Sunday, January 31, 2010


So we are now in Bukit gambangResortCity.

On Thursday and Friday, Hubby's sister called him to ask if we wanted to join her, as she was having her company's family day here . I had some reservations because I did not want to intrude on her day but then hubby said the room's been paid for so of course lah tak baik if tak pergi.

Confident je hubby that Kuantan "dekat"..anyway I thought nevermind I can see my beloved sea.

Sea is 70km away from Gam*bang!! Huaaaaa! Gamb*ang is in the middle of the jungle!! Takda benda around here!! Huwaaaaa...!(Takut ada benda mengambang je )

Anyway we arrived yesterday at 3 pm, checked in, and immediately went - to sleep. Penat oi drive panas panas nih, and dapat bilik aircond ,terus BAMBAM. Kids pun played outside noisily and finally at abt 5 we went out. Tak pergi pun waterpark. Called sisterinlaw, to find out that she just came back from the waterpark and now was on the way to her aptment which by the way was NEXT to ours. We suggested meeting up for coffee now but she had to practise for her performance at the official dinner that night.

I imagine that she'd be so busy with trying to get her 3 kids out of wet clothes from the waterpark and changing etc that we'd better meet up AFTER dinner. So at a loose end, we went to Kuantan to meet up with Hubb's 2 cousins.

We are such bad cousins that I didn't even realise that the cousin had been PREGNANT and now has a 2 month old BABY! We met at Kuantan*Par*ade at Rasa*Mas and kids had a nice time wolfing down dinner - lapor korang rupanye...mummy beli burger ramly tadi sombong ye...

bestgak shopping kat KP ! Nak nak si TheStor*e tu ada I bought the eldest 3 girls the long nagged for undergarments (and Johan had a field time squeezing the cups! Men! We sent him off with the dad after a while) . I pun beli gak a couple and managed to find a pair of shoes as well for work. All my shoes are for work. I have NO party shoes. I don't like sandals that's why.

On the way back we stopped to fill up and get replenishment of jajan . Kids gave a running commentary from inside the car of what the dad was doing inside the petrol station shop - ala ala sports commentary- "And he bends down , it looks like he's reaching for something, is he reaching for the bread? Hes' reaching for it ..he's reaching for it..he's picked up the bread YAYYYY!!!" (and this went on with everything he bought)

Sigh. My kids.

By the time we got back (dad managed to get 3 luggage can you believe it) it was 11 something! Too late to meet up with sister in law.

This morning hubby has gone to buy roticanai (biasalah kitorang, kalau pi mana mana the breakfast will be imported and MUCH cheaper)

The plan is to go to that darn waterpark today. And see if I can stomach another 70 km to the beach.

And hope to see my sister in law SOMETIME today.

Have a good day y'all!

PS time can lah organise own family day ek??

Friday, January 29, 2010

I wanna be Grumpy!


Forget about waiting for breezes to blow in!!! When someone is grumpy and you yourself have had a bad's sooo tempting to just LET GO!!!! There's a limit to gritting my teeth and thinking ZEN thoughts...I wanna lose MY temper TOO and I wanna get mad TOO ! I wanna yell and I wanna snap and I wanna stop caring if peace is maintained! I wanna stop being HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! (Manic laughter).

So here it goes:


Hmmph! So there! YOU pujuk I this time!!!!!

Update: Hmmph takda mana de nak pujuk , buang masa je merajuk . Lagi pun, I need someone to cuddle. Pi carik teddy bear la macam ni!!
* Explanation- I was supposed to meet my client yesterday. I left late from office and it was half past 5. The apptment was in Cheras so imagine the jam. I decided to take a cab but mr hubby told me he was going to send me. In the end he came at 45 mins past 6. I told him I'd take a cab but he insisted that I wait. In the end I told the client to go home since he has dinner at 7. My apptment was at half five..believe it or not. The Hubby told me , why did I listen to him..naik hangin tak. And also, why didn't i go by myself. I would, but YOU SAID you can send me..sigh..why do I do this to myself. I think better tell him don't worry lah I can take care of myself. Now i don't know how to jumpa the client oready. Orang tua cina yang tak sabar karang dia bahasa kan I kang

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Boss will probably kill me if he knew I was blogging during office hour. Very quick one Boss!

Ok want to update :

1. Johan may be a prefect after all! They called him for a 2nd interview. What do you want to bet it's because of that call i made he he he..although I was too embarrassed to follow up ..if the teacher did not call me I assume it was because he did not get it. So I've been counselling him to accept the fact that he was not selected. I had to put up with his occassional mumblings lah of how he did not get to be a preeeefect...moan moan.

Sekali tengok! Dapat 2nd interview! So my serious son nih, yang memang amat belia, pun ambik tips from sister on how to answer the PREFECT INTERVIEW ok!! and bear in mind he is 8! Or is he 98??


2. We had dinner as a family yesterday believe you me this is a rare occassion as usually I'd give daddy nasi campur and he'd eat while watching Midsomer Murders or something. But this time I insisted and we all sat down , and I heard how Sophia is really garang as a prefect. Apparently once she went early with the van while the rest came with us and when Sara was late Sophia actually apprehended her and asked her for her NAME! Sara said "YOU KNOW what my name is!" and Sophia then asked "Why were you late?" and Sara said "Because YOU did not wake us up SOPHIA!! That's why you were early and we are late!!!"

Hi hi hi ...kelakarnye anak anak I nih...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chop sat.

Have I shared with you what I think about lagu lagu orangputih? the hitsongs out there?

