I wanna be Grumpy!


Forget about waiting for breezes to blow in!!! When someone is grumpy and you yourself have had a bad day...it's sooo tempting to just LET GO!!!! There's a limit to gritting my teeth and thinking ZEN thoughts...I wanna lose MY temper TOO and I wanna get mad TOO ! I wanna yell and I wanna snap and I wanna stop caring if peace is maintained! I wanna stop being HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! (Manic laughter).

So here it goes:


Hmmph! So there! YOU pujuk I this time!!!!!

Update: Hmmph takda mana de nak pujuk , buang masa je merajuk . Lagi pun, I need someone to cuddle. Pi carik teddy bear la macam ni!!
* Explanation- I was supposed to meet my client yesterday. I left late from office and it was half past 5. The apptment was in Cheras so imagine the jam. I decided to take a cab but mr hubby told me he was going to send me. In the end he came at 45 mins past 6. I told him I'd take a cab but he insisted that I wait. In the end I told the client to go home since he has dinner at 7. My apptment was at half five..believe it or not. The Hubby told me , why did I listen to him..naik hangin tak. And also, why didn't i go by myself. I would, but YOU SAID you can send me..sigh..why do I do this to myself. I think better tell him don't worry lah I can take care of myself. Now i don't know how to jumpa the client oready. Orang tua cina yang tak sabar karang dia bahasa kan I kang


MrsNordin said…
Hee.. hee.. I hope you're feeling better this morning. He probably didn't think it was an issue in the first place, that's why dia tak pujuk.

Good luck with the "patching up" with your client. He sounded like one angry client yesterday.... but with your sweetness, I'm sure you can charm him!
Well J, he played the quiet one yesterday. I told him lah what I felt and he said sorry..and then waited for me to cool down. Ada ke I yang kena marah for listening to him! Tak logic tol..apa apa pun Im hoping he would pujuk !
Cik Puan Kamil said…
OMG would u believe I had the same problem with Kamil yesterday ? I came home, nak masak and found I was out of potatoes.

I called Kamil mintak beli potatoes and he said okay. Pukul 7.30 tak sampai2 rumah lagi and budak2 mnegaji pukul 8. When I called to ask he said I should've gone to buy it on my own since dia banyak keje.

Boleh ? He said he could go and buy and kalo tak buleh call and let me know lah !!!!

Ada betul ? He said kenapa I suruh dia when I know he is busy. Then why u said u can lah ?

Urrrghhh !!
CPK!! Is that a problem they have ke, cannot say no ?? How do I know when I can believe him and when I can't???

Yang boring nye kita gak yang dipersalahkan. If there was a board to bang my head against I would have.
Cik Puan Kamil said…
Oh... they can say no indeed, tapi benda2 penting je... like the sapphires and the Prada bag... pandai lak NO !

KAH KAH... men
Betul betul betul!! :)
kak ezza sdg membaca komen mu sambil terguling2...wakakakaka
Kak E! Haa..share lah tip on wht do I do bila berdepan dengan masalah ini..? Pening den!
Ezza Aziz said…

sama jer cerita mu n cerita ku,,,nak buat cam ner lagi...kena terima selagi hayat di kandung badan!!!!wakakaka...
wanshana said…
Alahai Shila...Kesian kat you! But, they are all like that lah. Dementia is a common disease kot amongst them. Suruh/Cakap lain, lepas tu bila kita replay what they said, cakap something else pulak, or tak mengaku or buat-buat lupa...

Sabar aje lah, okay, dear? Nak buat camner, kan?

Hope the long weekend will cool you down.

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