Tuesday, December 08, 2009


EDIT- I would like to say that I do take this seriously, I am having fun and I do have more knowledge that I actually let on. heheheh..this is because reading this post, I realise I sound like a total airhead! Why do I do that- so-so Japanese !


Why is it when I am so busy masa tu lah dapat inspirasi to blog???

there is no justice in the world

I wanted to tell you abt my mengaji test just now. Semalam ada reading and today ada writing. So I am now in Iqra 3. I allready ponteng so long during ramaadhan that I thought I sure tak dapat masuk balik infact I sendiri sendiri go and cancel myself. Sekali my friend sms- USTAZ suruh datang.

I pun meekly ikut...

So here I am end of Iqra 3 without doing half the book. Semalam reading and I have to pick out the hukum in the iqra...as in dalam sentence ni, mana hukum dia. Er...so far we learnt mad badal, mad silah, mad asli and hamzah domir, etc. As per my legal training, I go for another mad- mad bedal.


So the atmosphere in the room before the exam =- macam law degree. You have the makcik makcik reciting the rules fervently. As per my time in the Uni,. I go and kacau orang- eh Mad badal apa ah?? Hish hish hish...so anyway I was revising along quietly (read- I was listening to everyone else reciting the half remembered rules) and then we have to go one by one to the office to read. I read in front of a different ustaz who said to me, ok , where does the Mad comes from- Huruf mad keluar kat mana.

Ustaz!! No fair! I didn't remember that! Why don't you ask me where is the makhraj for RO or other letters- I can impress you with my memory powers..but that was such an unexpected question so I go -heh?? In my mind I was thinking- from the mouth?? (which turned out to be half correct ) , Suffice to say I bullshitted for England as they say and he sighed and let me go.

Today was the writing = 30 marks ok, and here I was grinning because hey, the questions were not that hard...until i flipped to the back which says- explain what you understand by mad badal and mad asli and tell us the difference and also give example.

Another "que?" moment. Or rather- NANI? Por favor?? APA BENDA? (me, the multilinguist)

So , with what I remembered, I managed to waffle for a total of FOUR paragraphs (they only gave 2 lines) ha ha...I don' tknow , siap ada note- please refer to the page below etc. Hope its not too wildly different from the answer the ustaz had in mind

The ustaz is rather scary. he is so small and tiny but he is rather ascerbic ...many ppl tak tahan and quit, ye lah dah tua kena marah, tak best lah kan..Segan gak. Depan dia, "ba" boleh jadi "ya", So scared I am of him that I write out the sentences in RUMi (roman) so that, when we get called to read, I would not suddenly forget HOW to read. It's been known to happen. I'd be very smooth 2 seconds before and even perasan enough to correct my neighbour's reading (eleh- tu pun tak reti ke) then it'd be my turn and hah kau ..tunggang langgang. or else tergaga

So just now I was trying to change my time...my slot is Monday to Tuesday afternoon. Ive missed quite a few on Tuesdays so I asked if i can do morning instead. The plus side would be I'd get a nicer ustaz he he..The management said ok, I can go on Monday 8-9 am- just tell yr ustaz.

When I TRIED to tell him..he said what is your problem. And I said sometimes I can't make it in time (because I'd be eating , Ustaz , is what I neglected to tell him) - usually because I'd be doing work ...so he said it's ok, you can still come even though you miss a lot of classes, just don't leave this class. (and he was so nice abt it pulak)

And I said- ???what do you think? I said - okay lah ustaz..nanti I cancel with the other ustaz okkkkkkk

I have no backbone....

Ok lah back to work



1na said...


* srooot *

Jap2 lap air mata sat hehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

haaaiiii hw r u? yeah it was rather kelakar actually..so nervous!!

1na said...

sorry sis, ampun...

cara sis cerita tu yg buat saya gelak sakan...

ampun yer :D

Superwomanwannabe said...

hehe ina- thanks!

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