Tuesday, December 28, 2010

kota bahru

Am back from KB. Pix in husband's camera and otherwise posted in FB . It was good, the weather held for the 3 days we were there. My Japanese friend was impressed and said finally she felt she was in another country ha ha. The tour guide was so good, Farez. He picked us up, sent us to the chalet, sent us to the Wedding (Mily and Rushydan) and organised a few choice tour spots for us. The trouble is we had kids so the tour activities had to be modified a little bit from Jalan ke Pasar Katijah, ke swimming at PCB etc, tengok ikan keli, tengok beruk, makan tepi sungai...simple things that to us KLites..are very jakunifying. (menjakunkan)

The Pasir Belanda resort is Aplus plus plus over the plus lagi kau.. it was a very good choice. It was quiet, green, set in the middle of kampung, but got hot water aircond and tv and tea coffee making facilities boleh tak ha ha.

Ok lah i ni ada kerja sebenarnya...so sat lagi sambung ok...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Obsession with As

PMR results came out yesterday. I was officially "on leave" as I wanted to sort out certain school stuff. Like books and uniforms and also there was Nadine's PMR results to be taken!! She had smsed me from Yemen to say TEXT ME AS SOON AS YOU GET IT MUMMY!! or something like that...I went at 11.30 - rasa berdebar debar macam I pulak exam heh! Semua gather in the conference room.

I was just in time to hear the announcement that the excellent students who scored was first Amira (8A) then Nadine (7A) and another girl with 6 A . The rest were 6As and below. The school didn't have berpuluh orang score all As because the school only had about 18 kids taking PMR! Parents ada yang disappointed, ada yang redha.

I was soo over the moon for Nadine. The dad siap texted everyone, ok, all members of the family even yang lama tak contact dapat sms from dad. I was mega ecstatic because she didn't attend tuition until like mid last year and I never saw her study. We called her immediately! She was upset! Because her B was in Pendidikan Islam and Arab! The 2 subjects she always scored in he he. And budak ADni dapat B in pendidikan islam meh?? And also Amirah got more than her! So the teacher told me to ask for a revision of her 2 papers, as once an Adni student asked and got his grade bumped up from C to A. Ye ke. Ok je lah.

Then as the day went by I read there were many many scorers of 8As in the land, and suddenly Nadine's achievement felt average!..although I was very proud of her (we ALL are) it didn't seem special with so many getting perfect score ..half of certain schools scored 8As. Until Dad of Six pointed out that (a) she is in private school which traditionally gets marked down, and (b) she has not had the advantage of aggressive revision programmes that normal schools carry out to ensure that their kids dapat all As. And Adni has never been aggressive. They prefer a holistically well developed child. Kalau 19 A tapi tak reti borak dengan orang tua, how? Or don't know how to think out of the box, how?

And come to think of it. I totally agree. That is why punkan we made the financially painful decision to send them there.. We want them to be able to develop other skills, character, and values. I also stress that they must understand and LEARN for the sake of learning and not for the sake of passing exams. I did the latter and really , I remember very little about what the heck I learn. However, even in Adni , they don't actually seem to be "learning"- more rote learning which I so want to avoid, but does anyone really love learning, at that age? Only those deprived of education will really appreciate it , but the kids where school is a must, susah nak tanam semangat cintakan ilmu. I don't want to stress on academic excellence... On the other hand, if our children do not do well , they will not have many options available to them...their choices will be limited.So kena gak emphasis the academic excellence! How ye.

Now it hits us that Nadine is growing up and we need to determine her future soon! We have decided that she should also take the GSCEs (Cambridge) as well as the SPM. SPM sebab nak dia be within the system ,and I know she can do well. GSCEs to give her more choices later...Her sisters pun lah , insyallah kalau ada ongkos nya, kita give both chances. Or do you think we are putting additional pressure on them. Ikut Sara and Sophia depa nak English medium je, ie NO SPM and PMR langsung.

Ok lah better get back to work! Have a good weekend all! We'll figure out this soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

what we've been up to

Quick one:

1. Had Gill and Russ and their 2 kids over for dinner last week. Gill was my flatmate at Uni all those years ago. I wanted to try staying independently and away from my mom's cousin with whom I had been staying for a whole year. Gill remembers meeting me for the first time as I entered the flat and cheerily said HII IM SHILA and there I was with my scarf and there they were all drunk on cider and giggling away- all four minahsallehs. I had a nice time there nonetheless, and became close to two of them in particular , gill and helen. Then I heard Gill and husband had come down to Malaysia to teach and they stayed for 8 years and apart from once or twice, we didn't really make the effort to meet. Tu lah, kan, once dah within reach you take it for granted. Then they moved to Oz and they missed Malaysia and they are spending their Xmas hols here, so we met up for dinner. Simple nasi putih and lauk pauk affair. They missed Msia but I said the Msia you miss is probably not the Msia most people here know ha ha since they are expats kan. But they don't really relate to Aussies or England anymore they said !

2. Then had M and family for dinner- that was nice, we had a nice chat and ate and ate..sorry lah M simple je nasi ayam. We know the family and would look forward to chinese new year do ha ha. And M dulu tak sesebok sekarang, so we could go and have a makan makan. or minum minum.

3. Then my cousin, Amily got married. Thursday was the doa selamat, Saturday was the akad nikah, and Sunday was the reception at MKayangan. Doa Selamat, we went dah habis (biasalah) and makan makan je lah sempat. Saturday the Akad Nikah went well....Amily looked so sweet and I cannot believe she is someone's wife hu hu hu! And then we spent some time helping auntie assemble the door gifts - which was a tissue/pencil/make up cloth bag and to be filled with 1. cake 2.two mentos 3. one choc. There was an assembly line of sorts involving our children and cousins and even aunties, doing this. And to top it all my auntie the bride's mom wants us to separate light and dark colours because the dark was for the men, the light for the women. Since this was the same day as the dinner with M, I was anxious to go off and start dinner! Tapi the heart cannot reach lah (tak sampai hati ) to leave them ..hehehehe

4. The wedding on Sunday...we were the MC...we went to the rehearsal at 10. We stopped by the office to print the script only to find that the printer failed to print. then we went anyway to the rehearsal, and then the bride and groom were sorting cake etc etc out and not practising and Im freaking out because the wedding was at 12.45 hello.....and then we managed to get the rehearsal going and we shot out of there around 11. cause I had to buy my baju kurung cause I didnt have anything in silver at all and husband suggested I wear my work clothes which is grey. Ha ha. So off we went to Ampang Park and within 2 minutes I got my baju kurung and was about to go off but then my husband lak hilang so I had to wait and by the time we left AP it was close to 11.30 and we went to the office to print again (the modem was not on that was why) and I had to redraft sikit and then we rushed home, both of us promising not to mandi, as we don't have time. Kids were ready by the time we reached home tapi i thought i could quickly shower while husband looked for his baju melayu. And then husband lak mandi - the problem is this is Nadine's dad so maaaacam nadine. So finally got out of the house 12.30 and freak out cause the agenda that I was holding said "pengantin turun 12.45" as in the bride and groom scheduled to go into the hall in exactly 15 mins. And then there were cars ahead of us which were obviously enjoying the Sunday because they were so slow and husband refused to overtake so in the end I closed my eyes, thought of God and gave up.

