy with us taking the kids out for Friday but honestly it was the school's calendar which said that there were no more exams on Friday. I would never have bought the tickets otherwise. We managed to get the kids to do their exams on Monday instead and that settled, we got ready to go to Langkawi...!! WOoohoooT!!!

Never been there. Heard it was posh. Hubby was going as a speaker and also chair for several sessions. I think they were also going to pay for his flight but he converted it to another room for us.

Wah, kids were of course mega excited lah naik MAS. Hari tu pi GoldCoast naik AiraSIA je kan, which to me is good enough lah kan, but takda lah little niceties macam skybridge etc. And LCCT of course cannot compare to KLIA. And so cute that Johan brought RM2 to buy himself a drink on the flight. Hahaha..I told him on M*A*S everything is free lah (or rather, prepaid by mom). Dalam plane tak berenti bercakap. But after one hour got restless. Macamana nak longhaul flights ni??

We got there pretty early - Andaman is really really remote although has the most gorgeous stretch of beach seen so far on Langkawi. We were given 2 rooms, which they told us were on the same level, although 14 rooms apart! This was the only snag- and I thought bodoh jugak hotel 7 star ni ye. ada ke letak my children in a room so far away from the parents. We accepted the rooms though, being tired. and I thought , ok maybe they were full.

Dad took kids to the beach immediately while I - er - continued to work (it was a Friday after all) - but my view was the beautiful beach lah. At 6 i gave up and went to join them!

Dad had to join the conference ppl for dinner though so while he was having the poolside barbecue, we went off to the restaurant for dinner. he called and said Come lah join me. But then changed his mind when he found out that the bbq is RM185 per head. We had officially arrived at the LandofLudicrousFoodPrices or HotelForTheEuropeans hahaha. Our dinner , being pasta, lasagna, charkueyteow, fish and chips, chicken noodle, langkawi prawns and also 3 chocolate creme brulee , were okay, filing .Not cheap.

yeah yeah why not rent a car and go eat out. We figured we were going to stay in and enjoy Andaman and not bother with stuff like cars etc.

That night I slept with the kids and dad , coming back late from his bbq, went to our room alone. Cian dia.

Second day, went to the beach for about 4 hours, and finally dragged kids out of the sea with the promise of a visit to their games room. They have a Kids club with a movie room, games room etc. We did go for an hour, until I told them it was a pity to waste such a lovely day. So we went to get daddy instead who had finished for the day.

Balik solat, then Johan tertidor. Dad said the conference ppl had organised a trip out to Kuah town and free Chinese dinner, jom lah. But then, did we really want to go to Kuah? In the end dad decided to just enjoy the sea and pool instead. Kuah dah banyak kali dah pergi pun.

Dinner for 2nd night was at The Gula*iH*ous*e. Ambience was really really beautiful. ,restaurant set in the jungle. Macam tamarind springs kat KL nih. Alah, macam makan kat kampung lah, dalam gelapp gelap. Tinggal lagi kat sini, jadi posh lah, sebab matsalleh ramai. Hahahaha. Makan tandoori chicken, chicken makani (SEDAPPPPNYEE) and nan bread, kids had fish and chips, nasi ayam, mini steak, and coupe denmark icecream (which were served in a bowl made of ice) -by the time dinner habis and the shuttle bus took us back to Andaman (GulaiHou*se is between Andaman and Datai) they were all yawning.

I spent the 2nd night with the kids, and then in my room, and then because i could not sleep knowing my kids were far away, back with the kids. And I JUST perasan, that my children's room was an adjoining one. Adjoining to - a honeymooning couple. Bijak tak ?? I called the manager on duty at 2am and asked him the explanation for separating a family when there was an adjoining room there. Ngok ke apa. Anyway of course the manager said he did not know as he was not the one checking us in at the time. (btw the next day when I checked out I asked again and the lady in charge pun tak tau- habis sapa yang tau???)

The third and last day, got up , finished up all our cococrunch and milk and then went back to the beach. Really, the sea was wonderful. Warm, and calm, green and clear. No fish and no corals to bother your feet, and not crowded or dirty. As far as beaches and sea go, I would vote a 10 lah. If I come again I would probably smuggle myself to the beach even if I stayed elsewhere ha ha. Ramai matsalleh though who were probably puzzled at this family yang mana swim pakai tudung and also teeshirt and track bottoms! Sodding wet and with towels wrapped over heads, we must have looked funny next to the bikini ppl! Hehheeh

All too soon, it was time to go home. Nyaris tak miss the bus, the kids took so long to get ready. Once at the airport we rushed to get lunch (and breakfast) and then we rushed to check in (because took so long to eat haha) and this is the reason why we did not buy a single kain batik etc etc.

Oh well..back to reality where the s**t has hit the fan...hehehehe.


MrsNordin said...

Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed the holiday. Andaman is really lovely, ya? I've never stayed there before but had eaten at one of the restaurants. Mahal nak mampus, memang betul. But once in a while, it's ok... give yourself and the kids a treat. The sea is beautiful indeed... wish I was there last weekend too....

See you soon.

Superwomanwannabe said...

It was really good. Yah, splurge lah once in a while...lepas tu balik rumah, start the rat race again ha ha

when are you free for lunch woman.

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

SW, I stayed once kat Andaman..tu pun company trip - family day for our division. Yes, very nice, very posh and very quiet. Don't know about expensive sebab I didn't have to pay anything! :-)

Glad you had a great time. If I were you, I would force them to give me a room for my kids which is very very close by. I have done this many times before and usually I'd get my way. I will never agree to being separated 14 doors away, walaupun anak2 I dah teenagers.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Gina bestnya all expenses paid. Actually when you think of it , for 7 ppl, 2 meals of RM400 each were pretty ok lah kot..Beats eating Kenny rogers for half that price and food tak sedap.

Want to go again!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

And yeah , im not you. Im totally spineless. Hahaha

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...