Friday, December 04, 2009

Sara's 12 today!! (and kids in the house)


12 YEARS DAH you ni...sob sob..I no longer can get child rate for you sob sob..(hee hee ! Takda lah)- can't believe my daughter no 2 ni dah besar..soon akan jadi "lady" ..waaaa! They are aall growing up too fast!! I'm going to die alone!! waaaa! (ok where did THAT come from he he)

Anyway Sara is really special. She could not wait to be born and shot out at a few minutes to midnight and then worried me sick as she proceeded to froth at the mouth from minute 1 to until she was about 2 days old ! I had wanted to call her ZAHARAH. Mom vetoed it. Rhianna was because she was born in Shrewsbury near Wales and Rhianne is quite popular there. I nearly delivered her AT HOME ok, because our car was at the workshop and we had to get a lift from our neighbour (but he had an Audi so that was cool)

Sara-- as per 2nd born- is a MINAH KEMEMEH. Cembengggggggg je. Always admiring her big sister. She has her own strength and is very creative. She has a temper ! She also got hot tea poured over her when she knocked the jug over about 3 years back and still has the scar to prove it. Boy that was horrible, She was in so much pain.kesian dia. Sara is sensitive, and you cannot simply accuse her of whatever misdemeanour she would really try to stand up for herself. Standing up for yourself is really not a good idea when your mom is tired and has a headache, I keep telling the kids. All I want to hear when I am berletering /nagging is- yes mom, sorry mom.

Sara can sing too! She has a good voice and she is responsible towards her siblings. I have a feeling it would be Sara who looks after us in our old age ..

All in all. happy birthday Sara. we love you so very very much! And welcome to the world of big girls!

Yesterday there were nine kids in the house ! Can you imagine! On top of that, of all days, the TV died! And, the WII is still in the workshop! Plus! There was no Milo, biscuit, bread and JAJANs in the house!Plus! Gas habis!!! How how??

I was at home, drafting something that really, should have taken me half a day to do rather than the 4 days it did (not counting the weekend ok since it was impossible to cram work into the khatam!) . I was not satisfied with the work and kept going at it and tinkering with it until I thought it was the closest to what my client wants! In fact if I had more time I would have tinkered with it SOME MORE! Since my lunch meeting panned out (due to my client's meetings which did not finish in time for lunch) - I ended up staying home the entire day! Which is probably a good thing since it was very meriah! Genki desu! Kaid was up and down sweeping and cleaning ! Dia kan pengemas! Without the TV the kids got very creative and there were skateboards flying in the living room,camping using towels and sheets over chairs, spa and hair washing sessions going on upstairs and even papier mache!

Later that night we took the kids (sans Umar, sorry Umar) to Karaoke- redbox sogo. The reason being- TAK MASAK! Redbox came with dinner and for RM200 for 9 of us , not bad lah kan. The kids conquered the mic, and knew the lyrics to all the songs I chose for them and even asked for some songs I have not heard of - and they had a ball with Black Eyed Peas. I ingat our family je lah yang bawak budak..rupanya RAMAI BUDAK...Bapak dia,TIDOR . He has been so busy lately, baguslah dia dapat rest .

I tried singing gak lah..suara dah takda ..ada hati lah nak nyanyi lagu Aishah...Terlanjur Bercinta..which in 1994 I sent to my husband through the post when I was in Malaysia waiting for him to come back and marry me allready. Recommended song to send to bf yang susah nak commit ni- it says biarlah beralas adat ...basically sampai billa nak berendut ni, you usung I kiri kanan..oi, kawin je lah. Something like that. heheheheh

Today I just sent Zu (sisinlaw)children to their grandmother's house. So my kids tinggal berlima (ooops sorry ada Umar, KitchenGuardian's son) I wonder what activity they will think of today. TV dah ada pengganti but WII still in the shop. Plus it's raining. I'm sure they will get creative


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Happy Birthday, Sara!

mama cunn said...

Happy Birthday Sara. Dah besar dah budak "montel" nih. Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki oleh Allah swt. Semoga jadi anak yg baik dan berjasa pada kedua ibubapa...insyaallah. Have a blast today!!

Kitchen Guardian said...

Happy birthday sara! and tankiu mama sara sbb tolong babysit umar! sib baik tak bawak umar piu redbox...he will snooze like the mother!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dearest Sara!

Much love from aunty FTM and family.

Sara Rhianna Yasmin (B'day GIRL!!) said...

Mommy... I don't ADORE or ADMIRE Kak LOng. She just states opinions without an invitation!!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...