Arrived and rushed while husband parked the car. Phew!nasib baik Malaysians being Malaysians the timing lari as the Imam nak makan dulu so finally started about 1.10. And then Dr MC made the whole thing memorable by announcing the pengantin was coming in accompanied by PALUAN KAMPUNG hahahahah instead of paluan kompang so everyone outside laughed and he was cool as anything (if it was me I would have pengsan there and then) and it went well...and then we mingled with the MANY MANY MANY guests and had fun meeting my sedaro dari rombau ni haaa tak kona ko anak pakcik kasim kau! he he he. It was fun.

5. Went home, had arranged for dinner with mom's siblings, felt bad cause we never go and see them so invited them out for dinner. and before that had a quick nap and the next thing i knew the girls were screaming at us to wake up (ok slight exaggeration) and it was 9.30 pm and everyone was AT the dinner except for us. So we rushed again hi hi hi- managed to have about one hour with them. thanks for waiting ....

All in all a good night , a good week but god today I demam. ! BUT! Malam ni my friend from England yang kawin orang Canada and datang tanah tumpahdaranya (dia malaysian) and nak jumpa so husband kata ajak ke rumah groaaan ..and I am looking forward tapi tak larat sikiiiit je he he.

Byeee then..off to work I go.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


In another 3 weeks my daughter will be home with us!

She's having a fantastic time over there..pi jalan sini lah, sana lah, go see the Red Sea lah, go to see historical buildings lah., Aden lah. Taiz lah, macam macam. Pi Yemeni wedding lah ...best tol.. kalauu call tak pernah bunyi sad, selalu bunyi excited ha ha.

today her voice is gone. She has missed class again. sebb demam..kecian.

Kitorang? we are a mess of course. We miss her loads hahahaha! takda sapa nak nag kan, in the morning. Eldest now is Sara although most sensible is Dahlia.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hilang hilang

This has been a funny week- and it's only Wednesday!

On Sunday I took the kids out to KLCC sans the dad. I picked up a "dokoh" which I had managed to break. I don't wear jewelry normally but I remember buying this for a fancy dinner and of course since I am an elephant when it comes to jewelry, I managed to putus kan the chain. Thank goodness Ang Eng was willing to repair for free, and I went to get it back from the store.
" (yeah i didn't know this was called Dokoh either)

Then of course lah I might as well drop in to Arzu right.. A friend had told me that they sell the serkups (whats that in English?) that you wear to cover your hair under the scarves only for RM50 for FOUR~! Wow! I memang was looking for it pun. I had decided to go back to wearing those square scarves I used to wear at Uni, instead of the oh so comfortable styles nowadays which you can just put on. (which is convenient but apparently makes me look like the makcik potong rumput . ) and those scarves are sometimes transparent and those serkups are perfect.

So any way then we headed towards ISe*tan, my Arzu bag in hand (and the dokoh bag in that) and the kids wanted to see toys and I was looking at Jojo's tshirt at the Miki section bla bla bla, the end is that , I balik je rumah every plastic bag ada except the one containing the serkup and the dokoh. Carik lah dalam kereta, outside, etc etc TAKDA- the next day I went back to the shop- tak da..I was positive that it was at the MIki tshirt counter when I was looking at the tshirts. And takda.

So kira..takda rezeki lah kan? Ok lah, redha...

Then this morning pulak! My gelang takda. Freak out because I know it has a loose clasp and I know also that I had been meaning to take it off to keep it in a safe place. It must have fallen off. Freak out no 1 because it was a 40th birthday present and freak out no 2 is , the night before I was at a lot of places so there could be a 1001 places it could have fallen off and of course I was kicking myself for not actually taking it OFF . I spent a good part of the morning calling the places I was at including Mak B's place where we had the fantastic get together (as always! with loaads of food). Semua kata sorry tak da

Again, I prayed ..if really it is my rezeki, let me find it. The giver was not too happy but philosophical about it and definitely against the idea of me scouring the roadside at maghrib to look for it.

I came home, and guess what. My maid said she found it. I was sooo happy. But you know where she found it? in a sachet, in my drawer, in my room. My maid said she didnt know where else to look , so she opened my drawer and rummaged through and she opened everybox and lo and behold, she found it!Rupanye I had kept it after all! Of course she said she found it lying outside but actually NOW i remember it was INSIDE the box. Which meant she had opened it.

I was happy she found it (i gave her 10 bucks!) but I think it was SOOO not right that she felt ok with opening my drawers! I really don't know how to react or feel, but I told her I don't quite like her feeling so free to rummage through my stuff like that! Even though I was happy that she found it!> This was like the other day when she cleaned up my closet. I felt glad that the closet was clean but i didnt like that she felt it was ok to do it! I mean, she straightened up my inner clothes, she opened all the cupboard- who does that?? I think from now on I will open her closet lah! Can or not??

Anyway that is the story lah this past 2 days. Ashik terhilang barang je. Must go put head back straight back on...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Clingon aka post merapu

Ada tak any petua how not to be clingy to husband?

I have been married about 17 years (this January yay!) and I still think of him alll the time. Like ALL the time. Like, if I meet my friends for lunch etc his name is guaranteed to come up. I joke that he actually comes to all my functions in spirit.

And I call him all the time. Ok lah that's not quite true, but let's put it this way ok- if I get through the day without calling him he's going to ask me if I was allright. I am MUCH better nowadays, I only call him like twice at the very most ha ha. Sometimes it's inane things like I miss you, half the time it's "please call Pakcik bas, dia tak ambik anak kita harini". I don't keep as many numbers as he does (ok excuse je tu nak call) - most of the time it's where are you?

And this is not because he is mega cute or mega rich or what. We knew each other since Uni days kan...odds are that we probably will get bored with each other. But I haven't. I do check if he's bored (and that by the way ladies, sound sooo pathetic when you actually ask the question- are you bored with me yang?) hahahahha so don't do it! But he said I am his entertainer (yah me, born comic) . Apparently he said he looks forward to seing me at the end of the day.

I just reread this post- eer yucksss!! Im sure my kids are reaching for the bucket allready ha ha. Anyway they always ask why we lock the door all the time. I tell them...Nothing's going on kids, we just want to sit and chat without you guys barging in all the time hahahahah! Yes we do speak very softly so you can't hear us. And it's not ALL the time.

You know Giuliana and Bill? I love watching them.. I know, part of me think OH SHALLOW nye aku...but it's fun the way they interact...he's so accommodating to her and she's such a whiner. Kind of remind me of us really. hahaha

Eh what is the point ni ha? Oh yeah I want to be less clingy and more independent. Ok I am allready v independent. But I want him to not know how obsessed I am with him, can tak. So dia tak da lah ego sangat. I mean, there is this lady at his hospital who is an Indonesian lady yang kaya raya rayaaaaaa..pakai Omega Constellation watch and nice suits. And tak pakai tudung , rambut blow and short bob, and slim and pakai pants suit and sometimes skirt pendek and look young and also so trendy the mendy. I envy her style..and half of me think laki aku tengok Makcik stylo ni kat office dia, sekali balik tengok makcik frumpy kat rumah sure tak best kan? heheheheh. Plus makcik frumpy yang macam clingy. Not from the I think he's going to cheat on me angle, but rather from I want him to admire me angle.

So ...any ideas?? Hahhaha sorry lah post merapu.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Late posts- Sara's day...