Everymorning, when we send the kids to school, they'd request for AshleyTisdaleetc to be put on, so you can hear the beat bombam bombam all the way to Adni. Sampai je SekolahI*slamA*ni, terus turun volume. Tak appropriate lah kan haha

anyyyyywaaay we noticed something. If the songs are by minah salleh blond/white , it would speak about heartache, experience of love, angst, highschool dances, proms, breakups, someone's gotta go so I'm allready gone.

If the songs are by African American male, it would be about- I undress you you undress me, take your friend to the hotel, checking into hotel, your booty is soo fine, etc etc.

Why ah? I mean, you don't want to generalise but why do black men songs sound soo gatal?

heheheh..just thinking..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



1/ Johan is not a prefect. He is mega mega mega absolutely mega heartbroken. I actually called the teacher to find out what happened because he was told last year that he would be and this guy has been looking forward to it. He told me "I've been waiting to be a prefect for two WHOLE YEARS!!!" I said- Johan, last year, you were in Year 2, the year before, you were SIX years old, who on EARTH are you going to be "prefect" to? He he he...Anyway kesian, dia disappointed. Cik gu ni pun janganlah janji or even sebut. Diam je lah kan???

2/ Nadine is not a prefect either. This one is our fault lar. because she was a probation prefect then we kept sending her late to school and she kept missing the rollcall and therefore she was dropped. Sorrrrrryyyyyy hehehe...Well blame your dad who always have to put on his socks and shoes when we are ALL in the car. Anyway never mind lar this year is your PMR year anyway.

3/ Sara wants to enter an online competition ...the pressies are IPOD etc etc...until she found out that only Americans and Canadians can enter...

4/ Dahlia wants me to go pay the darn fee for her horseriding activities. Dulu I masuk Interact Club, now my kids want horseriding. Amboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

5/ Sophia is ...Sophia is ok. I vaguely remember her saying something semalam at the foot of the bed , I was mumbling and was so sleepy..what ah? Something about can she DO somethign...and did I say yes?

6/ Have told dad that he has 2 is the Doc and the other is MyHubby (eeeyieeeuuuu, I hear you say) . so when he is being grumpy I just keep quiet and wait for the nice persona to come back. Due to work etc which he does not always share with the Wife, he can express his feelings via his moods. So I just have to wait for the bad mood to blow away and the pleasant breeze to blow in..and not react tak tentu hala. I think, if everyone can manage this, and hang on to good humour at all cost, the world should be allright ha ha ha. That applies to all grumpy ppl btw ha ha

7/Maid cried the other day sobbing her heart out. She misses her family. Wants to call home again. Her husband cried the other day also on the phone, she said and that's what is making her so sad, because he has never cried. Oh dear. I feel sympathetic at the same time I feel..mega irritated..I think my daughter kalau nangis macam ni paham orang tua. I just pray that she finds the strength to wade through this and that it would get easier in time. And she said she was supposed to go to the Netherlands for a job. Tu lagi lah jauh!

Anyway catch you later byeee

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kota Baharu in words

So, we' re back from KB and we totally loved it.

Left at half past 3 in the morning , set off ikut jalan pi Gua Musang. Road was good, but it was dark, and it rained in spots, kids were snoring away, car was full to the brim with quilts, cartons of milo and fruits. Nowhere to stop except a couple of lonely petrol stations. No place to get coffee even, eventually at 5 am stopped by this roadside stall (closed) and slept till dawn!Bangun je nampak pakcik ni nak pi semayang, so dia lah beritau where to do subuh!

6 plus am- continue journey..! Eventually reached guamusang...and stopped along a row of shophouses with restaurants for breakfast. One of the shophouse was a "hotel" . All of us stopped to use the bathroom- One hour for Rm10 ok lah kan! Dapat mandi, and can stretch on the bed. Siap ada Astro lagi. Had breakfast by the roadside- nasi kukus, ikan keli goreng panas, ayam goreng rempah panas panas , roti bakar, kopi panas...melo yumms

Next- Kota baharu!! Amazed at how pretty the view was- driving along hills and valleys. Got stopped though by the cops who asked to see hubby's license and told us off for not wearing seatbelts !

What can I say, arrived in Kota Bharu after 30 years !!! I don't think it changed in my absence! Low rise shops, sleepy town?? No, not sleepy town. Quite busy and bustling actually. Not developed? No, quite developed...but just not the steel complexes that dominate KL.. here, you could actually breathe.. I liked the town.

Sister in law and her hubby were gracious hosts- dapat lah merasa Ati masak....Ikan siakap masak tomato, ayam masak cili, mana tak tertidor lepas tu...

Petang tu, went out to the beach. Miles of the beach, unencumbered by any hotels, or banana boats, or Mat Salleh! It was just the locals, and their kids, and kites, and good ol fun.

Nostalgia tau, pi KB. It was like visiting my past...where things were uncomplicated and you had no commitments.

Malam had dinner at this place called SatayMalaysia..Ok lah, sate is sate kan. Then we went to Wakaf che ye. I was in the car though with kids sleeping...Hubby went out for a while until I had to go visit the toilet URGENTLY and he had to come back poor thing! in that 1 hour he managed to shop gak lah- did I tell you he is the shopper in the family?

We planned to go for breakfast at 8 the next morning at this place DADOFFOURPLUSTWO recommended- the White House. But keluar rumah pukul 11 macam the end SIL made nasi goreng!

