Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weekend Mania

So where did you go last weekend?

I was thinking of going to the beach, so I looked up Port Dickson. I know, the beaches there are nothing to speak of, but that's the nearest to us that's halfway decent. Unless the beaches in Sepang have greatly improved lah. Last time we went to Bagan Lalang Sepang the sea was murky the beach was sludge and construction was going on.

ALL the hotels in PD were booked!

Same went for the hotels in Lumut!SwissDamai had a room for RM980! Sis in law and family went (they booked earlier) and we considered joining but too late to go out . In the end we went to my mom's house.

Asked my parents and brother to come with us to PD (still wanted to see the sea) but then Dad wanted to go to Fraser's Hill. We compromised and went to....Sunway Pyramid!!.

Kids' demand, of course. Everyone wanted to iceskate. Me, I parked my bum at Pizzahut. Dad teringin nak makan pizza of all things much to the chagrin of mom , who wanted to try out the many interesting restaurants there!

Ya Allah Sunway ramai nye orannnnnngggg.. I hate crowds .Absolutely hate crowds . You couldn't iceskate, you could just icecrawl..ha ha. Ada this girl trying to practise her fancy moves (I think she was showing off haha) but then she couldn't because there were just too many people!

I noticed there were a few types skating. The couple, where the girl would be hanging on the bf's hand for dear life, and then there were the friends , who would all link hands and skate (or wobble) together , blocking everything in sight and annoying the heck of other ppl ha ha, then there were also the kids who were veteran skaters, who would just skate while looking bored. And then of course there were the experts who would run basically on the rink.

Then my dad wanted to eat seafood so off we went to Klang...on the way we stopped by to visit my husband's uncle. He has had a stroke and my parents had not seen him for a long time. My father looked affected by his friend's illness and was quiet for a while after (Not easy to get him quiet ha ha).>Thank you though to F and family as they brought out drinks etc eventhough we were there only for short while. Inilah Malaysians. No one takes "no, I won't have that drink, don't trouble yourself" dialogue seriously. Everyone just serves you drinks and food and I love that abt us!

Klang was nice, crowded again. What did I expect though for a Saturday! We went to Tanjung Harapan and had seafood by the Muara. Food was slow but the view was good-we saw ships docked and one was pulling out. The food came one by one and by the time the last one was served I was actually SLEEPING. I was so tired I could not keep my eyes open (all that pizza hah) and apparently the steamed bawal was nice.

Dropped my parents off and went home...all in all, a good day..

Although my auntie fell at JayaJusco and broke her wrist so not a good day for her.

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