Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Business Idea

I was discussing with husband, kita ni can never be rich, with us spending every sen that he brings home (and even the sen that we think he has yet to bring home!). On paper we should be rolling in it but where does the money go ye? Bayar itu, bayar ini, pi dok hotel, pi jepun lepas tu macam heran lak mana duit tak cukup (tau takpa kan) ...! Tu lah ppl say, your rezeki or your luck is just that much. However much you make or however little you earn, it will just be enough. That has been true in our case. The belief in the concept of rezeki, ie, God will provide, is the back bone of us Malays! That is why if we lose this or that contract we can just go- oh well, that wasn't meant for us then (it's not our rezeki) and then we try again. That is also why we can go on having children with no obvious prospect of sending them to university etc! Maybe this is foolish of us ? But believe that everything is in the hands of God and he knows best. Taklah depress sangat ...say you lose a piece of jewelry, you'd get very upset but sooner or later you'd go- oh well, takda rezeki lah tu...it wasn't meant to be then...

Where the heck was I? Oh yeah, we just realise that our kids are nearing uni going age. After the lecture to them that they have to help us out by getting fantastic results and therefore standing a chance to be admitted in the first place, we sat down to discuss what we should do. Hubbs can of course work like heck but he signed up in this deal as a husband and father and not just cashmachine so I would accept lesser pay if it means him being at home more.

We were toying with the idea of having a business. Of course , between me who love to spend on travelling and him who earned the reputation at uni for having a seven grand overdraft (before he met me of course, and used for his travelling) , the chance of any of our businesses succeeding, may be slim!

But..I was seriously thinking of either investing in Kitchenguardian's lovely cakes and/or having a kain business. I love materials. LOVE IT . Love silk and cotton. Have gotten loads of kain from every place I go. Pi Gold Coast pun beli kain. Pi Jepun pun beli kain. Now yearning for the indonesian silk (that ppl usually use as sarong (and the top would be some kebaya) but I just love the kain itself and wish they would sell 4 mtrs so I can make baju kurung out of them) But do I have the savvy to sell it? Nanti kawan menyampah tak? My mom suggest I jual telekung. As for hubbs, he loves books, and wouldn't mind having a little bookshop. How about a bookshop with a little cafe on the side and selling kain at the same time?

What do you think..if I were to put the kain up in the blog..ada orang nak tak?


the principal said...

i love books...so I thot nak bukak book rental shop. Then, in one of the seminars, the trainer said, ada 6 biz je yg kinda recession proof & one of them education...& telah diingatkan, buat biz products/service yg org suka, bukan setakat kita suka...coz kalau kita suka, kita akan jadi owner cum customer

good luck to you & hubby

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ha ha I was just talking to Kitchen Guardian's husband tht in the end I will not sell any of the stock because I like them all !

Taktaulah kan..education tu apa ya...macam tuition ke? Dr can always right guide book to medical students kan?

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