Then we went to see my client, and then hung around Pasar SitiKhadijah and Bazar many materials so little time. I did not buy anything, guys, terlampau banyakna choice. And God is great , I had NO MORE MONEY in my wallet. except for RM10 which I gave Nadine.

We left KB after picking up some AYAMPERCIK from YatiAyamPercik- of course Dad was grumpy because he wanted to leave allready. Little did I know he wanted to go home via Jeli-Grik Belum resort and that he wanted to do that before it got dark because the roads were winding, and uphill.

View was out of this world. The best part was passing through

Reached home finally sometime around 1 I think..stopped many times lar of course!

Definitely would go back again!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kota Baharu

I am up now trying to finish some work before we leave for KOTA BAHARU in a few hours

You heard me, Kota Baharu. Yup, in a few hours. (1 and a half hour to be exact) (Yes, boss I am still here in KL)

I always knew that I had to go to KB for work related matter . I didn't exactly know when because at the moment everything is yet to be finalised. However, things came to a head when one of the person I was supposed to meet informed me that she is due to deliver, this Monday.

The funny thing is, hubby had been asking me when we can go to KB for my signing,and that this weekend would be good for him.

So I told him, and he was like, ok! Jom! I'll try to clear the list tomorrow (boleh pun ponteng keje haaa) . He also said we'll be driving.


To come back on Sunday. Day after tomorrow.

Now I may be geographically challenged , but even I know how freakingly far KB is from KL . Apparently TEN HOURS away. I get restless sitting in the car going to Kluang what more Kota Baharu. So since morning I've been trying to persuade him to fly/take the train/er fly. After all Firefly flies from subang, how much more convenient could it be. Don't want to fly? How about train- one leaves at half past 8 and arrives at 9 the next morning- perfect!

Didn't work. Every argument I had he had an answer to. Jauh sangat? Break the journey lah. Kids bored? get them interested in something!

Penat nak argue when he has made up his mind. however he only fetched me at 7 today and it was too late to catch the train , so drive it is. I know despite whatever he said how tired he really is, so I insisted that he sleeps first.

Sigh..another kerja gila you say. Hey, that fraser's hill trip at least was NEAR.

I was asked just now how we can do things last minute. Other people PLAN, you know.

Yeah, how ah? I guess we ahem- go with the flow. If you are organised, your life runs smoothly, but you also get stressed when things go out of whack. Of course it's better to be organised lah kan, rather than kelam kabut like me. But we've always been the type to follow our insticts. Ok , I've always been like that, and God has given me a husband whose main purpose in life is to shoot my crazy ideas down.(Confession-If left to me, we'd be married within the first year of meeting, why wait? heh heh. He was the one who mentioned the boring terms- saving money , getting a job, finishing the Chambering I had to do...very grown up and mature)On the plus side I don't have many regrets. Debts, yes, regrets, no.:-)

I digress. Kids are all packed now, and bags lined up by the door. They're sleeping now and I'm pondering when I should get them all up.I'm VERY worried about the drive. I've heard abt the accidents that happen on the roads from the east! Husband said "we'll be careful lar"..Accidents happen even when YOU are careful , ya know, mr smartypants. Of course lah I don't want to think the worst. Pray hard for us to have a safe and drama free journey. Should I mintak maaf to my parents before I go or do you think that would freak them out?

Ok lah..see you later guys.have a good weekend!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm not paranoid really.

Why is it when girls meet the subject of men alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays come up kan.

I mean, when we were in our teens the subject matter would be that cute guy in class A/B/C or even in that other boarding school. Or the guy to whom you have been writing to for the last 2 or 3 years (and who either you now ignore, or you married, or you remain good friends , or whose whereabouts you are not sure of, or who you surreptiously ask about from mutual friends)

Then at uni, its more of the same really. It's about which guys within the meagre collection available to us at uni, could we possibly date. Ha ha ha...The gorgeous guys all either have girlfriends, or has the hots for your auntie/cousin/best friend, or are at OTHER universities. The guys who fancied YOU are those who you look upon as brothers. The guys YOU fancy are all definitely NOT interested. If you are lucky god makes you fall for the guy who is right for you eventually.

Then you marry, then what happens...when you meet, the subject of husbands come up.Early on its how they maybe are not romantic enough, or how they don't take care of the kids or how broke you two are....and how he is struggling on in his job etc etc. No real insecurities there I don't think , no worries about 20 year old tarts because you still are in your 20s and it doesn't sound that young to you.

Then you hit the 40s...then the story becomes either your guy has strayed, or will stray, or you are worried about them straying, or they have strayed and have gone, or they have strayed, have gone but have come back. You talk about how "Girls nowadays"don't really care whether your guy has got a wife and a paunch or a dozen kids or even huge debts, "they" flirt with your husbands like there's no tomorrow ("alaaaaaaa, jangan lah macam ni, Bang/Boss/Mr X Y Z" hehehehe) and let's face it. our husbands would be total kayu and feelingless if they don't at least ENJOY the flirting. I mean, some one said I was comel yesterday and I was thrilled to bits! Granted, it was only the Mc D counter girl at KLCC and she was a girl although she was butch,but it was such a cheap thrill. Imagine if some girl came up to me (and I was the aforesaid 40s guy with the dozen kids) and smiled and laughed at all my jokes and never once reminded me to go get another tank of gas for the kitchen, or settle the kids' fees, I would definitely "layan" or entertain that girl! How can I , the wife, not understand that?