Goodness..it's been a whole week since the last post!! What's wrong with me?? I had a lot to talk about though, Sara's birthday lunch , and then there was Dahlia falling sick, and then there was my BNI meeting , but macam tak da mood nak bukak the pc to blog.

Sara had another party lunch the next day. We went to Delicious cafe (I'll call it "D" ok) ...for a long time it was just us the family at the table. waiting for the others to arrive! Everyone was about an hour late, and I don't think the demonstration about the water tariffs helped. I was just thinking waaah Malaysia ni kira ok lah kan in terms of freedom of speech and how clever we are to demonstrate - then I found out the protest was organised by the opposition party (now the governing body)

Anyway hoped Sara enjoyed herself at D, the live band sang her happy birthday song...and D gave her a pic to take away..Food at Delicious was great...very kenyang. Only one friend of sara could come..apa rah. Nasib baik my brother Saiful and his family, and husband's brother Epa and his family, whose daughters and mine are really close friends, could come!- In the end it was an intimate family lunch. Dah habis we all went to Jadibatik...at Jalan Inai and terus started to paint tshirts. Mula mula Yasser and Johan didn't want to sebab tak macho lah kan... but in the end they were enjoying themselves as well. They get to trace the pic on the tshirt, then applied wax ("Canting") on it and then paint it! I just picked the tshirts up semalam from the shop (You have to let it dry) - cantekk! Once they all dry they look so professional!Husband pun buat..he did a huge one with all our names on it. With 11 people concentrating and drawing it did take some time...last sekali mr doctor yang nak melukis sekali tu..design sendiri lak tu. I panicked lah sebab the shop closed at 6 but of course husband cannot be rushed....last last I and the kids duduk kat dalam kereta...sbb kalau hang around at the shop I can see the staff just waiting for us to leave allready! hehehehehe! It's my friend's shop and his auntie was so nice and attended to us personally.

So that was her day...I hope she enjoyed it!

Monday, December 06, 2010

my facebook status if only i dont have clients as friends...

These are some of the status that I am so tempted to put up on Facebook, but now cannot cause kena maintain cool:

1. Am soooo sleepy.

2. I want to eat milo, can?

3. I hate my clients

4. Husband , if you say 6 pm, do you mean - in europe?

5. I am so lazy today.

6. Am feeling fat.


Sara was 13!!

Sara turned 13 last Saturday!!

The day itself went by without any celebration on our side, since I was away attending a workshop and husband was working. Husband reached home first and there was a bit of a confusion as to whether we were going to meet outside ke or me to come home first, or what. In the end I decided to go home first lah ---which was a big mistake because once dah sampai rumah the tiredness of the whole day caught up with me and I SLEPT until Maghrib - a tearful Sara with a small voice woke me up sebab janji nak bawak keluar tapi mummy mengdengkur je!!

So anyway malam we took her to her restaurant of choice. Not fair to ask these kids cause they don't exactly read food blogs right so they don't know where the good restaurants are. Sara chose Marche the place we had been to once with the Adom clan (that was fun) as well as the Sudin clan! Amazingly we got a table with a huge banner saying Happy Birthday at the back! It was so appropriate! Dinner was good, anak I memang pandai bab bab pilih food nih, although not too many choices. Marche punya concept macam buffet, you choose what you want to eat, and then they mark it on your passport and then you pay sendiri sendiri ..kalau nak makan ramai ramai it is a good way to avoid the awkwardness of who is going to take up the tab. Senyum lah sikit si Sara....Sophia tak berapa sehat tapi so she was a bit sleepy...Daya of course was alert as anything and "got" the system immediately.

And the next day...took her for lunch at Delicious 2 residency. One friend je yang boleh datang, the rest ada plans lain yang tiba tiba je crop up, cish tak boleh buat janji tol..

- sambung

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hurt feelings everywhere

I have decided that I am totally useless at handling feelings. And today was a feeling day. It never rains but it pours they say.

1. Hurt feelings between good friends (not me ok) who used to be equal at work and now one thinks the other one talks down at her and thinks that the other one is perasan she is so good. Probably right too about the attitude but I think this must be a common problem when friends get promoted eh? Am torn between telling off friend A for being such a bossy boot and slapping friend B for being such a sensitive person.

2. Hurt my daughter's feelings today , when I came home to find out that three solats were missed ...and later she told me everyday I am telling her how disappointed I am with her. First, I said sorry for hurting her feelings, and second I said, while I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, what did she expect, balloons?? I have high expectations of my Islamic school educated children about meeting her prayers..it's not easy ...and if they don't meet the standard, I would be upset. ..but the disappointment is with the behaviour and not the person. You are also NOT compared to anyone else in the family, ok. You are special but you are NOT going to get away with computer games and WII the entire holiday and expect me not to say anything about it. Why can't they self monitor?

3. Hubbs very distracted today. Came to get me like at 9 pm and then won't talk to me, instead , busy fiddling with the handphone...I asked many times what went wrong and what happened but he said it was ok. This from the man who told me yesterday that I was the calm oasis in his life!! And now, evasive. Oh well, I will leave him to it...I'm sure he will open up when he feels ready to do so....Though I wonder what it is....?? I think he is too penat lar...

Hope tomorrow brings more sunshine!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

What we did this weekend.

What a crazy weekend! The one thing we did NOT do was have a lie in..a delicious lie in , while the rain pours outside..sigh....maybe next weekend pulak. This weekend I did what I most hated in the world to do- be amongst CROWDS.

On Saturday a friend called me for a date, she wanted to give me something. So out I went at half past 8 to meet her, then we went for breakfast at a warung...I had nasi dagang and she had nasi kerabu. Not bad, that warung at Wangsa maju, flies infested but ramai orang!

Then we went home, I had promised the kids a trip to Petrosains. Off we went (about ONE HOUR behind schedule because as usual they waited until I got home and started jadi SARJAN baru nak bertaburan lari) and we arrived at KLCC in due time...headed terrruuuuuuus to...bukan Petrosains, but TGV ....sebab on the way the 4 girls said eh jom tengok Tangl*ed! I am a sucker for (a) cartoon and (b) romantic stories so memang lah saya sokong 100% nak tengok wayang Tangled tu....tengok tengok ada ticket! Tak pernah I queue sebelum ni and terus dapat..

So after appeasing the girls (I had 3 with me) we went to Petrosains to appease the boys (also 3) .. unfortunately!! Kalau beli ticket now, we could only go in at 4. Hmm movie ends 4.20 . So how? So cannot lah! The boys had a back up plan which was ....Kino!! (The other plan was Petrosains kedai souvenir - small space - er no no)

So off we trundled (which means in my head, jalan ramai ramai in an disorganised manner) to Kino.....and they had fun reading and buying books, despite my suggestions to get new books, they wanted the books that they had been reading, and in some cases, almost finishing pun...Oh well...sekali sekala....

Then off we went to makan....at Kampung Pulau Pinang ha ha.. Good food except they forgot Sara's ORDER which was so kesian kat dia, dia makan lah adek dia punya leftover...(adek Johan bukan adek Sophia) . I hope i didn't put my friend off having kids. Ever.

Tangled was great!! The kids enjoyed it! Hubby wanted to come but only called me when the movie was over so tak payah ler....Then found out my 2nd brother yang LAMA MENGHILANG diri tu, was also in KLCC so I marched over there to where he is, smacked him one for not coming to visit his youngest brother in that big house...alowwwwnnnnnee (kesian nye ada kaklong scary camni) and then they all came to the house for dinner and then I zonked out at 9 and I didn't even see them go!

