Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can I have another day off


So yesterday I went off to the kampung for a wedding....took the japanese teacher along as she'd like to see a Malay wedding. Unfortunately half of the world must have weddings in rembau as well - the jam was fantabulously long! I took a whole extra hour to get there and when we reached there it rained cats, dogs, cows, etc etc! It was certainly an experience for me as that was the VERY FIRST TIME i drove back to Kampung UluTerap, Sepri, by myself . My "steering wheel" was operating on people and said I could wait for him but no guarantees that he'd make the wedding in time lar. I made it! Yay me! (Sorry tergedik sekejap)

So anyways....We reached there safe and sound. The drive was ok bar the jam and the episode of one cow crossing the road and suddenly deciding to stop and scratching his bum for good measure as if to tell us- you can honk all you like Mister, I ain't moving until I am goood and ready.

We stayed long enough to eat and showed sensei the kampung house (and the pool- which is green. deep green) and then went home. A bit worried as my parents did not turn up but decided to go home anyway. (I'm still trying to reach them today but they are not contactable)

Today's plan- bro in law and family have gone to Jalan T*A*R to shop. Asked me what I wanted kot. NOthing worse than TAR. Unless it's Genting*Highlands. Oh sorry., Gohtohland. However, the cable car ride was soo nice and worth the heartache that we got trying to queue for the cable ride. There were a lot of tourists and they had no concept of queing up and I had to actually tell one of them- hey everyone will get a ride lah! ThankGod we were locals as I think that was the reason the assistant pushed us into the cable car when the tourists were trying to hassle us. Hallo, we had 2 babies with us, and five kids!

Once you are up there you really feel like you are no longer in Malaysia. There was no effort (no obvious effort at least) to cater for the Malays, although I notice in KL and else where there are always non halal things, to ensure that everything is fair and square. But here, the fairness and the squareness was sooooooo missing. No signs in malay, no signs for surau. Does One malaysia only work one way then?

*Edit- not true- its just upon coming out from the cable car place that you see non halal places but inside , deep inside, there were fast food restaurants we can eat at. I think. Maybe next time ibawak picnic. haha..!

Aside from that, I think GH is actually not a bad place. The rides at the Themepark were respectable although I cannot see the sense of having a rollercoaster ride where only TWO people can go on at one time. The line for that, understandably was FANTASTICALLY long. Auntie Ati and the girls queued up for the Flying C*oaster but unfortunately it rained very heavily and they were turned away...

In the end we managed to go on exactly 2 rides. For RM300 thats not exactly worth it but never mind lah...the experience is certainly worth remembering! When it's not so crowded maybe I'll take the kids there again...and then they can play. Dad came home with a pounding headache from the spinning teacup ride (you pay good money to get a headache rupanye) hahaha....

At night we rushed to Cousin Azl*inn's wedding at Felda. One hour late but at least we got there! Stayed till 12 as cousins and uncles and aunties caught up with each other's news and posed for pictures and we sang happy birthday to first, the father of the bride, then, the uncle of the bride, our pak andak, then, everyone in the family whose birthday is this month.

Phew! Need a break from all these breaks!

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