Because, as fantastic as chocolates gets, indulging in it is NOT GOOD. While to the guy its nothing, to the girl on the other hand, who knows. Joking around can lead to real feelings. And the other girl's perspective is- she deserves love and happiness too and if this is her ahem- jodoh, why not. As long as she doesn't have to see the other first wife, she can pretend she's the only one what.

If you listen to me you would definitely think I constantly live in fear of some tart taking my gorgeous husband away. And that I harrass him all the time. Its not like that at all. I know how he feels about me, and I know how solid it is. But I also am wide awake to the fact that he is surrounded by other ppl who may like him the way I do too and fall for his blur humour. Dia pun miang gak when around these young girls (you are, honey, I've seen you) and gelak gelak ha ha ha. Melayan laaa entah apa apa. Takkan I nak censor kot. I mean, that's him. To me lah miang, to him itsbeing friendly mah. To those girls? Who knows maybe ada yang simpan hati? karang tau tau ,sangkut, kan padah ...Mula mula discuss work then discuss personal problems . Mula mula tanya pasal patient lepas tu tanya dah makan dah ke? Haa apa hal?

But no lah, inshallah. But if the unsangkarable happens, I pray I can just shrug and say- "oh well! That was a lovely SIXTY (ha ha!) years of marriage !I have to be grateful for that 60 years! The good thing is, I had him when he was virile and now you can take the burden of having to wait on him hand and foot and I can go off with the merc and stay with my kids in the States " - hahahahahah!

Tulah...I will now sit back and enjoy the ride with the husband and the family . However! to any drug reps/nurses/staff/secretaries/toll girls/restaurant waitresses/etc etc that my husband talks to and who may have heart - ROAARRRRRRR....!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Minah Cembeng

Yesterday I told one of my daughters who shall not be named in case she gets mad at me, of how one 3 year old girl died after a TV fell on her.

I told her that to illustrate to her the need to be careful all the time.

She asked me REALLY MOM???

Then she cried ! And then she wailed... "Why did you tell me that??" She was bawling!

I gave her a huge hug and said well God loves her more and wants her back..

Cian anak I yang satu ni..berjiwa sensitip rupanya.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Losing your child

The dragonboat accident.

Saw it first on the news. sebak terus. Immediately I could relate to the parents. I mean, their kids were not exactly toddlers, they were 17 year old, they were with their teacher and coach, it was a school related activity, I mean, you don't get safer than that.

My kids go out on excursions all the time. Sometimes to places where accidents wait to happen. I take for granted that the school would adhere to the safety rules and treat my children like their own ! The trust you place in schools to look after your kids is second to none.

Ok accidents happen. But don't lah set the accident up. No lifevests? Practising in an unsupervised area? Why NOT point fingers? Why CAN"T we hold ppl accountable? 6 lives are gone!

I really feel for the parents. The media pun has been so intrusive, all angles were taken and their grief shared with the world, which must have been the last thing they wanted. But at least it wakes me up now (and other parents I hope) and next time kids go out on any excursions more safety measures must be taken.

I did not however like the way the department of education etc immediately had to issue a statement to say that this was not under their coordination, they didnt know etc etc. I would sue them for good measure. Did not know, is not relevant. In the first place, why need to say all that, at such an early stage. Don't know, found it distasteful.

Whatever it is...I still feel like crying whenever I think of those children...and I hope the parents will pull through and find the strength to go through the pain.

Don't talk abt that child who fell. I refuse to even read about it, it's so sad.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HomeAloneala2Ulu Klang

The other day when I was sending Nadine to meet her friends at Wangsa Walk, ada episode Home ALone sat.

She was supposed to go at 11 am. But she waited for her dad to come back from work.

So by the time dad came home, it was 12.

Then I found out that dad fell asleep in front of the telly. So I told her I will send her alone lar.

But then everyone wanted to come. So I said ok, we can all go to wangsawalk so GO LAR GET READY!~!

They took their swwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet time until I decided to start the car and sat in there waiting. If you're not ready, I'll just go, I threatened lar.

And everyone soon climbed in. Daddy came in also and we were off

When we got there and everyone got out, I felt something was wrong with this picture. Macam tak cukup quorum. Kira kira kepala....

Eh, mana Sophia??

Dahlia looked at Sara, Sara looked at Nadine and Nadine said - I thought she was in the car! Dahlia said - I was sitting in front I thought she was at the back with Sara! Sara said- why are you looking at me?

Rupanya..Sophia was still in the bathroom having a bath. At home.

Dad volunteered to pick her up. I called home. She came to the phone, and I could hear sobs.You left me..sob sob!

So I said..haa time get ready faster..I just wanted to show you how it feels...I meant to do this..haha

Actually ..kesian kat dia..tertinggal...

Business Idea

I was discussing with husband, kita ni can never be rich, with us spending every sen that he brings home (and even the sen that we think he has yet to bring home!). On paper we should be rolling in it but where does the money go ye? Bayar itu, bayar ini, pi dok hotel, pi jepun lepas tu macam heran lak mana duit tak cukup (tau takpa kan) ...! Tu lah ppl say, your rezeki or your luck is just that much. However much you make or however little you earn, it will just be enough. That has been true in our case. The belief in the concept of rezeki, ie, God will provide, is the back bone of us Malays! That is why if we lose this or that contract we can just go- oh well, that wasn't meant for us then (it's not our rezeki) and then we try again. That is also why we can go on having children with no obvious prospect of sending them to university etc! Maybe this is foolish of us ? But believe that everything is in the hands of God and he knows best. Taklah depress sangat ...say you lose a piece of jewelry, you'd get very upset but sooner or later you'd go- oh well, takda rezeki lah wasn't meant to be then...