That was my Saturday......


Sunday ..began with husband being excited about going to MAHA and waking everyone up. Ok lah kitorang bangun pun subuh tauuuu tapi takdalah nak terus mandi siap kan...but he was very keen to go visit this agriculture show yang dengarnye ada pets and petting zoo and some animals. I was very excited to go anywhere with him actually physically present so I woke the kids up too. About 2 HOURS later we got going ...only to find the car swerving to the HOSPITAL because he has to discharge some patients. My kids never minded going to the hospital because they always have a ball of a time at the MYnews shop, beli air lah, makan lah, magazine lah..tunggu bapaknye 20 minit je tapi spend RM50. This time around I made them bring their own money..but actually I can't lah make them pay for their cream puff and their milo and their juice etc. As we were munching away dad came back and off we went for MAHA....

Tengok tengok JAM teruk at Serdang! The UPM toll was chocka! We followed the road signs to Maha show and amazingly for the first time, the signs were right! And the sign to turn was not placed AT the very junction that they want us to turn into! Kan, selalunye nampak sign dah too late to turn. Anyway it was a craaaaaaaaaaaawllll to get into the parking area. Husband pulak, chose the furthest parking spot. One thing about hubby he hates it when I moan about parking being too far. I hate walking he knows THAT. But he thinks he is being heroic or else he is weak if he tries to find a parking spot nearer to the entrance..So we walked laaa jauh ...nasib baik ada tram. Tu pun he masam kena naik tram..but jauh siyut....(to borrow my cousin brother's term)

MAHA2010 ni, you don't know where to start first. The tram offloaded us at this area, a lot of people were crowding around. there were also some stalls, selling kueh to broadband. At the other side I could also see some other stalls selling plants. Where to go first?? Toilet, of course! But there were 4 rows deep of people waiting to go in to the TOILET so that was out. I had nooo idea where to start. U know, I have No initiative. I MUST have instructions. So the idea of them placing lots of random stalls and exhibitions and say- good luck and have fun! - not very happy with that. I found out eventually (by taking the map) that there were some halls ..to which you have to walk (mooan moan)...husband asked me what was wrong as I was very quiet as we walked up in the humid air and my non pespiration absorbing headscarf...I was quiet because I was thinking..if I can't take the heat HERE, how on earth am I going to tahan in Mekah?? Ramainye...humid nye...I hate crowds... What if I moan and moan and cannot stop?? Waaa..

Once we got in (to the aircond) MAHA was actually fun! Hall A and Hall D je we managed to visit. With 5 kids in tow pulak today, we couldn't walk too far. Sara was wearing her riding boots so they were hurting her feet so half the time she went barefoot. We had mega fun in Hall A where they sold a lot of things...they sold fish (and we borongggggggg-- ikan kerapu, ikan bawalmas, sotong besar besar (which I have grilled and squeezed lemon over) ) and also kerang , shells yang you tak pernah nampak kat pasar (lagi lah I, yang tak pergi pasar ) - yang tak pernah jumpa kat Giant pun. I beli pes tempoyak dari Pahang untuk buat ikan patin masak lemak tempoyak- thought I was so clever until husband tanya- kenapa tak beli je tempoyak? ErkS?? a-ah yek???

Seronok nye membeli!! Hall A is where you will learn (and buy) about Boer goats, fish , produce etc...made me very proud of our Agriculture Ministry!

The one thing that I was immensely glad about was that we finally OPENED our tabung haji account!! Yayyyy!!! There was a stall by Tabung Haji can you believe it!! Yelah MAHA tu pun MAHA KUASA....HE knows kitaorang ni tak pernah sempat buat ....niat je ada...so HE put the stall depan mata! Walaupun hanya RM2 sorang..I'm so happy satu family dah bukak..padahal the HQ tu so lah the dekat..tak pernah ada masa to go. And once we sat down to apply, ramai lak datang... Now I have to find a way to go to Haj earlier than 2035 (boy I would be 60) .

Satu je complain...Hall D had this huge huge food court. Tempat makan depa too big. and not enough chairs and tables. No one would give up their table for the poor lady with 5 children (husband got stuck watching roticanai exhibition) I had to hang around one table where a chinese couple was enjoying their food and instead of waiting like a hawk for them to finish (tempted to do that), I asked them if they minded that I wait there...sorry lah so rude. There was another couple also eating. So we started talking and they were there to buy orchids and yeah they're tired too and yes RM18 for the bawal IS cheap.

And a lot of people came to sit and got shooed away by me except lah this Indian guy who was limping (one leg shorter than the other) and I first told him I had booked the table then I felt like a total heel , so I told him to sit down because Sophia Yana and Yaya and husband were still queing up for the nasi ayam anyway (strange tau, stall lain kosong, the nasi ayam stall PANJANG line dia) ...he sat down , then his friend who was with him, didn't dare to sit , and instead put his plate on the RUBBISH BIN!!! (u know, the tall green one) that was behind us, and tried to eat standing up. ADA KE??? So I told him to don't be so ridiculous,. duduk je lah!! And they sat very apologetically (WHY LAH???) Maybe they were immigrants. Or cleaner. Who cares lah,duduk lah je I kesian you tu ada disability. Sara and JOhan were with me , but dah tertidur dah. Sara dah miserable sebab kaki sakit.

So since its 1.22am now, I better wrap up this drama minggu ini, basically, we decided to call it a day even though we wanted to see so much more...it was starting to rain... we walked back in the rain to the car...not without stopping to buy 5 baloons , 3 of them spongebob, ..beli lagi kan??? Husband walked back (hero kan) with 3 bags of ikan dan lain lain ....taknak tunggu I take the car around to him...

The kids zonked out in the car (me too) . I was flat out BUT!! Apparently we had been invited to visit a friend's do for his daughter ..so we went (at 9 pm) and just got back....sigh

TOmorrow can I have the day off boss?? (Or rather today) he he he..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi ! Mak was here


So lama tak update.

Mak and abah were here last week. They brought a lot of beef, (funny, it looked a lot, but now it's almost gone! Forgot my family is so huge) And mak cooked nasi minyak yummmmmmmm... and have forgotten my diet. We called brother in law (it was his birthday after all) and his family. Then we went to Mak Mas' house that very night at midnight to return to Mak mas the bajukurung I borrowed from her for her son's wedding. Not that I don't have a bajukurung in purple, just that I didn't have a baju kurung in purple that FIT me. Tu yang kena pinjam tu. And the sad thing is, my auntie is makcik size lah kan..and now I can wear her clothes. And it was so comfy. Sigh sigh sigh

Anyway. That was on a Monday or Tuesday. 22nd anyway. Then the next day my inlaws went for hospital check up. It was only because of hospital checks that they are here for so long otherwise mak would worry about her cats. She said nanti matiii tak bagi makan. I said (under my breath) tapi kalau mati takyah lah risau dah hahahaha..ish im so bad. Actually you know Im such a softie

It was nice to have them around. My kids kena kerah semayang sorang sorang. The way they kerah us. STILL. Husband lak suddenly sibuk. Ye ke...suspiscious betul sebok masa mak ada nih..tak nak kena leter ke?? My son came down one night, (I was downstairs) with tears in his eyes. I tau dia kat atas tu kena "train" how to pray by the nenek. She was watching and correcting. He came down and he asked me..how long are they going to be here???

