Chop sat.

Have I shared with you what I think about lagu lagu orangputih? the hitsongs out there?

Everymorning, when we send the kids to school, they'd request for AshleyTisdaleetc to be put on, so you can hear the beat bombam bombam all the way to Adni. Sampai je SekolahI*slamA*ni, terus turun volume. Tak appropriate lah kan haha

anyyyyywaaay we noticed something. If the songs are by minah salleh blond/white , it would speak about heartache, experience of love, angst, highschool dances, proms, breakups, someone's gotta go so I'm allready gone.

If the songs are by African American male, it would be about- I undress you you undress me, take your friend to the hotel, checking into hotel, your booty is soo fine, etc etc.

Why ah? I mean, you don't want to generalise but why do black men songs sound soo gatal?

heheheh..just thinking..


MrsNordin said…
It's just how they are, I suppose. I don't know... I haven't dated any black man before, so I can't confirm. Hee.. hee...

(but a friend who has dated one said, ML to them was "out of this world"!! Sorry, can't use her real words coz some ppl would faint!)
Ohh realllllyyyyy no wonder banyak yang tersangkut dengan depa niiii ...hehe
I know! Just last Tuesday when I was exercising kat tv screen tu at music video lagu 'Birthday Sex'! I did a double take betul ke what I heard. And's mamat gatal yg nyanyi lagu tu..
Ye ke MTTNM..and there I was thinking I was wrong ..dulu dulu LionelRichie not so bad what..maybe its songs nowadays?? I got one that I heard the other day that has a chorus ending like this" I'm trying to find the words to describe her that wouldn't be disrespectful!!"
1na said…
ML tau makna...

MTTNM tu apa?
*Garu kepala sikit*

1na- Madam Tai Tai No More- MTTNM...:)
i tak tahu la ML tu apa?Mat lendut?
anyway, tak tahu ke research kata dark skinned and hairy men has higher sex drive than fair skinned people.
that explains about Rimau Rimba (ala, that guy yg main golf tu-eh, can I trademark this since I've not seen anyone refer to him as Rimau Rimba?heheh..)and In*dians.
Red Indians tak tahu la since probably their skin are red? from riding their horses all day?hahahhahah

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