Where the heck was I? Oh yeah, we just realise that our kids are nearing uni going age. After the lecture to them that they have to help us out by getting fantastic results and therefore standing a chance to be admitted in the first place, we sat down to discuss what we should do. Hubbs can of course work like heck but he signed up in this deal as a husband and father and not just cashmachine so I would accept lesser pay if it means him being at home more.

We were toying with the idea of having a business. Of course , between me who love to spend on travelling and him who earned the reputation at uni for having a seven grand overdraft (before he met me of course, and used for his travelling) , the chance of any of our businesses succeeding, may be slim!

But..I was seriously thinking of either investing in Kitchenguardian's lovely cakes and/or having a kain business. I love materials. LOVE IT . Love silk and cotton. Have gotten loads of kain from every place I go. Pi Gold Coast pun beli kain. Pi Jepun pun beli kain. Now yearning for the indonesian silk (that ppl usually use as sarong (and the top would be some kebaya) but I just love the kain itself and wish they would sell 4 mtrs so I can make baju kurung out of them) But do I have the savvy to sell it? Nanti kawan menyampah tak? My mom suggest I jual telekung. As for hubbs, he loves books, and wouldn't mind having a little bookshop. How about a bookshop with a little cafe on the side and selling kain at the same time?

What do you think..if I were to put the kain up in the blog..ada orang nak tak?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Me and My daughter

Saya sedang mengalami sedikit masalah komunikasi dengan anak dara saya yang tua

Or- How the heck do I talk to my eldest daughter????

She keeps wanting to go off by herself. Wherever we go, she will invariably ask if she can do something else, usually something that involves going off by herself. usually harmless things lah like, if we were in Shop A she will want to go to Shop B across the mall, etc etc. She often ask if she can walk around our residential area, unaccompanied. I told her she can go with the maid and everyone (side effect- now the maid knows how to go off by herself. Yesterday i had a small heart attack when I came back to find no one at home- maid had gone off alone to the park (kids were with me) and decided to just take a breather. She's 4o plus so how do I tell her to stay indoors or in the compound of the house but I have told her of the dangers etc etc...degilnyaaa!!! but on the other hand I am not your time don't do it again but if you do feel v stifled pls call me to tell me first CAN OR NOT - that is just common courtesy to the owners of the house you live in!]

I am running out of breath to say no...its not safe...what if you get kidnapped...what if someone calls you...what if someone pushes you into a lift....or into a car... I did not spend my time at the hospital giving birth to you for nothing, young lady!

Mummy you are so over protective...of course lah I know how to take care of myself....I am 14 allready..I won't do anything stupid! - is her argument.

Yesterday was the last straw. She said she had a birthday party at A&W. She did not know this but her friends
idea was just to lepak lepak at the mall, going bowling and later karaoke. The entire family sent her and then we just hung around waiting for her . I did not like it but since she was there, did not feel that I could say no in front of her friends. Credit though to her, she was not too happy with the lepakking ..and soon came back to us. I mean. this is the time you need to feel your family is overprotecting you...better than me neglecting you Nadine...or not caring what the heck you do or where the heck you go..right or not. Oh mygawd the first time I stepped into a mall I was 18 and I had Auntie Zu

So please. let me keep you under my care (or bawah ketiak mummy)for just a little bit longer. Soon you will be FORCED to go to that grocery shop to buy stuff, believe you me. But not , whether you like it or not, now.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Saturday that was (long report)[edited]

I know my last posting was me having a headache and wishing I could just spend the day sleeping but ended up -

1. Going to lake garden to fetch nadine sara and daya. Took Sophia (who steadfastly pretended to sleep when the sisters were getting ready for the cross country running) and Johan with me . Got lost between Bird Park and lake Garden. Too many turnings! Finally found the girls who climbed into the car regaling me with how much fun they had and how tired they were but MUMMY we MUST go jogging every weekend !(This was Nadine).

2. Then took them for lunch at Pavillion Food Court. Gave them money, beli lah apa you nak. Then we went to Parkson looking for a birthday pressie for Johan's friend . Of course once in toysrus everyone nak presents for themselves. Finally left Pavillion at nearly 3. Thought dad could join us, in the end had to pass the kids to dad at the hospital (macam main pass baton lak)

3. then-- off to bangsar for the reunion!!!! Could not find any new baju in the end just got some old thing that did not look TOO old ha ha! Can't believe how nervous I felt! The lipstick felt really smudged, although it looked ok, the tudung felt really out, although the mirror told me everything was symetrical. and was the foundation powder too thick? Tried to use eyeshadow and earned a comment from Nadine- mom the elasticity of your skin dah kurang ek? or words to that effect. Ha are sent by God to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground!

4. Got to bangsar finally at 3 plus and with the traffic and the parking , got there nearer to 4. One of the parking entrance was closed but you would have turned into the road before you know that, so lost another 10 mins trying to get out of that area and into the second parking entrance. However, God was kind as there was a parking spot RIGHT in front of the autopay place !