Kurang asam betol...I said as long as they want. And he said "She's torturing meeeeee!" And I said she is just doing what she did to your father and she is right to teach you. He did not like that. since mommy and daddy so soft kan. Leter sekali dua je...pas tu naik tangan. Hahahahah.

Anyway now that they've left I miss them. My mother in law and I spent hours (2 to be exact) in the kitchen chatting..she told me the Pak Ghani behind their house in Muar was the one who named Mak Z and Mak B- and also she told me of the antics that her sister got up to. He he he...everyone is young once...

I just feel sorry that the son , was not able to be around. Penting sangat ke orang kena tembak tu yang...hehehehehe..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am a Possessive Mom

So nadine has created her Facebook account. You know how I feel about my children having facebook account. Yah yah, I know your kids have them, and okayyy je right? But entah I am having a bit of a problem dealing with my children growing up. I just wish they wouldn't ask for it you know? Yeah FB is great with connecting with old friends but when you are their age, what old friends do you have? You are still meeting your friends what. Sara, who had secretly created her FB account without telling me and is very upset that I want her to delete the account, had her friend's wall post appear on hers lah kan. And the status is entah apa apa- you are exposed to other people's way of talking, (the particular post had bad language) - entah can I have my kids stay in Kidsland for a liiiiiiitle bit more?

So anyway to give in to Nadine, I told her that I will create the FB account for her. And I did. And she deactivated it ! She said she has created her own, lah mummy. AND she would NOT give me her password or user ID . Whatever I said she would reply "I KNOW lah Mummy! Would I do that? or would I do anything bad?" Sighhhhhhhhhhh it's not what you know (and at 15 you know everything kan ) and of COURSE you would not do anything bad but I don't want you to be out there in the Internet world without me being able to access it and protect you. Yes I am 100000% behind parents who read their children's diaries. We have a responsibility to protect those we bring to this world, however unpopular we become - but don't lah tell them you read, that would be real tak pandai he hehehe.

Bila anything bad happen at least no one can turn around and say Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you stop me??

Kids, they need guidance. Kan?

Ok so I am upset lah with Nadine. At the same time I feel that I should trust her. But husband is supporting me (or rather, jadi batu api) and said no internet!! maybe that's the way it should be, lah,. the old parenting style where you don't dare to raise your voice to your parents. I'm a bit confused as I WANT to be that parent, but I am actually a membermember Im your friend kind of parent. At least with Nadine. And it doesn't help that I cannot say NO.

Kids if you are reading this. I don't want you out there where your information can be accessed by the public. You only have to google a name and if the FB account is there, he will be there. Seriously . How many times have I googled my clients and within minutes I can find all their personal info including their family pics! Vice versa lah they can also google me, but I have nothing to hide and I don't think anything can be used against me. Unless, like mom said , there are people out there who may wish you less than happiness and will go visit the bomoh to make sure you dont stay happy. I think about that too but still, I can't worry too much!

Ok lah either you think Im such a great parent, or you think I need help. Sigh....

PS By the way Nadine is having a great time over there! She has gone sight seeing, gone to celebrate eid at her room mate's family house in Yemen (how lucky is that that her room mate has a Yemeni family??) and has taken a lot of pictures. She is only now washing her clothes though and when I called her she couldnt come to the phone as she was hanging up her clothes. Ha ha my baby..membasuh kain.

PPS/ on the other hand i dont want the kids to grow up into ME, who was very protected that I didn't know how to catch a bus until I was 19 and I still don't know how to shop properly in a pasar. (I asked hubbs to come with me to identify the fish). Sigh. sedihnya.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid Ul Adha break

Ok ok . we are in Kuantan..hi hi hi...

Apa nak buat..my parents are in Ireland, my in laws are in Kluang and too far to go to for one night, so either we spend our day with our many relatives in KL, or we stay home , or we go somewhere. Husband of course had many patients to check on until I reminded him that he ALWAYS has patients and he has to choose lah what to do with them. So he chose to let his colleague who was on duty to handle his patients for the time he is away (yeah , honey, all of 40 minutes I'm sure) - Im sure she will do fine...I actually didn't know whether we were really going, until quite late, due to his schedule suddenly clearing up.

Anyways. So of course lah we chose to head to Kuantan...the nearest decent beach right? And we have decided that the best cleanest hotel there is the Hyatt. Have been to many , and Hyatt has the best room, the best view, the best beach and the best service. Siap spa lagi.

So I hangkut my baby brother, who now that my dad was not around to order him around, is at a bit of a loss. Gedebuk gedebak by the time we left, it was 9. Ada ke?? We fetched Shah first.

Oh my gawd the traffic was terrrrrible!! It was basically a crawl from KL to Bentong !! We stopped at Selesa Hillhomes JUST to go to the toilet!! I took over the driving from then on as husband suddenly felt tired..he doesnt feel tired until he actually sits down, then the exhaustion takes over!So he was asleep all the way to Maran , then we changed again.

We finally arrived at the Hotel at 1.30 am. Giler kerja. Had to prove to the receptionist that husband is actually a gomen doctor (to qualify for the gomen rate which is RM100 cheaper than the normal rate! ) Kids were sleeping and groggily settled into the rooms. Shah had his own bed, Sophia had her own bed, and the rest crammed into my bed ha ha.

Subuh bangun and dengan excited nye reminded everyone nak pi semayang raya at the Masjid Kuantan.

the next thing I knew it was NINE AM. The nearest we got to Hari Raya prayers was to watch it on telly. Huhuhu! And everyone got their baju melayu lak tu. Everyone rushed to breakfast before they close at 10 am, all tak mandi . And hoo hooo takda rendang...semua berhari raya with mushroom omelettes, congee, etc. Husband "tala" croissants. And then said tak berapa sedap. After the SIXTH croissants. Ha ha ha

And then we all HIT THE SEA! Sungguh menggoda the laut. I have not gone into the sea for absolutely ages - selalunya tengok je. But the beach was clean and the waves didn't look too bad- er NOT! The waves were huge - Kuantan Five 0. Ha ha. We had fun lah until about 1 pm and then everyone headed to the pool, except me and Shah and we headed to the chairs and then we fell asleep and then we realised that it was 3 pm and we had better go up - only to find that everyone else had also gone up from the pool . We all had KFC for lunch- nasib baik lah extend one more night. kalau tak terkocoh kocoh nak kena check out.

Eh boring lak baca this diary ye?? Ok ok sat lagi kita discuss pasal Prince William nak kawin dengan Kate ok.

Now we are heading towards Adi's house - hubby's friend who he has not seen. We plan to squeeze a visit to NONI if she is in...but tengok time permits or not.

Esok kena kluar at 5 am!! Semua orang kerja!!Boss I garang hooo he he


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HI there

Watched Megamind last night. Cool! The bad guy turned out to be the good guy in the end. Must go and watch ok. very cute.

called mom in law yesterday. She's ok. Thinking of going home for Eid and husband tells me he is working . Alah he's always working lah!

Actually , quite at a loss as to what to do for Eid. Shd really just be staying in one place, reflecting about sacrifice. rather than travel here there everywhere. Although may go see the sea.

Anyway..selamat menyambut hari raya haji peeps...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How are you?

Just chatted to Nadine

She's not homesick yet, she said. All the food that I gave her, has been emptied into the common pool of food - everyone surrenders their food and shares. I told her - make sure she keeps SOMEthing for those long nights if she malas nak turun ke apa ke. So far she has finished all the Indomi goreng (my favourite too) and her stash of milo in 1- the common milo ada lagi lah in the kitchen.

