Monday, January 04, 2010

First Day Over

So how was your kids' first day back?? Huruhara or smooth as silk? he he

My kids ok lah, although we need to go buy Some MORE books. Ingat I got them all. Never should have assumed the elder ones have their books to give to the younger ones. Whatever happened to the concept of handmedowns?? Semua dah hilang, mummy. Tak tau mana letak , mummy. Jawapannya-- kena beli baru mummy.

Anyway Adni sekarang separated by gender. Except for my Sara and Nadine- there's not enough kids in the BM medium to have 2 classes. Sara and Nadine have less than 20 kids in their classes, including new kids.

They seem to be happy to be in school. It ain't cheap but if ada rezeki budak budak tu, boleh lah masuk sekolah tu. The school has been kind in allowing us to pay in installments. I mean, one kid, I can settle one shot. Five..uhuks!. Trust in God ok ! Kalau takda rezeki, we adjust lar ok! good kids will thrive anywhere right? And I hope they are good kids. Plus, government school can be better!

Definitely government school is better in terms of facilities, sporting activities and also academic focus. Ad*ni ni, memang go for the holistic approach. Takda paksaan nak belajar langsung. But then they want you to WANT to be the educated muslim. No longer is a muslim person someone who mengaji kat madrasah. I sebenarnye taknak lah ilmu ugama diaorang tu cetek kat dada ..kalau boleh padat lah by the time they face the world. So, biarlah emphasis on religious grounding first. Tau salah and betul and tau segan and tau malu. Tang academic tu, terpaksalah parents carik outside help iaitu..TUTION!!! (baru lah terhegeh nak carik)

Tak tauler....

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