Great to meet up with the guys..not that many turned up but those who did were those I remembered v well. Most looked the same except of course, got heavier a bit, or lined a bit, after all we were 18 last time we met and now we're 42! (golly that sounds ancient) Actually, with the exception of maybe one, (Tipah), I had bumped into the others over the years. My smoking friend, still sat at the end of the table smoking with her previous smoking buddy Hamy- some things never changed!No one changed in personality too much! Muz*ir, Mr suave who hubbs and I met ages ago with his then girlfriend, turned up too! Nak jadi father of 2 dah dia ni! Ppl around sure heran why were we hugging to say bye!! Hubbs should really have joined because he did know most of them! Di*ana went to Uni with me, Sh*ah came to the house, Yu*ri was his junior at Kolek, R*izal he met at Ri*zal's wedding, Man and Gina we met last at a mutual friend's house about 2 or 3 years back! of course Mu*zir, he knew and we had dinner together before! Anyway I "sold" his services in doing circumcision!

Shari*naz sat next to me and we both interviewed Y*uri about his recent wedding! Shar*inaz did most of the interviewing and for a change I shut up! ha ha!

Sickeningly, the men looked the same. Yuri looked like he was just about to take his A Levels. There was a flashback to the past when, when I was talking to diana, Yuri turned to us and called "Diana" and I said - OIT! You STILL see Diana first! Cis, just like before! Heheheh ..I was referring to when we were doing A Levels, whoever walked next to Diana would sadly be ignored as everyone of course fancied her. That went for this other girl Fa*rah too! Ha ha! On the other hand it couldn't have been fun, to be receiving cat calls!

You can see the pics here
(don't know if you can, but try je lar)

I had to run off by half 5 as had another dinner that night. Came home and pleasantly surprised as MakNgah and Auntie Yot , my mom's sisters were there! We all tried to pressure poor cousin Aida to get married 4 months earlier than she had planned ha ha! Jokes aside, I hope she does not worry too much and get herself sick! Her BP increased recently! Best borak borak with my aunties! Heard how my Uncle Wahid tackled my Auntie Yot, rupanye when she was a cashier at baturoadsupermarket, he used to come and buy soap and toothpaste almost everyday! So sweeeeetttt!!!! Awwwwwwwwww... anyway he was and still is a man of few words and he wanted to leave right away after she told us all that! hahahaha!

Then went to pick Johan up at his friend's house (forgot all abt him!) Turned out that the father was a patient at PCMC!! And also the grandfather! And the wife was the very first person we met at Ad*ni! Amazing. Johan gave E*dri the birthday boy a snooker set but when I saw the boy, he was so cute and fair and jambu maybe I should have bought a book instead! Johan now wants that snooker set! And he thinks Ed*ri is cute! Should I worry abt him????

Then went straight to Shahalam to see Tere*nce! With dahlia AND johan (with his face drawn up like a cat) Poor hubbs, he was almost nodding off, penat! He was working till 3 kan, and I bought him the footlong from Subway for his lunch, hope he had it! It was Tere*nce's birthday and anniversary !

We caught up with the Nottingham friends pulak (Ji*ah, Gra*ce and Sati*sh) . We left early (ish) - takut too late nanti too tired to drive home!

Arrived home and I think slept almost instantly!Make up pun tak buang!!

Ps in case ada orang wonder abt solat- I cuti and hubbs stopped at PLUS! Ha ha!

Sheesh getting too old lar nak run around like this, Maybe today I can sleep?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

tak cehat

This is what i am going to end up doing today


i have this mega headache.....dua round paracetamol pun takboleh gak

and now i have a pimple- thank you lah kan.

and a fever

moan moan moan

being a baby... nak makan nasi puteh dengan telur goreng mata kerbau and kentang goreng dengan kicap. lauk yang standard opah selalu buat masa demam kecik kecik dulu.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Madness ahead

This Saturday (tomorrow), I have to ferry the kids to Lake Garden for their crosscountry by 7 am. Nadine and Sara will do 5 km, Sophia and Daya 2.5.

Wow, and this from the same ppl who can't even go up and down the stairs more than twice a day!

Boleh ke?

Kids are very excited except for clone, Sophia. In her form I declared under "Any medical complaints" that she was "unfit". She really really does not want to go.

11 to 1 as usual my Japanese. Nihongo no benkyo arimasu! Not that I speak it at all at home. I have my brother who is fluent, my cousin who is marrying a Japanese soon and the teacher. What do I do? Try to teach her Malay.

1 pm got to rush get the kids back ....

3 pm got that reunion to go to.

6 pm got a dinner in Shah Alam with old old friends.

10 pm ???

Sure mak I merajuknya tak tengok dia for a whole week!! As my dad said "Kita ni bertambah muda kan Kaklong??"


Waiting for hubs

You know , my husband rarely goes out at night with his friends. There would be the odd dinner with drug reps, or some friends calling him out. But on the whole he'd rather be home in front of the telly sleeping the day off!

Tonight we came home late-ish, having spent a lovely hour shopping in HockCHoon-never go there when you're hungry by the way , they have stuff to tempt you! He was complaining of tiredness on the way back. As soon as he got home the phone rang, an old friend just got back from overseas, would he like to join a couple of friends for dinner?

He actually asked ME while he was on the phone- do you mind if I go??

SSSHHHHHH!!!! I was horrified! OiT! Not so loud dear!! Kalau ye pun you need to ask me takyahlah ask in front of your friends, I'm sure they think I queencontrol him right. heheheh..habis lah our reputation yaaaang.

Of course I nodded vigourously , trying to get him to reduce his voice. ha ha.

After all biarlah dia wind down. he had allready bought ME durian, so he's allright in my book! Is it right at all for me to say no or what to him wanting to go out with his friends? I'm the wife not the keeper!

But now its 1.20 that's some dinner. Can the wife want the husband to be back at a reasonable hour? Without being possessive -ish?