She has bought herself a ni qab- the veil on the face. Of course lah I miss my darling daughter. She's been gone about 10 days. another 50 days to go~! I'm ok at the moment..tak tau lah if next 10 days macam mana..take it one day at a time. How can I justify spending money to visit her, when I know that I can use the cost of the ticket, for the other 4 at home?

And on that topic-----! School hols has officially started and apparently Im bringing the kids to London or Australia. This is according to Sophia ha ha. I would LIKE to go, is what I said, because my parents are there until March. Ireland I mean. Not London. Or australia. Would be nice, to surprise them...however surprises like that tend to clean out the bank account heheh.

Have been pretty grumpy lately. That time of the month. Actually I think it must have been all that rushing here there everywhere, I finally felt the effect..I had a mega headache all day Friday, Saturday and only now does it seem to go away. I yelled at the kids, and just found them incredibly annoying. Johan said to me, "Mummy, you must have forgotten what it was like to be a child when your mom shouts at you...?"


This morning the Islamic school had a performance day. Daughter no 2 got best in english. Daughter no 4 got no 1 and also best in English. Daughter no 3 was performing with Daughter no 4. Me, son and hubby lined up to watch. Despite being told that it was to start at 7 and rushing like mad cause we all woke up late.

Hubby mengelat..rupanye dia plan nak pi tengok patient dia...so off he went. AND MISSED THE ENTIRE THING!! He only came back when Sara was about to get her prize, 3 hours later...When I told him , why lah you do this..he said I dont need this. Wei??!! Hello ...the kids are our joint project, and I am not going to have the partner miss the project key milestones - this is a partnership and not a sole enterprise.

The performance day was v interesting. It was a drama about 5 boys who were on their way to Gaza. (Gaza is a special cause for Adni) and they were supposed to be on a flotilla...and then they got bombed and they were floating in the sea, praying that they would be rescued and they decided to tell their lifestories and what led them to where they were ...so sorang sorang cerita lah..one, had been very selfish until his very kind wife died and he realised that she was right all along and he has to be kind to others and think of God..and one pulak was always very angry and then his father showed him that anger will always leave scar. etc etc.

So menyayat hati and I of course lah shed a tear. I pun tengah that time of the month ..so minah leleh lah sikit...

Sophia and Dahlia took part in nasyid by the way. They looked so cute! Nanti kalau ada gambar, I will upload.

Ok nite nite!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Happy ending..ish

Firdaus is finally home with his family.

After 3 weeks being lost, he "surrendered" to his auntie! He was found walking outside of her house. It was a miracle that she was outside at that very same moment, because had he come the day before, no one would have been home.! It so happened that he was outside, and she asked him in. He wouldn't go in at first !

In the meantime, three other men at least as well as hubby, were in LakeGarden area looking for him, as he was spotted walking there. Hubby was in shirt and tie, coming straight from the university where he was giving his talk. As they were searching high and lo, they heard the news that Firdaus was found and had been successfully lured into the house and was now eating. Alhamdullillah.. i couldn't go but i couldn't stop feeling so choked up. so relieved and it now struck me that my brother in law was on the streets for 3 whole weeks, mealtimes came and went..what did he do when he was hungry? He must have been rejected, or shouted at, or hit, even. He was thin. he had a scar on his head, he had a beard, he was holding his right wrist as if it hurt. The doctor brother checked him out and declared no bones broken. Did anyone abuse him? There must have been people who were kind to him..his tshirt was new.

What amazing timing though, that he came home right after Idwan got married and everyone was in KL. My inlaws were allready here and they went straight to the house together with my brother in law (who lives in JB!) I was the one meng"war war" kan..sorry lah macam attention seeker kan but it was really out of love and concern for Firdaus.. i just hope no one feels embarrassed by it.

Mental illness happens in the best of families. It happens in everygeneration. And the worst thing that they can say will be - look at so and so, poor him, his family is so well off or well to do or well brought up or well anything, but no one cares about him. I do NOT want us to be the family who abandons the parent- you know the story you read in the papers where the parents have 9 children but end up in old folks home. Whatever lah the background,. families stick together.

But on the other hand..everyone busy..and what can you do with mental illness in Malaysia, very little knowledge and even more little (heh? Bantai je lah buat perkataan) support. This sms I got from ths person CW who has been very concerned about Che Daus missing, ends with him/her telling me that his/her brother is suffering from schizophrenia also and is in a good home being taken care of by a family friend.

Of course I hope there is a cure for Daus...he was the star of the family, it would be lovely if he can have a normal life. His parents hope for him to be a functional member of society, knowing how bright he is. As it is he loves to write. He writes Ayat Qursi in his beautiful handwriting...and I have a host of career for him that he can do without actually speaking! Come to think of it, speaking is way overrated anyway..! Maybe banyak dosa can be avoided if kita diam macam Che Daus!

Anyway here in this blog I would like to say a very big, KLCC Tower size thank you to everyone who has searched for him, or wished us well, or spared a prayer for his return...and a special mention to these lovely selfless individuals :

1. May Cheong Abdullah
2. Niki Cheong
3. Wan Shana

Plus Faiz, and Irman and everyone who has spent time and effort and sweat to look for him....

Im so glad there is a happy ending (of sorts)

Sunday, November 07, 2010


By now, some of you would have read about Firdaus. He walked out of my house 2 weeks ago and we haven't seen him since. This is the longest time he has gone.

Let me tell you about Firdaus.... This has been a blog post I have never wanted to write..ever. I had hoped that his condition would improve, and that he will get better.

I first met Firdaus in Nottingham., his name means paradise, doesn't it. ..I had just started dating his brother and he had arrived from Malaysia to do his A levels in Fettes College in Scotland. Wow.. a good school, Tony Blair's school- He was fair, pretty and quiet. although not sombong.I would see him quite often in Notts, and he became friends with our friends, DadofSix and Kitchenguardian included. I learnt that he was his mother's favourite . He was also the champion qari (quran reciter) for either the school or the state at one time.

Then he did his Alevels. I heard he was quite badly sick in Scotland- the teacher called hubby (mr hot bf at the time and not mr paunchy husband yet ha ha) and said that something was not right with Firdaus..He came back to Notts and stayed a while. He did do his Alevels and he got 2As and a B, fantastic results by anyone's standard (by mine, certainly) but not to do Medicine in UK..so he got admitted into pharmacy in Cardiff...and being there, we saw him settled with his malaysian housemates...

Then we got a call to say Daus was behaving weirdly..we went to fetch him. We were married then and to cut a long story short, it was believed that he was having a breakdown because he wanted to do medicine instead..so the JPA people helped him get admitted into Galway University in Ireland and off he went to do his first year....

And he did brilliantly well..best student in first semester...but soon we had another call. This time from a doctor in Galway. He had been sectioned. He came home to us (we were in Essex then) and my in laws came over. Time to bring him back to Malaysia...he had been hearing people talking about him behind his back , he said.Classic paranoia complex.

Zoom to now..he's 38..his future that was so promising, is gone. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and has seen countless doctors, with countless visits. Plus countless medication. His father was, until very recently, the only one he would listen to in terms of medication. He once told me he hated to eat the medication because of the side effects. This was before, when he was still talking. He stopped years ago about the time we admitted him into the MentalHealth Hospital. He didn't say a word after that. Is he angry with us?

