Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Morning

Hey are things .

We got our Dahlia back...sister in law Zu kindly dropped her off at the office. Sisinlaw by the way is on a diet and exercise routine and as a result has gone thinner . She announced the other day that she was having a personal trainer and my response to that announcement was- to go have rib eye steak at the hitherto unvisited Victoria Station ha ha. Yeah, I DO have a psychological problem with other people dieting. It makes me hungrier.

My brother in law Fa*iz and family are here together with my sis in law Y*ati! Yay!! Not an easy feat to have them come up to we were talking about places to go..Genting High*land springs to mind. GH is ok just for the cable car ride alone, I think they have totally ruined the beautiful highlands by turning it into a theme park cum casino. As i was surfing the net to read about Genting attractions, I came across one that says Welcome to the Las Vegas of Malaysia. hhe we'll be going to the Las Vegas of Malaysia on Awal Muharram then! ha ha

So yeah hor, its Awal Muharram (New Year)...Mom in Law called to remind us to not forget to recite our prayers which Muslims are encouraged to recite at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year. They are deeply touching actually because you get closure at the end of the year and you tell yourself you are starting anew in the new year. No wonder in Islam NIAT or Intention is always must KNOW what you are doing and WHY you are doing it.

Ok lah the maid has fried kueyteow but as usual, done it in her own way ie used hot water to soften the noodles and therefore making it squishy . I have to rescue the kuey teow kejap. Byeeee....

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