Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fraser's HIll !!

I'm currently sitting here, trying not to breathe.

I'm in Pines Resort Fraser's Hill surrounded by the smell of damp.

We arrived 2 hours ago. I can't sleep because I'm trying to find out how to write a bad review in TripAdvisor.

Hubby only came back at 5 just now, and I hit on the bright idea of going to Fraser's Hill just to get away from it all. Well, he did say,"Let's GO somewhere". Maybe he was thinking of say...IKEA or something. But then he said yes! Oklah! lets' go! . Dad and Mom said yes too and brother Shah who was shopping in KLCC also said yes. so we were SET. Hubby picked brother from KLCC and came home, and I had allready packed and was raring to go. Hubby ate, prayed gedebak the time we got to mom and dad's house it was 6 something. Then dad said hey let's play golf tomorrow so hubby went back to get the golf set. Telling me all along that he was going to fill up gas. He came back at 8 ish so by the time we set off it was er- 8 something. Stopped by McD Genting Sempah.

Brother upset cause we were late. Hubby upset cause we were going in the first place. (rupanye he said he always say yes to me..So now I have to interpret which yes is really a NO, ok) Dad and I determinedly kept a cheery face. It was all dad's fault for suggesting golf! Otherwise we'd have been there allready!:-)

By the way, McD GentingSempah better buck up lah their quality. The burgers almost slid out of the bun, punya lah haphazard. And what was curly fries doing together with normal fries? Sloppy lar.

AAAny way..I had found out that PinesResort had 3 bedroom apartments available. It kept coming up in internet reseach. Premium place lar, apa lar. But the reception closes at 10, I was told . Surely we'd be there by 10 right!

Got to Bentong and it was almost 10. Hubby was developing this serious grumpiness because while he was going up the winding road, he realised what a bad idea this was and who the heck thought of it? My defence- you said yes! At 10.30 we finally finally got to the junction that was supposed to turn to Fraser's HIll. But what the heck were those "DILARANG MASUK" signs doing there? Frantically called ahead to ask the reception to wait.Which way do we go then??? Thanks by the way , Mrs N, for keeping me company during the frantic times. I had only 1 battery you know and probably needed it to call AA or police or something. But texting you was much more therapeutic.

To top it all off, dad's car (carrying Mom, Bro and daya) stopped. Smoke was coming out of the hood! What the heck??

Where to find AA at this point? My hp, charged all day today, suddenly dropped 2 battery bars. The Men tinkered around, I went out also but realised that we were surrounded by pitch black jungle and god knew what , so I scootered back to the car. Babah decided to drive on to the gap ,smoking car notwithstanding. When we got there, he stopped again. Car was smokin again. Erks!

I was praying so hard please please please God* I'll be good if you can help us, then suddenly this Proton came with 2 guys in. All the emails in the world abt being mugged alive flashed across my mind, but these men were actuallly sent by God*, Seriously. Otherwise how come they were carrying bottles of water in their car?

Then hubby came in and said we need to go find some more water for Dad's car. God knows where, he said, are you prepared to sit in the car with the kids alone? I said what are you talking about, there's a toilet just 10o metres away. I mean, talk about breaking down at a convenient place. And amazingly, ada air ! it could easily be one of the toilets that had no water .

So, soon, we were on the way up.

After 8 long km away, we arrived, and the guy at the reception waited for us, and then he said he had given us a room at C21, but that one was a bit high. The guy also offered us another option, K72. Babah said his knees hurt, so he wanted a low one, so the guy said K72 was better. Kepala hotak dia, (sorry) kena gak naik turun tangga, tinggal lagi, the first option, naik dulu, turun later. The second one, turun dulu, bila nak check out kena naik gak .

Anyway by the time we arrived at K72, brother dah unpacked , muka tak manis , (alaaa chill lar, apa hal ni) and semua dah penat. Ok lah I thought, masuk je lah,. After all who has the energy to be choosy at midnight right


The rooms are clean but old. And the sofa is torn. And the ceiling ada mould evidencing leaking from above. And the kitchen is leaking. The toilet dah TUA. Seriously TUA. Lightbulbs not working, Window cannot be latched. Damp macam rumah Pakistan landlord I dulu.

Kids now sleeping on mattresses which they have given us, in front of the telly. Sophia and Nadine took one room. Mom and Dad one room and Brother one room. Me Hubby and the rest, depan tv. I cannot stand this seriously. I cannot believe they would still offer this room up!

Or am I fussy???

That damn breakfast had better be worth the RM328 we're paying for this, man....
So tu lah dia....I'm glad we arrived and I hope hubby will rest lar and get his mind off work for a day.

Edit: Missed breakfast by 1 minute and they refused to serve anymore. Ate whatever was available, spoke to the manager and he said - yah, 60% of this place is totally run down. ! Kids are now in the park area (unsupervised and allowed by their father although vetoed by me).


Superwomanwannabe said...

*God refers to Allah SWT the Almighty er the one God.

MA said...

Mak Oi...Pine Resort ada lagi? I remember going there wayyyyy back in 1992! I never been there again since cos I found Fraser Hill boring...:P Or maybe masa tu I was still carrying Abang in my womb - heavily pregnant.

Probably they haven't had a facelift since the 90s kot all fixtures dah worn out after 20 years.... May the rest of your weekend turn out well after all.

Superwomanwannabe said...


U are right..I just spoke to the Manager- dia pun mengaku and suruh I complain...! He said that the gambar on the net was from 1990s!

I'm sure once we check out the weekend will be ok ! He he!

aida yurani said...

I teringat during korang had a house in fraser hill, kita selalu pegi Merlin hotel and had horse riding and mandi air terjun

MrsNordin said...

That's the problem with our locally run hotels/accommodation. You get such a great location, tapi tak maintain the place. In the end it becomes so run down and nobody wants to go there anymore. It's like, just build damn place and leave it until dia roboh! What a shame!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Aida masa dulu.. I went back to look for it but it has been demolished...

Superwomanwannabe said...

BJ-hi! yeah lar...teaches me a lesson though...check all sources before going!

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