I'm sorry, is this an embarrassing post to write? Is there a stigma? I asked my husband, do you think this will hurt your career. having a sick brother? He said categorically NO. He doesn't care. In fact he spent 4 hours yesterday walking along the roads of TTDI looking for him. Firdaus didn't ask for his fate..

Now all of us are very worried about him. Makan apa, minum apa, mandi tak, dah lah specs pecah sebelah. We hope someone will be kind enough to feed him and take care of him wherever he goes....

Please, if you do see a lanky, thin, man, walking around, call us - Shila 0126356546.


Friday, November 05, 2010

Penunggu Airport (or, "Nadine's gone hu hu" )

If there is one thing I want Nadine to be, its safe. Safe and sound. Never mind lah not happy ke, homesick ke, although of course I hope she is happy and is NOT homesick (well...maybe a little bit) but on the whole she is in Yemen and I want her to be safe!

We sent her yesterday. Yarabbi mak cik tu relax lah pasal packing..leeeepak je. She thinks I've overdone it with the medicine etc. I have packed as if she is going into a warzone ha ha. She's got ubat for everything that I can think of- Pil chiketek on included, and her dad bought some antibiotics ! I even gave her detergent although I'm quite sure she has never washed anything in her life. And we have taken some travel insurance as well! On the food stuff she's not lacking either, although initially I only gave her some 3 in 1 milo and some snack bars. Then Mr Dad of Six whose no 2 was also going, told me that he had bought Brahim (you know the one, they're basically cooked Malaysian dishes in packets), tuna in tins, nesvita etc. Alamak I didn't get lah! So I pun went to get..after all the kids wont get breakfast in Yemen, only the other 2 meals right...so they will need to eat SOMETHING . Now my daughter can eat brahim for approximately 2 weeks if she pandai stretch it.

Husband came back only at 2 pm, by the time he came back I was freaking out, as I had to swing by Bangi to pick up some specially ordered Kueh Tart. I mean, they ARE going to celebrate Raya there...so at least got kueh. Darn it I should also pack some DODOL and BAHULU..apa lah I nih!

Got to the airport , huffing and puffing, only to find parents loitering around and news that the flight had been delayed from 6 to 8 pm!! Managed to eat and solat before we got called to go to the departure area. Then the organiser, Sara, (this English revert who runs the Arabic Language centre) gathered everyone in a circle and we all read a doa for their safety. Huhu..so sad.. masa ni lah orang berair mata. My daughter however was happy as a bunny~! he he

Once we saw her off, we went to lepak at Bro in law's place in sepang...they took us for dinner at Auntie Aini- a really nice place! macam dalam kampung gitu...and the food s' good too! Western for the kids and local for us! Steaming hot ikan jenahak asam ..yumms!

Then at half past 9 balik ke airport again!! Mom and dad were waiting allready, having just checked in..they were all dressed for ireland,. As usual mom has this perpertually worried face on, I had to tell her to relaxxxx.....she would have to check out at Frankfurt airport and re-check in for Cork!

Finally bababababaabaiii at half past...phew! Glad that they both went off safely....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Divali with my new friends

My friends at BNI have invited me over to their deepavali do! Waah I feel very the one Malaysia because for a long time I have only ever gone to like 2 houses for deevali... Now I have more than 2~!

The guys at the BNI are very interesting people. There's Colin who owns Jadibatek gallery, smack in the middle of KL near Beryl chocs where you can actually learn to draw batek there and have classes and bring it back.I went to the gallery...its big ! And I don't know why he's in BNI it looks so successful as it is! The other day he brought about 10 pieces of batik material to the meeting, (he was presenting) and I bought SIX!!

Then there's TG who is the locking specialist who supplied unreplaceable uncopiable locks to UIA and reduced the illegal residents by 90% ha ha. He's really sweet and attended to my mom when she got burgled! Dua je locks I beli but he was so attentive and fast!

Then there's Angie, who everytime she comes to the meeting, would be swathed in jewelry..she is the jewelry shop owner! She is very interesting cause she would tell you about the properties of certain metal, or which is cheap this month, she does all sorts of stones and is now repairing my wedding ring which has dropped a diamond !

There's also the very cheeky Rajiv..he's young although he's such a internet
savvy guy..he brings traffic to your blog or facebook or twitter etc..he advertises at your blog and make sure you get money out of the blog or fb or whatever. very useful if you are a business owner! Of course he works hand in hand with the Website specialist, Jon!

I also really like Mr Muru...he's so soft spoken but very savvy...he owns Kapoor Lamp shade and of course he sells lamps and lightings, He will attend to your order of one or 2 lamps, but he's also supplying personalised customised lighting and chandeliers for mosques! He was asking us to look around for those who want to clean their chandeliers- he supplies hotels as well ! Anyone wanting to refurnish their house I will direct you to this man!

Then there's Dr Fauziah...she is very the famous allready lah in Melawati..very flamboyant lady..got website drfauziah.com. her forte is whitening and cosmetic dentistry . Natalie from Hitz.fm pun went to her to cantik kan her gigi.

Thats only haf of them..ada pest exterminator....ada Smarthomes guy (one remote for all!) ada wireless cctv guy (can put in after house is built !) and ada travel agent and events coordinator, ada corporate gift guy...etc etc!

Tu yang I dont mind waking up every Friday morning to meet up with these people, Their drive to promote their business is amazing...and they are genuinely good in what they do (if they are not there would be complaints allready from others) . The best thing is, they are nice!

Happy Deevali guys!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Stolen phone

I lost my phone.

On Saturday night, the conference people insisted that we follow them to dinner. I really wanted to find our own food, and had been salivating over the Penang food trail brochure that Nadine took . Oh well, maybe they would take us to some hawker place..Nope. They took us to this posh restaurant. A proper 3 course meal - starter, main (beef steak) and dessert.. The restaurant was nice, and the food was nice, but after a whole day of swimming the kids were so tired out and they only picked at the food. Plus we had a late lunch at the local nasi kandar place (sotong goreng dia sedaaaaaaaaaap) and were still full! So I spent the time chatting to the doctor beside me.

Just after dessert suddenly there was a flurry of movement. A group of doctors had gotten up- to go to Nasikandarberatur! TUlah. datang penang makan lah penang food kan? Maybe the organisers should take note. He he

So we all pun went off lahhh..I was still chatting to the lady doc beside me. We went on the bus and arrived at the hotel. Subconsciously I thought where's my BB but I thought- alah ada lah in my bag tu. BIG MISTAKE. Once I arrived, I checked the bag and of course lah it was missing. Husband and I scoured the bus. But of course lah takda. Called the restaurant- takda. Called my phone it had allready been turned off. The restaurant denied ever seing it. I rasa lah kat restaurant tu, ada orang panjang tangan.. The celcom ppl said it probably was taken since it was turned off. Boohooo..

TAPIIII!!Best gak tau takda bb...it was a relief NOT to have to check your email, or to check your fb status, and it was a relief NOT to have the urge to update your status EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. And the palm feels free not having the BB clutched in it...Ha hahahaha....So in a way , its a blessing in disguise lar

But on the other hand, felt it was important enough to buy another one. So back to the grind ...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Penang break

Im here in the Hardrockhotel in Batuferinggi Penang. Now before you go - they're on holiday AGAIN???? we are all here thanks to a conference the husband has. He is the actual speaker so for the last 2 nights he has not been sleeping to prepare for his lecture. Ahahahhahaks baru lah nak buat kan...

