Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HomeAloneala2Ulu Klang

The other day when I was sending Nadine to meet her friends at Wangsa Walk, ada episode Home ALone sat.

She was supposed to go at 11 am. But she waited for her dad to come back from work.

So by the time dad came home, it was 12.

Then I found out that dad fell asleep in front of the telly. So I told her I will send her alone lar.

But then everyone wanted to come. So I said ok, we can all go to wangsawalk so GO LAR GET READY!~!

They took their swwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet time until I decided to start the car and sat in there waiting. If you're not ready, I'll just go, I threatened lar.

And everyone soon climbed in. Daddy came in also and we were off

When we got there and everyone got out, I felt something was wrong with this picture. Macam tak cukup quorum. Kira kira kepala....

Eh, mana Sophia??

Dahlia looked at Sara, Sara looked at Nadine and Nadine said - I thought she was in the car! Dahlia said - I was sitting in front I thought she was at the back with Sara! Sara said- why are you looking at me?

Rupanya..Sophia was still in the bathroom having a bath. At home.

Dad volunteered to pick her up. I called home. She came to the phone, and I could hear sobs.You left me..sob sob!

So I said..haa Sophia..next time get ready faster..I just wanted to show you how it feels...I meant to do this..haha

Actually ..kesian kat dia..tertinggal...


Lan0stZz said...

omg sungguh home alone ok. naseb baik bukan time raya ke when u actually went back kampung that far yet ;P

Anonymous said...

Yes Shila. It happens. I have 5 juga.

Kadang bila nak masuk kereta, kena out loud..'1 in, ok 2 in, 3 in ...'

Bila pergi kenduri kendara sedara gitu juga, kena jerit... 'anak sulaimannnnnnnnn, beratur cepat masuk keter..'.

Tu pasal bertahun2 i kena beli kain kodi buat baju biar senang spot. Yelah dah sorang ateh pokok gambutan, sorang bawah umah main congkak, sorang kat toilet pee pee, yg anak dara beso sikit bergayut hp, yg sorang lagi belakang rumah jakun tgk taik ayam candu.

But bila dpt tgk from cermin kereta all 5 kat belakang, satu perasaan lak menyusup.. cant imagine loosing one, kan?

.. haiii la anak..


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