You know, I dont know whether couples should be upset with the other if one goes out without the other and then comes back late. I mean, in my household, he wears the pants. He can be so stubborn about anything he has decided on! He thinks nothing of telling me he is not happy if I come back late from my date with some friends (on the rare ocassion that I do go out with friends) . He's allready telling me to come back early from work to attend to the kids and also not to go out of the way and get myself hopelessly lost just to see some client.
I mean, I tell him hey that's my work and I do find this rather .....bossy? I tell him this and he said it was only a "suggestion" but I'm such a rule follower I would obey. I've always thought of us as partners but I guess on the whole he is the husband and sometimes he uses his "power' or upperhand you know? And I get torn between telling him hello, exkeeeyiiiuuuuuse me, who do you think you are, and "yes dear, of course dear"

(It ends up like this- yes dear, but who the heck do you think you are, dear?)

Heh heh.

Of course in the end I do tell him exactly what I think, but end up deferring to him anyway. Most of the time we make decisions together.

After all, he is the head of the household!

(Shall I call him now though? I can't sleep lar.)
Edit: The above post was an early morning rambling by one heck of a clingy wife. He came back at 2 btw.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


There is a reunion this Saturday for the "A" group (during a levels we were divided into groups, A,B etc..not according to intellect but rather according to subjects.How else do you explain me being in A1)

So I was thinking - DIET!!! I don't want to be chubby!

So I thought I should really start on my Herbalife - but everytime I go to the kitchen nak buat Herbalife, terbuat how??

So now, 3 days to go, I have not lost an iota of weight.

Takpa lah kan...come as you are bak kata my SIL.

Now hubbs want to come ler. Can ah?

Monday, January 11, 2010

alamak lupa

Pagi tadi I thought of a really good thing to blog about.

Of course, now i totally forgot allready lar. What ah?

Oh yeah when i could not sleep in Fraser's Hill that gave me a chance to watch our local TV3.

There's this one programme called Apa apa ajalah.."Whatever". While I loved Shamsul Ghau Ghau, what the heck was up with Kencana?? Why was she screaming lar?? Scream = cool and trendy ke??

And then there's this one called "POP POP POP!!!" where the hostess goes "pop pop pop!!" maniacally.

A bit gedik if you ask me but then I AM a forty something old hag ..everything young is going to be gedik to me.

Local programmes best sebenarnye..I think I just have to get used to the fact that yes, our youth do talk like that. and our not so young .

Then I watched DianPRamlee and Hazri something in this drama called Badai Melanda..Wah dont tell me I have to stay up at 4 am next Saturday to catch the ending?? It was pretty good. How come drama good but movie totally hancur ye? Just turn ONE drama to a movie, I bet the Oscars etc would jatuh to our hands...!

Ok lah Im still alone at the office and otak dah taknak buat keje. Bye

Happy Birthday

The closest to me, only 3 years apart. (yelah the rest 6 and 7 years apart- mom believed in family planning and not shooting kids out every other year the way I did it ha ha!)

Pol, Just to say lar kan, I am very proud of having you as a brother.
Even though up to the age of 15, I wished you would just go away!
We were very close and you lah penghibur hati I when I was small. I remember dressing you up in girls' dresses when we were 4 and 2. You were so chubby and cute! Ada satu gambar my mom framed with you infront of my birthday party cake, sticking your finger in my cake and then licking it. Sooo adorable.

Lepas tu around 10-12 gaduh macam cats and dogs.

Why was I always so jealous of you when I was small? to me, you were always Mom's favourite. Everytime mom gets angry, you would never sulk (like me) . Instead you were always angelically sweet- cis pembodek betul! So mom never got angry with you for long. We had such horrible fights kan. I remember going "I'm never going to talk to you again!" and you'd say "Is that a PROMISE?" . Episode kereta berenti sampai kitorang berenti gaduh, takyah cakaplah kan.

Hahaha loratnye.

Then you went to MRSM Terendak and i kinda missed you although I guessed I was happy you were out of my hair. Tapi takda geng nak gaduh lar. Brother no 2is untouchable - mom's new baby!

I'm happy though that we got closer again at Uni level, when I was in the UK and you got a place at Liverpool U. I went to visit you with my new husband. You also helped us move a couple of times from hospital to hospital (all paid for of course). And you set the standards for me by introducing your girlfriend (now wife) to me...which is why when brother no 2 skipped this part beta murka..hahahah diva tol kan.

What type of person is my brother?

He is my mother's clone. Pendiam,and secretive. You never hear of his plans until they become reality/ Tak macam i, baru plan dah kecoh satu dunia..hahaha.

And he is very soft...tak caya tanya anak anak dia yang tiga orang tu..heheh

Selamat Hari jadi...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fraser's HIll !!

I'm currently sitting here, trying not to breathe.

I'm in Pines Resort Fraser's Hill surrounded by the smell of damp.

We arrived 2 hours ago. I can't sleep because I'm trying to find out how to write a bad review in TripAdvisor.

Hubby only came back at 5 just now, and I hit on the bright idea of going to Fraser's Hill just to get away from it all. Well, he did say,"Let's GO somewhere". Maybe he was thinking of say...IKEA or something. But then he said yes! Oklah! lets' go! . Dad and Mom said yes too and brother Shah who was shopping in KLCC also said yes. so we were SET. Hubby picked brother from KLCC and came home, and I had allready packed and was raring to go. Hubby ate, prayed gedebak the time we got to mom and dad's house it was 6 something. Then dad said hey let's play golf tomorrow so hubby went back to get the golf set. Telling me all along that he was going to fill up gas. He came back at 8 ish so by the time we set off it was er- 8 something. Stopped by McD Genting Sempah.

