Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Blog (before the madness sets in)

Best sebenarnye ada blog nih, you can talk to yourself and membebel entah hapa hapa and no one is going to yawn in your face, or as happened to me , have your friends start mumbling to themselves while you are trying to tell her how cute you think that classmate of yours is (he's gone on to be a film director and no , he is no longer cute- his paunch is bigger than my husband ha ha) Anyways...blogs are fun too because you get to pretend you are that hotshot author which you would be if your parents had not persuaded you to be a lawyer (thus saving you from the certain rejection by publishing companies and heartbreak)

Aside from Blog I guess everyone is FB-ing now. FB is fun too, the only thing is, not everyone of your "friends" are friends you want your status to be shown to. I've just discovered that if you comment on someone's status, all her friends who you do not know , will also know of your comment. So FB is NOT a place to put comments that you do not want others to find out or make fun of, I think lah. Unless your "Friends" are really your friends. Eg- "Nak carik girlfriend lah!" says my cousin- when his Friends include his relatives and uncles and cousins hehe. Or "Boy, Clients SUCK big time!" when, said clients are ALSO on your friends list. You CAN stay away from updating your status box but I just cannot resist that blank space ..just waiting to be filled up.

You can tell this is going to be a merepek post too huh. I lost a follower today waaaaah, (sorry I am vain like that). I'm waiting for a decent hour to go fetch my kids from my brother's place- they've been there FOUR dayss..dah lah tu. Of course, Johan did not want to come home, he's having too much fun with Yasser and his PSP - so you know what I did?? I told him we were going bowling ! Now he wants to come home! I have stooped so low....

My other kids are ok - Sophia lately does not want to follow us unless we can tell her where we are going. She'd rather be on the computer checking out what Myley is doing. Sigh...They are so spoiled..last weekend for her b-day, we took Sara and her friends to AEON Jusco Setiawangsa- eh not bad lah. Got SongBox, got Baskin Robbins and most importantly, got Bouncy castle that if I was allowed kan, I definitely would have gone in. Definitely. Also got BigApple donut. The kids (I had 12 with me then, ok) all watched the mamak bangla buat donut..somehow after that i terus taknak makan donut haha. Not racists tapi macam tak bersih lah depa buat. dengan kain buruk, dengan tepung kat tu ke?

Maid is ok, bossy as always. She can't stand that I have a lot of food and I don't finish them before I cook some more. sometimes kids don't want to eat the rendang so have to cook ayam goreng or something liek that.She was telling me don't buy more fish if you have not used up the old ones- I told her, have to lah, otherwise I will not have the time and the fridge will be empty if I wait until everything is finished. She is generally okay, but irritating lah sikit because she knows all kan. And today she burnt my pants - I keep reciting to myself- "otherwise you'll be doing laundry yourself, otherwise you'll be laundry yourself"

oH! She has a health problem lah..without going into too much details, she needs to be checked out. I just hope surgery is not involved or else I have to either treat her here (which is probably possible) or send her home (which seems quite heartless to me but maybe practical)

Ok lah. Now that it'snearly 7 I can get ready to go to my brother's house without him thinking that I am an overprotective anxious mom.


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