alamak lupa

Pagi tadi I thought of a really good thing to blog about.

Of course, now i totally forgot allready lar. What ah?

Oh yeah when i could not sleep in Fraser's Hill that gave me a chance to watch our local TV3.

There's this one programme called Apa apa ajalah.."Whatever". While I loved Shamsul Ghau Ghau, what the heck was up with Kencana?? Why was she screaming lar?? Scream = cool and trendy ke??

And then there's this one called "POP POP POP!!!" where the hostess goes "pop pop pop!!" maniacally.

A bit gedik if you ask me but then I AM a forty something old hag ..everything young is going to be gedik to me.

Local programmes best sebenarnye..I think I just have to get used to the fact that yes, our youth do talk like that. and our not so young .

Then I watched DianPRamlee and Hazri something in this drama called Badai Melanda..Wah dont tell me I have to stay up at 4 am next Saturday to catch the ending?? It was pretty good. How come drama good but movie totally hancur ye? Just turn ONE drama to a movie, I bet the Oscars etc would jatuh to our hands...!

Ok lah Im still alone at the office and otak dah taknak buat keje. Bye


1na said…
Salam sis,

Saya dah terpaku ke Astro Prima (Ch105) pukul 9 malam setiap hari Isnin sampai Khamis. Drama tu Senja Permai... hehehehe
With my new morning duty, tak dapatlah nak tengok morning shows lagi...

Apa2 aje ada hosts baru ke? Si Amy Mastura tak da lagi ke?
LifeBloom said…
Totally agree drama kita best jugak and movie hancussss...The only movie which I liked for the past ten years was Sepet. I thought Yasmin potrayed Malays positively..none of the bourgeouisie cliches and overdrama...
Hi Ina...! THanks I akan try tengok...nanti addicted
Takdalah Mamamia....dulu kan si sheila ada this indian lady pulak. how are you???
Hi Lifebloom..yeah lah..entah kenapa kalau buat movie kena buat cerita kelakar bodoh

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