Brother upset cause we were late. Hubby upset cause we were going in the first place. (rupanye he said he always say yes to me..So now I have to interpret which yes is really a NO, ok) Dad and I determinedly kept a cheery face. It was all dad's fault for suggesting golf! Otherwise we'd have been there allready!:-)

By the way, McD GentingSempah better buck up lah their quality. The burgers almost slid out of the bun, punya lah haphazard. And what was curly fries doing together with normal fries? Sloppy lar.

AAAny way..I had found out that PinesResort had 3 bedroom apartments available. It kept coming up in internet reseach. Premium place lar, apa lar. But the reception closes at 10, I was told . Surely we'd be there by 10 right!

Got to Bentong and it was almost 10. Hubby was developing this serious grumpiness because while he was going up the winding road, he realised what a bad idea this was and who the heck thought of it? My defence- you said yes! At 10.30 we finally finally got to the junction that was supposed to turn to Fraser's HIll. But what the heck were those "DILARANG MASUK" signs doing there? Frantically called ahead to ask the reception to wait.Which way do we go then??? Thanks by the way , Mrs N, for keeping me company during the frantic times. I had only 1 battery you know and probably needed it to call AA or police or something. But texting you was much more therapeutic.

To top it all off, dad's car (carrying Mom, Bro and daya) stopped. Smoke was coming out of the hood! What the heck??

Where to find AA at this point? My hp, charged all day today, suddenly dropped 2 battery bars. The Men tinkered around, I went out also but realised that we were surrounded by pitch black jungle and god knew what , so I scootered back to the car. Babah decided to drive on to the gap ,smoking car notwithstanding. When we got there, he stopped again. Car was smokin again. Erks!

I was praying so hard please please please God* I'll be good if you can help us, then suddenly this Proton came with 2 guys in. All the emails in the world abt being mugged alive flashed across my mind, but these men were actuallly sent by God*, Seriously. Otherwise how come they were carrying bottles of water in their car?

Then hubby came in and said we need to go find some more water for Dad's car. God knows where, he said, are you prepared to sit in the car with the kids alone? I said what are you talking about, there's a toilet just 10o metres away. I mean, talk about breaking down at a convenient place. And amazingly, ada air ! it could easily be one of the toilets that had no water .

So, soon, we were on the way up.

After 8 long km away, we arrived, and the guy at the reception waited for us, and then he said he had given us a room at C21, but that one was a bit high. The guy also offered us another option, K72. Babah said his knees hurt, so he wanted a low one, so the guy said K72 was better. Kepala hotak dia, (sorry) kena gak naik turun tangga, tinggal lagi, the first option, naik dulu, turun later. The second one, turun dulu, bila nak check out kena naik gak .

Anyway by the time we arrived at K72, brother dah unpacked , muka tak manis , (alaaa chill lar, apa hal ni) and semua dah penat. Ok lah I thought, masuk je lah,. After all who has the energy to be choosy at midnight right


The rooms are clean but old. And the sofa is torn. And the ceiling ada mould evidencing leaking from above. And the kitchen is leaking. The toilet dah TUA. Seriously TUA. Lightbulbs not working, Window cannot be latched. Damp macam rumah Pakistan landlord I dulu.

Kids now sleeping on mattresses which they have given us, in front of the telly. Sophia and Nadine took one room. Mom and Dad one room and Brother one room. Me Hubby and the rest, depan tv. I cannot stand this seriously. I cannot believe they would still offer this room up!

Or am I fussy???

That damn breakfast had better be worth the RM328 we're paying for this, man....
So tu lah dia....I'm glad we arrived and I hope hubby will rest lar and get his mind off work for a day.

Edit: Missed breakfast by 1 minute and they refused to serve anymore. Ate whatever was available, spoke to the manager and he said - yah, 60% of this place is totally run down. ! Kids are now in the park area (unsupervised and allowed by their father although vetoed by me).

Saturday, January 09, 2010

What we did for anniversary!~

So my anniversary came and went..

He picked me up at half past 4, (played rookie from GH) and then we went straight to watch a movie!

he wanted to watch Avatar and it came highly recommended so we went....I wanted the Gold Seat because that came highly recommended also but he wanted 3D .

Before it started we had a light meal at the food court. It turned out to be a full blown one, with kueyteow ladna, some korean bbq meat with rice and paper paratha . Tummy full, we went in to watch Avatar

I thought it was too long and he loved it.

Then we went out and it was 9 and we walked around. Lama nya I tak window shopping lar . got a little bit frustrating because every shop shooed us out as they were closing in "five minutes".

Didn't feel ready to go yet so we went for coffee at Alexis. Saw the cakes selection and got rambang mata, I ordered banoffee pie and he ordered Apple pie ala mode. When we sat down to order coffee they lucked out when they gave us the menu because all of a sudden we felt hungry.

Husband went and ordered the mushroom tapas, and scallops and then wanton. We were about to order the steak sandwich too when the man taking our order laughed and said "banyak nye!"

So we didn't .


Anyway half way through the meal both husband and I were valiantly trying to keep up the conversation while fighting sleepiness! He was yawning so much that I asked him if he could drive!

We went home pretty soon after the coffee, and then went to bed. Me lah, he stayed outside at the PC .

So my anniversary celebration is to be continued.....He he!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...