We arrived yesterday. The hotel apparently used to be the Casuarina. Ok lah, very modern plasticky feel. Husband thought er...not quite "hotel" that he dah used to. Sophia pun said "er,...im not too sure about this hotel" . Posh nye~!

ACTION NYE~!! Eh I'm happy we got away from KL, so be grateful laaa dapat jalan. Hotel ok what...sampai sampai got statue of MJ sitting on a throne. The bellboys concierge etc all muda muda, no wearing kain songket or suits, everyone was in red tshirt and light brown khaki shorts. Ala ala Airasia gitu. On the walls got pictures of Elvis, Mamat Saxophon buta tu (sapa) and the Beatles are everywhere. By the lift, facing the beach, merata lah~!

The best thing about this place?? It's very close to the beach and all rooms have beach view ..boleh bukak sliding door luas luas and see the sea ... Tak kesah lah laut dia brown ke apa kan (toksah lah think of Pulau Redang or what)

Right now it's raining so heavily. But the kids happy dah sbb they spent 2 hours i n the pool. At first I thought about joining them. I even changed to my never before tried swimming suit..but then mana pulak nak letak hand bag? They suggested I rented a cabana..30% off - but half day is RM60. Er..too expensive lah.For a place to put my things?? Ok they give you a plate of fruits plus ice water. But RM60! I decided to go back to the room and watch the kids from upstairs while I REVIEWED THIS AGREEMENT WAAAHHH(weekend pun keje ke?? Tulah,semalam Tidor sapa suruh kan)

I'm feeling quite cash conscious... Takdalah berkira sangat tapi tak leh lah tak hengat dunia kan....?? Here everything cost lah of course. In the morning , kids went to the beach. Belum apa apa orang offered to ride a horse. 2 people RM50. Ok lah tu ... Daya and Nadine went on. Then there's the buggy guy. Oh the kids were so happy with that. Naik macam motor -ATV buggy - the very best punya fun.~!!! I had a go too and It was quite hard to control! It went everywhere. Ok ok that was me, lah the kids had noo problem. 'That was RM70. for 20 mins.

Kids want everything and Im making them spend their own raya money if they want to go to spa etc. Ha ha - am I cruel? Kejam kah aku? Biar dia tau sikit appreciate money. Susah gak ye jadi parent?? You want them to be happy but at the same time you want them to know how to save money etc. Pagi tadi Dahlia showed off lah the skills she learnt from horseriding school - ( oi takat tendang tendang kuda to make it move mummy pun boleh naik kuda oit..no need to send you to the school ha ha ha!)

Now everyone's up. After zohor we're probably going to go to town. Because I hate driving , I asked about tours. Mak its strangle the blood one~! Chekek darah. RM160 for adults and RM120 child. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY KIDS I HAVE??? I think I pergi sendiri je lah. Also I got so many tips about food- nasi kandar mi udang pasemboq ...I love pasemboq and mi udang..I told hubby he said- you tak makan pedas what. He he .

Oh yeah, husband is not around till 4. He is also away tomorrow morning. So its me and the kids!! Who is now clamouring for me to order room service! Again?? Oii kita keluar lah~!~! pengsan tol budak budak nih~!

PS - I sent the agreement via email oready. Thank you free wifi~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

zee chairs.

So. how was your day. I spent today thinking I really should be more organised....bersilat semacam kat office, handling little little things that can really drain you. when lunch came I jumped at the chance to get away.

And also...I bought 9 chairs. They had been nicely stacked outside the Persian restaurant. And they were the chairs that looked like weaved rattan but were in fact harder wearing..I was passing the PRestaurant and saw the "For Sale" sign stuck on the chairs....and immediately said "SOLD!"" . Siap bayar RM100 lagi ...It cost about RM110 per chair and the guy we were with (owner of B Kopitiam) said that that was very cheap for new chairs. The story was that the owner of Persian restaurant bought a lot and had some spare and wanted to get rid of them quick since the security people were on her back.

Sooo I took them...kesian lah makcik PR tu..nanti kena marah lak dengan the security guard... after all doing a good deed. Never mind that I don't have anywhere to put them..never mind that I didn't have the cash. Dadof6 said he'd take - er.,,whether or not he said he'd take it is dependent on whether he has told KitchenGuardian or not he he. Anyway I sort of did NOT tell my husband , and tried not to pass the restaurant ..managed to do it for 2 days until one day had a casual meeting at Sec Recipe, a couple of shops down the Persianrestaurant ..and the waiters at the PR, actually ran to catch me, to make SURE that I don't lari or run away and also to make sure that I TAKE THE DAMN CHAIRS!

I had to tell husband lah since he was picking me up ! So I said , honey, you'll never guess what I bought, ha ha farnie story, you know. He was not that amused especially when those guys tried to shove 9 chairs into the poor Estima! They managed to do it! And I owe the woman some RM480...nanti lah auntie ok...

So now, we are trying NOT to pass the restaurant again..so far lunch has been at the restaurant BEFORE that restaurant...Padan lah muka aku nih.. so so gullible.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aida's wedding

My dearest cousin Aida is married!

I was able to watch her go from being single, to being someone's wife on Friday, despite it being a work day and a Friday! I arrived and she was allready in the bridal room, with her friends all around her. I had to give her a big hug, it was such a big thing to me that Aida is getting married, after knowing what she went through and the kind of person she had pinned her hopes on and what that nogoodloser did to her (im obviously not over this ha ha) We told her time and time again that she will only find true love once she gives herself a chance and let go of the parasite on her back, and amazingly we were right, once the "Im in a (dysfunctional, totally onesided giving) relationship" aura was off, she had lots of suitors a- coming. [hmm i may sound a bit bitter he he]

ANYWAY. She made a lovely bride in white...I had a small piece of advice to her..which is, no matter how modern you are, or how upset you are , always always give your husband face - and never make him feel small. He needs to feel he is worthy to lead you and the family on the right path to jannah. Chehwaaahhh. Macam bagus kan?? Coming ffrom me whos always letering my husband..hehehehe- After that I terus felt like crying, she felt like crying, And then mom came over and mom saw her and hugged her and then mom cried and we ALL cried again...sobs sobs...we all terharu gak lah that AIDA NAK KAWIN...hehehe

Then the groom and his entourage came..I sat with Jojo behind where Aida was sitting and although I didnt know it , I was also next to the groom's mom and sister! hmm I ada ngumpat the groom ke ah? heheheh. Then the tok kadi went through some ground rules, he was pretty funny too. And then Aida's dad began the marriage process..he asked the groom something along the lines of "do you take Aida for xyz dowry" and he choked on the last part...

And I bawled!!! (insidelah, I can't bawl publicly can I) and it was a touching moment. I think he felt relieved that his daughter is finally married and to a nice guy too! So different from that other person who wasted everyone's time!

They were now husband and wife! And then they went to the stage (pelamin) where he put on the ring on her finger...officially her husband now.

Happy endings DO happen! heh heh heh!

Aida..jangan diva diva ok dengan husband...takbaik...jangan emo emo ok...always remember temper tantrums are fine - if you are three.

(although kalau tak jalan gak, a good temper tantrum followed by a burst of loud crying always works ha ha)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...