Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Infidelity and Victoria Secrets

So...met up with this friend of mine over lunch and we talked about infidelity. Her husband had an affair with a younger girl. Like all out affair- like in some countries they would be stoned type of affair. Affair is one thing, but then the girl started to send the wife sms to leave her boyfriend alone. EH?? the world has gone truly topsy turvy when the gf is the nagging one and the wife is the calm one. The friend said at first she was distraught , then after a while, she decided all she could do was continue to be a good wife, send bucket loads of prayers up to God, and basically keep cool. Never did she tell him to choose, although she was so mega tempted. She also continued to support him financially and basically did everything in the How to be Dumb Wife guidebook.

But you know what ??

He left the gf!

And the GF is now sending smses begging him to leave his wife.

Sometimes there is a happy ending!

However, is there a happy ending for our married politician? The public has so far condemned the lady actress/secret wife in question for her hypocritical stand of not wanting to hurt people when obviously, the hurt had been done allready and if you truly did not want to hurt anyone, you would not be doing what you were doing in the first place. Crying that you donot want to hurt anyone just makes everyone wants to reach for the nearest bucket and hurl. Maybe she would not be attacked so much if the "not wanting to hurt anyone" line was not used.

But , we don't know what's going to happen, let's not judge too easily. I'm sure she is not a tart nor he a dirty old man ungrateful for the support that his faithful wife has given him all these years. For all you know it is indeed a love purer than pure and they will have a happy ending...he he he!!

Ok me watching Victoria Secret fashion show now. Nothing in Beyonce's show can rival the sexiness here and it's Beyonce's show that got cancelled? hehehe.

As usual when I see skinny people, I get hungry. Today was supposed to be the diet day . What did I eat?

Loaf- spaghetty pesto and roast chicken
Dessert- Godiva choc mint

Then berangan lah nak tahan not eating for dinner, but hubby was hungry so- Mc D.

My arm is bigger than both these girls' thighs. sigh...



irmz said...

Heyyy makan godiva without me!!! :P

Anonymous said...

I also want the godiva please, I want to live like a goddess. hehe.

fulltime mom

p/s hi commentor above me, how are you?

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